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Story of the Week: You Know Who's On First By Iniga  Image of the Week: Quidditch victory By AgiVega  

Competition Entrants

Competition Name: 2007 Valentine's Day Challenge
Competition End Date: Saturday 27th January 2007

Author: aurora luminis
Story: The Shining Fragment
Rating: Everyone
It's Valentine's Day, and Remus helps Harry view his secret love.

Author: girlyswot
Story: Long Love's Day
Rating: Everyone
James Potter always sends Lily Evans something embarrassing on
Valentine's Day. Doesn't he?

Author: GryffindorDragon
Story: A Mission of the Heart?
Rating: Young Teens
What happens when Harry waits until the last minute on Valentine’s Day to get something for Ginny?

Author: harry_ginnyphile
Story: Marrying the Marauders
Rating: Teens
Lily is pretty sure that James has completely forgotten about her this Valentine’s Day. Will a series of riddles change her mind?

Author: hwimsey
Story: My Funny Valentine
Rating: Everyone
Romantic Muggle standards, decrepit candles and a moment alone with an older Order member change a young Metamorphmagus in ways she never thought possible.

Author: legobean
Story: How to Try and Lose a Guy Before Valentine's Day
Rating: Teens
It's the middle of Ginny's fifth year and she's figured something out. Dean Thomas isn't the boy for her. Can she find a way to get what she really wants? It's only ten days until Valentine's Day, and now is the time for action.

Author: Melindaleo
Story: Order of Merlin – First Class
Rating: Teens
The Ministry of Magic is holding a Valentine's Day gala to honor the man who delivered them from the evil that had been darkening their lives. Unfortunately, the young hero has no desire to make an acceptance speech. Can his friends help get him in the right frame of mind? They can if their names are Fred and George Weasley.

Author: Mr. and Mrs. GovFan
Story: Grand Central Broom Cupboard
Rating: Teens
Ron and Hermione attempt to recapture the spirit of their youth by visiting Hogwarts on Valentine’s Day. What could possibly go wrong?

Author: Potterholic85
Story: Delapidated Daisies
Rating: Everyone
A botched Orchideous charm gone wrong and a misunderstanding leads to Hermione's best Valentine's Day ever.

Author: Raira
Story: A Beginning
Rating: Teens
James Potter was captivated by Lily Evans, but she refused to have anything to do with him. In seventh year, they were Head Boy and Girl. Surely, she would finally start to take him seriously?

Author: timbers
Story: The Consequences of Dragon Pox
Rating: Everyone
Harry vowed that he would do everything to make his plan for the best Valentine's Day ever a success. Yet illness forces him to rethink otherwise. What will he do?

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Perfect Imagination: A Harry Potter Beta Reader directory.
Latest Art
Tuesday 20th January 2009
Artist: tripperfunster
Image: Lost Prophecy
Artist: tripperfunster
Image: Kitchen Argument
Artist: Hito
Image: Harry and Ginny
Saturday 10th January 2009
Artist: AgiVega
Image: Potter Cast Conquer Olympus I
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: HP Art Project-Ch.23, OotP
Artist: mary-dreams
Image: Remus and Tonks - More Than Meets the Eyes
Wednesday 15th October 2008
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Image: Wiinter Ginny and Hermione
Artist: bludgerbanger
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Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: The Silver Doe
Saturday 11th October 2008
Artist: Sanna
Image: Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: HP Art Project
Wednesday 6th August 2008
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: Holyhead Ginny
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Ginny Sneaks Into the Broomshed
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Trio-Hats
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Notorious Mass Murderer
Friday 13th June 2008
Artist: AgiVega
Image: Lily For Ever
Artist: roby_boh
Image: 1st Year Luna and Ginny
Friday 6th June 2008
Artist: Rae F
Image: A Family Christmas

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