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Reviews For That Muted Sort of Longing by Serendipity

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Thursday 7th October 2004 05:18

1: Seeking Harry
Well written and constructed fic, though you don't seem to like or respect Harry much. Good luck with your writing.
Monday 30th August 2004 14:10

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 77

1: Seeking Harry
Dear Serendipity,

I have just begun to read your work, That Muted Sense of Longing and wanted to send off a quick review. What a wonderful start to a story. Your narration gives the reader an introspective view into the mind of Ginny, not as a typical teen enjoying her summer, but as a young woman dealing with the aftermath of a life altering battle. Her realization of the pain others are feeling was incredibly poignant. I was moved by the symbol of the foil wrapper, and her thoughts of Nevilleís quiet pain.

I especially like your take on Ginnyís crush. Itís interesting to see her analyze her reactions to Harry and her past behavior. It is hard to get over that first love, more so when heís so intertwined with your life.

Nice use of humor in the middle of her ruminations. I love the post mortum on her relationship with Michael, and her renaming Harry: ďThe boy who was Daft.Ē

Although I havenít read through the whole story yet, I feel you capture the angst of loving from afar quite well, as well as the warm emotion of being included.

My favorite scene, (although the quidditch game is a close second.) is where Ginny describes Ronís chess set revolt to a sleeping Harry. You do an excellent job portraying Ginnyís humor, caring and maturity. She would want to reach out to him, but is self aware enough to know it would be a mistake. And when he wakes up and brushes by her, great scene. Itís been a very long time since Iíve read something that evoked this much, I donít know, sympathetic yearning. Iím having a hard time describing my reaction to this piece, but thatís my failure as a reviewer rather than yours as a writer. You bring your point across very well, I just canít express what I felt. (Thereís a reason I donít write fiction. Grin.)

Then, the Game! I love Tonkís teasing Hermione, and the Twins up to their usual beating tricks. Ginnyís fearless race to beat Harry to the snitch was great- made better by Ronís terror. Iím glad to see you portray Harry as a good sport, rather than sulking and accusing Ginny for her ďlittleĒ cheat. I loved that he grabs her and swings her around to celebrate, and the teasing was very sweet.

I should have known it was to good to be true, as the last line of the chapter puts a lump in my throat. I do hope Ginny hasnít lost what little ground sheís gained in her friendship with Harry. Iíll be reading this story for the next week, (in between packing for school) and will post my reviews as I go, so if I comment on something that gets addressed next installment, please disregard.

As far as the more technical aspects of the story, I can find no fault. Your grammar, spelling and structure are all very tight. I notice you use very little dialogue, but as this is an establishing chapter, you may have chosen that intentionally. I certainly feel I know Ginny better now than from anything I have previously read. All in all, Seeking Harry was a charming read, and canít wait to get to chapter 2. Thank you for taking the time to write and post something for the rest of us to enjoy, you are very brave, and I appreciate it. Pass along my thanks to your beta as well. Best regards,
Monday 26th July 2004 22:38

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 2

1: Seeking Harry
This is one of the best stories I've even read. Just seeing your name in the list on the side makes my day. I will never forget the feeling I had when "Harry Potter changed his mind." I am thrilled that you are updating so often now. My husband went to law school, so I know what an effort it is to continue. Please keep on writing! I love your story and look forward to it being continued every day!
Wednesday 14th July 2004 11:11

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 4

1: Seeking Harry
Serendipity? You're a genius. I started reading this fic ages ago but then I heard that you'd gone off to Law School and wouldn't be updating for a long time. I feared that it would end up being incomplete, so I stopped because I would end up getting attached (I think I already am!). But you're back, you're right on form, and I'm loving it!

Your characterization of Ginny is wonderful. She's definitely growing up, but there's still that wonderful little streak of innocence in her that appealed to me in the first place. I think you've captured her perfectly! That, and it's almost impossible not to relate to her when she thinks about her relationship with Harry. How many of us haven't been in that particular situation?
Saturday 3rd July 2004 10:02

1: Seeking Harry
This is so wonderful. I come ack every few days to see if you have continued? How is school...will you have time to write this summer?
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