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Reviews For The Proposal by Aggiebell

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Sunday 1st May 2011 23:49

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 6

The Proposal
haha hahaa i luv the end that Harry is going to the burrow to ask for Ginnys hand in marriage so sweet
Zia Montrose
Monday 14th September 2009 13:51

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 7

The Proposal
And now *this* is the story which delighted me. Ironically, I think I didn't end up leaving that review because I was stuck for what to say about it, there was so much I did like. So, in no particular order, I'll say...

I love the comraderie of the four mates in the opening, their alternate humor, seriousness, and ease. These bits, especially:

Repeat ad nauseam

"You waited six and a half years before she'd even talk to you, and now you can't wait thirteen more days?"

"Tonight? Now?" James asked in a panicky voice. "Get stuffed! No way. I'm not going tonight. I-I'm not ready."

And later on, I love the fun that gets poked at Vernon, James's whispered side conversations with Lily... The gaff about a woman's touch just kills me... And then of course, there's that wonderful proposal which manages to be funny and romantic and sweet all at once. The dialog is wonderful throughout.

Thanks for the fun L/J story! There are so few truly good ones.
Monday 13th April 2009 19:50

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 122

The Proposal
*Squees* This was so, so wonderfully romantic. I haven't read any J/L-focused fics before (that I remember at the moment), and now I might have to seek some out soon. :-) I love James's cocky sense of humor. (Honestly, referring to your future father-in-law as an "old codger" right there in front of his wife and with him in the next room. What brazen cheekiness, even if he's claiming to just be repeating what Mr. Evans told him.) That made it even funnier to see the distracted, anxious state he was in at the beginning of this fic. His friends' reaction to said state perfectly reminded us how unlike James this nervousness was.

I had to stifle an urge to hate Peter because of what he'd do in the future, but this is before he turned to the Dark Side (quick reference to Luke watching Star Wars Episode IV tonight ). Seeing the Marauders together like this makes one realize anew how awful and unforgivable it was for Peter to sell the Potters out to Voldemort. THEY WERE HIS FRIENDS! THEY WOULD NEVER HAVE TURNED ON HIM, DAMNIT! (Sorry had to get that out.)

Anyway, the way you write them, he and Lily complement each other so well, and I can also see them just adoring Ginny as the perfect match for Harry. (I can picture some wonderful blended family gatherings at the Burrow, too. They would have gotten a kick out of all that good-natured chaos, especially if they saw Fred & George in action.) I enjoyed that you had Mr. and Mrs. Evans approving of James (and seeming to greatly prefer him over Petunia's choice for a mate).

It was great that you ended the story with Remus telling Harry this story. The Pensieve was also an excellent touch, and the icing on the cake was Harry taking the ring and heading to the Burrow. But, honestly, only Harry would worry about what he needed to remember to make a good impression on Ginny's parents. He could show up there drunk and disheveled, and they'd still welcome him with open arms.

Did anyone end up writing either of the other two options from this challenge?

Fantastic job, as always, Julie! Your work sets a high standard for writing.
Thursday 5th February 2009 14:20

7th year
Num. of Reviews: 336

The Proposal
I've read this before, but SO CUTE!
Wednesday 30th July 2008 07:32

5th year
Num. of Reviews: 210

The Proposal
Wow, this is fantastic!!!

I love how you portrayed James and Lily, and the other characters were excellent, too (Vernon - lol!). I love the idea of Remus and Harry having this conversation... unfortunatley, it wasn't to be. *Sob, sob*

Thank you for writing!

Monday 21st April 2008 12:53

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 12

The Proposal
That was lovely! And I loved the bit at the end when Harry runs off to ask Arthur to marry Ginny.
Sunday 20th April 2008 17:39

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 476

The Proposal
Wow - I loved this. I almost never read James/Lily fics, but I was looking for something to read and since I like everything else you have written I thought I'd give it is try. Absolutely lovely. I enjoyed every minute, but the best part was the ending. I love to think that Remus and Sirius were able to pass on some good stories to Harry about his parents. And the way Harry pocketed the ring and took off was priceless. Now I need to go read the sequel!
Saturday 15th December 2007 07:45

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 159

The Proposal
Brilliant! Well written and great plot. Keep up the good work! I especially liked the ending where Harry takes the same advice as his father. I wish there were more stories like this one!!
Sunday 20th May 2007 15:00

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 60

The Proposal that I've read the prequel I can honestly say "Bloody Brilliant!" These two stories are lovely. I am definitely going to be reading more of your work.

Keep writing!

Friday 18th May 2007 03:25

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1157

The Proposal
This was very well done. Thank you so much for writing it. I love the end when Harry takes the ring and tells Remus what he had said to James and that Harry was applying it to himself. Couldn't have surprised Remus more. I look forward to the next chapter. And later to Ginny's reaction. p
Saturday 3rd March 2007 08:57

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 1

The Proposal Hell... that was brilliant!

Aqua Fountain*
Wednesday 21st February 2007 03:15

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 132

The Proposal
Wow, that was such an enjoyable fic!
I love how suportive Mr. Evens was.
The way Harry went staight off to prose to Ginny was sweet too.

Interesting chapter.
Friday 23rd February 2007 20:11
The Proposal (Author Response)
Oh, thanks so much for the review. Mr Evans is very loosely based on my own father.

Tuesday 26th September 2006 09:07

7th year
Num. of Reviews: 340

The Proposal
What a lovely ending! No, what a lovely story as a whole! I enjoyed it very much.
Monday 24th July 2006 18:22

5th year
Num. of Reviews: 238

The Proposal
There are stories in the world that you read, and then forget about. Some are boring. Some make you cry. And some just make you squeal.
This made me cry, squeal, laugh, and scream. I loved it! Thank you for writing this, it's perfect! Exactly how I pictured everyone. This is amazing, great job!

Wednesday 7th June 2006 06:56

The Proposal
Very clever...One of my fav fanfics
Tuesday 28th March 2006 07:27

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 1

The Proposal
I enjoyed this story so much. I love getting to know James and Lily, and I learned so much about them from reading your story. Thanks!
Monday 9th January 2006 14:47

The Proposal
Oh. Oh wow. That story was everything a good HP romance should be. Sweet, funny, and everybody was so in character. I loved it. (Especially the end, Harry was rather funny, and poor confused Remus...hahahah!)
Monday 21st November 2005 10:37

The Proposal

you should do another chapter! it was so cool


Saturday 12th November 2005 19:00

The Proposal
Lovd it!! I think it reallt capured wha might of realy happened.  My faveorite part was the ending! lol
Tuesday 1st November 2005 05:37

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 4

The Proposal
That was adorable! Sweet and straightforward without being too sugary. The writing style is clean and easy to read, making this a thoroughly enjoyable little vignette. Thanks for this!
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