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Reviews For Plugs and Protection, UK Edition by Allie Kiwi

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Thursday 12th February 2009 12:58

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 67

Plugs and Protection, UK Edition
That was Gorgeous!!!!
Sunday 7th December 2008 22:58

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 184

Plugs and Protection, UK Edition
Romantic and noble of Ron .... I read this the other night but I was not logged in to comment !

Thursday 7th February 2008 04:30

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 22

Plugs and Protection, UK Edition
this is a fantastic story but it is kinda sad at the end... keep on writing, id love to read more of ur work.
Wednesday 20th September 2006 11:22

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1396

Plugs and Protection, UK Edition
'This was going to be great a Valentine's Day to go down in history.' - yes Ron , but not the way you think . Tampons, certainly with a little sister, Ron knows a little something about 'feminine protections' .
Very sweet ending.
Antonia East
Tuesday 25th October 2005 07:22

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 139

Plugs and Protection, UK Edition

I've got a cold ... so I was sneezing all the way through that - but had I not been sneezing I would have been laughing my socks off.  I loved Ron and Hermione's dynamic.

And that ending!  How fabulous.  It was so very very clever ... although I hope Hermione didn't have to wait too long for her replacement ring.  Harry had better have been very grovelly as well after that one!

*cuddles Ron*

Spark Soliton
Friday 25th March 2005 00:43

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 98

Plugs and Protection, UK Edition

Brilliant and very, very funny!!! The tampons for protection was hilarious!!!  If your hubby gave you prezzies anything like what Ron gave Hermione I would have loved to see the look on your face upon opening them - hahahahahaha  And where did you ever find a word like "nincompoop"? I had to look it up to understand it but I was very Hermione to use a word like that - impressed!!!

I loved the way you wrote this little fic, and what a nice little plot bunny!!!


Tuesday 22nd March 2005 00:41

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 510

Plugs and Protection, UK Edition
That was romantic. Noble too. Who would have thought Ron had it in him? He might not be such a prat after all.
Heh. A toilet brush and tampons.

That was classic!
Allie Kiwi
Tuesday 22nd March 2005 09:13
Plugs and Protection, UK Edition (Author Response)

Thankfully my hubby didn't ever give me tampons.  But I have to admit the toilet brush is a real gift I recieved one Christmas.  It was a nice toilet brush, but a toilet brush all the same.  At least Ron didn't realise what it was...

Glad you liked the story.


Sunday 20th February 2005 22:23

Plugs and Protection, UK Edition

at first it took me a mintue. i thought maybe Ron was bad at giving presents and he got a random pair of earrings with G (Granger?)

and then, as i was typing my confused review, i understood. and it was so cute!

love it


Thursday 28th October 2004 09:37

Plugs and Protection, UK Edition

Great idea. I particularly liked your Ron in this piece, especially at the end.

Tuesday 12th October 2004 13:35

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 494

Plugs and Protection, UK Edition

This was great! I really like how you portrayed harry as perfectly romantic...exactly as I'd expect him to be! Really tough, the thing eioth the Tampons? And a rubber mouse? Well, Ron made up for it with the


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