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Reviews For Chances by Jeconais

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Saturday 21st March 2009 21:27

5th year
Num. of Reviews: 239

Guess who just got back today
hahaa I think I've read it before, but didn't review. I am now! And I'm so putting this on my list of favourites!
I have to admit, I wish I could've seen this
The gasp was followed a second later, by the sound of female jaws hitting the ground. Hard.

Haha, but I believe it.
Continuing on!
Friday 12th September 2008 21:47

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

Guess who just got back today
ahahahahahhaha! i love reading this story!!!! that was soo funny! i love this harry!
Thursday 11th October 2007 15:31

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

Guess who just got back today
lol I love this story!!! Harry sure has changed!!!!!! That he actually kissed hermonie and the feast... wow!!! good job!!!!
Thursday 15th February 2007 19:56

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 8

Guess who just got back today
ah! i almost had a heart attack whan harry kissed hermione. its still awesome though
Tuesday 11th July 2006 17:07

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1230

Guess who just got back today
Now that was great. I am on the the next xhapter to hopefully see how Ginny dumps Dean and everything else. I love the new Harry.
Sunday 4th June 2006 12:33

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1396

Guess who just got back today
This is amazing. I've read several of you fics. You have quite a range. From depressed and morose to light-hearted fluff. This is fun.
Tuesday 22nd November 2005 06:21

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 685

Guess who just got back today
Very entertaining, but you've turned Harry into a real pain in the ....
Friday 14th October 2005 16:50

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 4

Guess who just got back today
`Tis awesome!  For some reason, I seem to love fluff.  Please keep writing, Jeconis!    In this story, Harry is very mature.  ... at least, his character is.  I also enjoyed the part about Snape, getting him to blush.  My favorite phrase was as so;   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The whole school seemed to gasp at one, as the smoke cleared, to reveal Harry Potter.

The gasp was followed a second later, by the sound of female jaws hitting the ground.  Hard.

In his haste to get back on time, Harry hadn't bothered to change, and as such, was still wearing the shorts he had been sunbathing in....  And nothing else


 Hehehe very VERY good.  I did not look at the rating for this story, but this is my type of fanfiction.     Please PLEASE make another story with this much fluff, enough to make cotton candy! Thanks, Purple Frogger


Saturday 30th April 2005 01:27

Guess who just got back today

Wonderful, great and funny.  That's what comes to mind. It is a bit less controversal to the books than TMW. Though of course I love TMW too this story not quite as far fetched.   I just saw that it came out last year and wondered what happened with the second and third part?

Where to find it?



Monday 18th April 2005 12:05

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 510

Guess who just got back today
This was great and I can't believe I haven't found this story until now.
The "Death Eaters" as a band - man, you're the master at the funny aside. *in best Trelawney voice* "I sense many in your future."

Ah. Harry has made a new spell. Wandless magic and stuff. Good show. This is all we'd ever want. And Gin's little problem of thinking naughty things is going to get her into trouble, I'd bet.
Good work. I'm going to read all of this now. Hope to see the twins and maybe even some more DA!
Thursday 2nd December 2004 18:06

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 89

Guess who just got back today

You make me laugh – teeth rotting fluff?   Does that mean this fic was written when you weren’t grumpy?   The stark contrast between “Chances” and “Despair” is frightening.


You definitely have a grand imagination, a flair for the dramatic, and a gift for prose.  


JKR has reminded Harry often (through many of the adults in her books) that he has to remember to live, and not allow Voldemort to take away his childhood.   I am glad that you were finally able to convince Harry that it was best that he do that!


“Chances” was a real pleasure to read – it was upbeat, lively, naughty, and still somewhat believable.  


Thank you for sharing it.

Friday 12th November 2004 05:30

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 444

Guess who just got back today
Ohh, I love this.  I'll review when I've finished the whole thing, but I just found one misspelling.  11 lines up from the bottom:  as they realised that there biggest fear.  I believe it should be their.

Wednesday 13th October 2004 22:30

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 8

Guess who just got back today
Once again you pull off a super!Harry with a cockiness that amuses and never annoys, which is darned impressive. Well done =)

Also, I gotta say, the interaction with the ickle firsties gives me the warm fuzzies every time I read this. Your Harry's going to make a great dad to lots and lots of red-heads someday =)

(OK, OK, only half of them will be redheads. Still.)

-Mike (same as from your LJ)
Laura (or padfoot)
Monday 20th September 2004 17:58

Guess who just got back today


that stori is AWESOME u u u

quickly finish and put more with Sirius i luv him and come on he deserves it


right                                   luv ya

Saturday 18th September 2004 18:28

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 1

Guess who just got back today
I laughed out loud at the scene when Harry get Severus "blushing like a bride" :D
(My only hope that I didn't wake the others up) :)
It was just too hilarious!
Saturday 4th September 2004 17:28

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 77

Guess who just got back today

What a romp of a story- that was the first reaction I had. I do love a confident, capable Hero Harry. (And apparently alliteration.) I grinned at the idea of a 17 year old boy lying on a beach sipping a pin~a colada. Did it have an umbrella?

This is obviously a humorous work, and I appreciate the tidy way you took care of those pesky “death nibblers.” While such a simple solution wouldn’t have done justice to one of your longer works, it clears up the reader’s attention for Harry’s new life of freedom.

You underscore this with the Sirius visitation. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I can see it as a clever plot idea to absolve Harry from angsting over the death and loss, but it does feel a little too easy. Although it continues the idea of Harry owning himself finally,and having fun. I decided to treat these two sections as a backstory, or prologue-information I needed to appreciate the story proper. I may have misread where you were going though.

I like your portrayal of Ginny here. Attractive, but not overly beautiful, and no longer the shy uncomfortable girl- she knows what she wants and plans to get it. And no quick owl to brush off Dean and set up the true love match either,showing respect to the past relationship. She may regret that if he doesn't stop running off before she can talk to him though.

Interesting scene with Ron and Hermione. I’m glad to see he’s committed to supporting Harry, but as a baby sister, I felt weird with the final warning he gives Gin. Have a little faith in the girl, she’s never hurt him, you have. Git. I seem to say that about Ron a lot.

Does our boy know how to make an entrance or what? Yummy suntanned men wearing nothing but shorts. That’s such a wonderful way to start a school year. Sigh. Very subtle, very sexy moment with Gin’s reaction. Very funny and unsubtle moment of Sevvie’s. I can’t call it sexy though, sorry. Hee Hee.

I can’t believe you were able to deal with the Ron Hermione drama within the space of five minutes. Is it just me or is Harry channeling the mauraders?

Harry. Kissed. Hermione. Well. I certainly didn’t see that coming. I’m so glad Ron didn’t explode. Nice to see him follow through on the speech he gave Ginny. I also am glad to see the little signs that Ginny is in his thoughts. Hopefully our girl won’t have too much chasing to do. Not that chasing can’t be fun as well . . .

All in all a very funny, engaging story. I can’t wait to see how and when our couple gets together. They do, don’t they? As always, thanks for taking the time to let others enjoy your creativity. Thanks to your beta readers, and on a personal note, to you as well for your guidance into the wonderful world of fan fiction.
One of your obsessed fans, ellie
Tuesday 31st August 2004 12:54

Guess who just got back today
Oh my god! I loved the Snape part! =)
Sunday 25th July 2004 17:08

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 3

Guess who just got back today
the story
Thursday 22nd July 2004 05:02

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 180

Guess who just got back today
There's nothing like unmitigated fluff to bring one to hysterics. This is great! The plot's total nonsense, but you give it just enough reasonable background with the Sirius scene to make it enough like a real plot.

I loved Harry apparating (or whatever) right into the Great Hall half naked. And the conversation with Snape was brilliant. You seem to be a master of toying with Slyterins' sexuality!

Also, you have a keen grasp of frustration. Ginny being unable to break up with Dean fits so well the flippant tone (and gives you a bit of a hook too). And Harry's frustration with Ron and Hermione is just brilliant. Hilarious!

Incredibly funny as always!
Tuesday 20th July 2004 10:25

Guess who just got back today
Great job! This is shaping up to be a great story with plenty of fluff and humor. I'm anxious for the next 2 parts

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