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Reviews For Behind the Staffroom Door Part I by Astarte

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Wednesday 3rd September 2008 01:21

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 2

Beltaine Fires at Samhain
I just love this - very few people bother to write about another side of McGonagall, I guess because most people think that teachers don't have a life outside of school... My dad being a teacher (mine for five years, in fact), I obviously know different!

I particularly like the bit where you have McGongall and Dumbledore watching the students, and the back story for why McGonagall is no longer married is just so fitting.

And I mean it, I'm not just trying to 'butter you up'
Wednesday 3rd September 2008 05:31
Beltaine Fires at Samhain (Author Response)
LOL I'm glad you enjoyed it. Being married to a teacher and having been one myself (and having several friends who are teachers) definitely shapes how I write these stories. There are more in the works, I'm reworking the Snape one and then Dumbledore's should be following that one shortly. Will have to talk to you about what it was like having your dad as a teacher, aside from toying with the idea of having one of the lesser-known teachers have a child who is a student at Hogwarts, my hubby has been applying to work at the school our children will attend as teens so it's possible he'd teach them and I've wondered what that would be like for both sides.
Sunday 2nd September 2007 05:39

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 580

Beltaine Fires at Samhain
I really enjoyed reading the other side of McGonagall
Tuesday 19th August 2008 18:30
Beltaine Fires at Samhain (Author Response)
Glad you liked it, sorry to take nearly a year to respond!
Saturday 7th October 2006 18:53

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1230

Beltaine Fires at Samhain
I liked it. I never read one about McGonagall. Well, not like that. It was very good.
Tuesday 19th August 2008 18:19
Beltaine Fires at Samhain (Author Response)
Glad you liked it, sorry for the long time to respond!
Sorting Hat
Monday 25th July 2005 08:46

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 6

Beltaine Fires at Samhain

Now here's an idea I hadn't considered. Wonderful!


I do hope you can do other members of the staff soon. Are you going to do only those who are "permenant" ? I'd like to see Remus, or Quirril. (though I think Lockhart could be great fun...)

Tuesday 19th August 2008 18:18
Beltaine Fires at Samhain (Author Response)
Sorry for the YEARS delay in replying, life got crazy again here. Yes, I do plan to have others in the series. I did manage to get a Snape one out after HBP was released (and I'm STILL annoyed at Snily becoming canon). There is definately a Dumbledore one (or a few) wanting to be written, Remus has one for sure, I have rough ideas/notes for Flitwick, Sprout, and Madam Hootch. I think somewhere I have some notes on one for Binns too. Plan is to go through and pull the ones that are already done or started into canon-compliance as much as possible and then work on the others when I know I'm not going to have enough solid-typing-time to work on the chaptered story (Unbroken). I also have another short-story series that's begging me to write it tentatively called "Following the Spring" that is all set between the last chapter of DH and the epilogue. The first of that series, called "A Godfather's Duty", is finished on my end and waiting for a pre-beta (who has promised to try to get to it tonight or tomorrow). So, there are more of my writings coming
Sunday 24th July 2005 18:58

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 169

Beltaine Fires at Samhain

Sorry it took me so long to get to this fic.  I really liked it and I'm thrilled to see that it's part of a series. 

You do have an audience here.  I had similar thoughts trying to decide if I should archive my Molly Guide here.  It's not of the Hogwarts' students romance genre either.  But, I was delightfully suprised to find an audience, even among the younger members here (which still puzzles me).  Give it time.  I think it's more a matter of timing than subject matter at the moment.  Your audience will come as they finish re-reading HBP and get back to craving fanfic again. 

What I love best is that you've taken an original/unique subject matter.  I love it when authors flesh out characters that JKR didn't chose to do.  Your writing style is pleasant, clear and emotional (and I mean all that in a good way - my descriptive powers are failing me at present). 

Glad you're back from "inactive" status, writing and posting again.  I'm off to read the next one.

Sunday 24th July 2005 19:09
Beltaine Fires at Samhain (Author Response)
yay! first review from someone who doesn't have specific reason to be buttering me up ;) (I'm pinch-hitting for RdeHwyll's beta while she's on vacation).  Thank you so much for the welcome back, it's been a long and crazy year that went way too fast at the same time.  I'm very behind in my own fanfic reading, I'll have to hop over and read your Molly Guide sometime when I've got a spare moment (or several).

There is also a Molly story of mine on here, the last one on my author page ("You Still Have All of Me").  Feelin' the love for Molly, especially now that I'm a mother myself (and boy, I think my son has a lot in common with Gred and Forge already - just glad he's NOT a twin!) 
Sunday 24th July 2005 09:37

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 36

Beltaine Fires at Samhain
An excellent piece, well written -- my only complaint is the misspelling of 'hordes' in the first sentence, but homonyms are tricky that way.  The story itself is a wonderful read, and the 'inside look' at Minerva McGonagal and her heretofore unmentioned marriage was great fun to read...
Sunday 24th July 2005 12:33
Beltaine Fires at Samhain (Author Response)
Thank you so much for the support & kind words.  I'm beginning to wonder if I have much of an audience here for this series of shorts, since the focus is on the adults instead of the trio or their peers.  But these stories beg, plead and gnaw at me to write them, so i shall continue to do so!  Because of my ties and loyalty to this site, they will always appear here first, but maybe they need to find a "vacation home" of some sort, where the readership is not quite so focused. Maybe the concept of professors having romantic lives is a little too squick for folks mostly interested/identifying with the students.   u
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