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Reviews For Wormtail's Confession by Sorting Hat

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Sunday 2nd December 2007 16:06

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

Wormtail's Confession
wow! I felt like crying after this!!! Its so sad though! Wormtail wasnt thinking, why would he betray his friends... he should have known that voldie doesnt care about anyone...
Monday 14th November 2005 10:46

5th year
Num. of Reviews: 233

Wormtail's Confession
Wow. That was deep. I always thought nothing was excusable for what he did, and there isn't, but when you put it like this, it seems like it'd be easy to go down the same road he did. Heh, kinda reminds me of Anakin . . . Anyway, great job with the story. Sure made me think! (and that's saying something!) ;-)
Sunday 9th October 2005 06:19

Wormtail's Confession

Oh my god.. I really cried, I am still crying, no lies! This is beautiful! So full of emotions! 

Wednesday 17th August 2005 21:10

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 27

Wormtail's Confession

I really enjoyed this letter.  perhaps because in it Peter doesn't grovel and beg forgiveness like when we first meet him in PoA.  He accepts responsibilty for his actions, perhaps for the first time actually.  I particularly liked to line at the end, " If someday you meet James, Sirius, and Lily in their Next Great Adventure, tell them for me, wont you?" I think it shows in one line his state of mind, his acceptance that he won't be joining them where they are, his guilt.



Monday 4th July 2005 07:18

Wormtail's Confession
Actually, if you read the story, we don't actually know that. Well, we do, but we don't. We know the Sirius went after Peter, but there is nothing in canon that says Peter didn't go after him as well. We don't have much of Wormtail's back story. Thanks for reading!
Thursday 26th May 2005 18:58

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 27

Wormtail's Confession
Nice confession. It shows the human side of Peter that we seldom see. However, it was Sirius who went after Peter. not the other way round.
Tuesday 5th October 2004 17:03

Wormtail's Confession

Okay. So. Review. In bold. Because this thing won't let me change it.

Nice confession. Not something I would think Peter to do when he's about to be killed (I assume). I would think Canon! Peter, at least, to be worried. He is, after all, a Death Eater. And I know I'm going to get my head whacked off for this, but I don't think he's changed. At least not yet; maybe he will eventually in the series. But a lot of people get angry when he's written as a coward, which I can understand, if the author is writing a *young* Peter. He wasn't always like that. But a Death Eater, older Peter? Not so sure.

If he had decided to confess, however, then this would be totally appropriate. I just don't think he would. But on another hand--it's well written, if not a little out of character.

Ambiguous enough?
No, really, I liked it.
Nice job.


Sunday 3rd October 2004 22:05

Wormtail's Confession
Wow. I love this letter. It's perfect. :bowdown: I wish I could write like this. I suppose my best bet will be to add reviews for people like you so I can continue reading such excellent stories/drabbles. Keep up the good work. ~Ja ne~
Fool Moon
Monday 30th August 2004 20:02

Wormtail's Confession
Wow. That was absolutely wonderful. Finally a story that shows Peter more than just a stupid, useless, wimpy idiot... Well, you know what I mean - I hope. Excellent story.
Dana Kenedy
Tuesday 20th July 2004 19:31

Wormtail's Confession
That was really, really good. Not many fics are written about Peter, and I think you did it perfectly!
Megan SQ
Friday 16th July 2004 13:09

Wormtail's Confession
"It didn't work. It did land him in Azkaban, though and Voldemort seemed to think that was good enough."

May I point out that Voldemort was actually GONE by the time Sirius and Peter faced off? May I also point out that it was Sirius who went after Peter and not the other way around?
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