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Reviews For Harry Potter and the Curse of the Damned by Melindaleo

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Monday 6th February 2012 19:11

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 10

5: End of an Era
This is really good writing. Makes me want to read what is happening next. You have me intrigued
Thursday 14th April 2011 14:45

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 39

5: End of an Era
Nice story, but "and he knew no more" has got to be the most overused line in HP fiction.
Saturday 10th November 2007 08:06

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 57

5: End of an Era
I'm not so sure about this chapter. Killing off the Dursleys is what most readers would want to happen, but you've taken out one of Harry's main sources of conflict when they could still have been of use to your story. I was disappointed to have the thread of Dudley dropped so suddenly, too. That's one that you could have taken in several different directions with great results.
Friday 15th June 2007 16:38

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 18

5: End of an Era
You killed them? No way!

I do like the way you increased vernon's violence first, make the reader hate him a little bit more. But dudley was starting to be nice.

Can't write more, gotta read next bit
Wednesday 25th April 2007 15:36

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 368

5: End of an Era
EEK- I ask for revenge and you kill them all! I have to admit, I think the death of all three Dursley's is a bit unlikely. Although an interesting spinoff fic would be if just Dudley survived, and what happened after. All in all, great chapter, full of action!
Aqua Fountain*
Saturday 10th February 2007 07:27

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 132

5: End of an Era
Lovely, but I cant imagine you killed the Dursleys!!! And especially when Harry and Dudly were acctually getting friendly!!! And what Petunia said!!!
You're so evil .

Anyway, nice chapter
Sunday 8th October 2006 10:50

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 59

5: End of an Era
I'm so glad this sequel exists. What a riviting chapter. I get so lost in your story I feel like I'm reading cannon.
Friday 25th August 2006 21:18

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 27

5: End of an Era
but dudley was finally getting nice!
good chapter though
Saturday 12th August 2006 08:53

5th year
Num. of Reviews: 237

5: End of an Era
Wow! Can't believe you killed the Dursleys. They were hateful people, but I wouldn't wish death on them. (You know, there are some things worst than death. I shamefully wished THAT was their fate.) Well, I'm glad that Harry and Dudley became sort of "mates" before he died. At least Harry's thoughts of his cousin now will not be so terrible.

Very good, and sad chapter. I'm wondering about Lucius. He was mentioned in Harry's dream, and me thinks that Tonks really didn't kill him. That scares me a bit. Oh well, guess I have to keep reading to find out.

Favorite villian in this chapter is most definitely Bellarix. I love to hate her. I want her to survive until the end, and then BAM! She didn't even see it coming.
Thursday 10th August 2006 17:07

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 11

5: End of an Era
Awww.. Thanks for pointing me to your story over here, but I am wishing you hadn't killed *all* the Dursleys, just when Dudley was attempting to befriend Harry! Although I suppose it was the only course of action considering Dudley would never have forgiven Harry had he lived; he would have always blamed Harry for the death of his parents. Again, thank you for letting me know about this site; I am gorging on HP fanfic since finding these quality sites. I have plenty to read until the last book comes out!
Wednesday 12th July 2006 16:13

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 133

5: End of an Era
I'm shocked. It was an amazing chapter and I really enjoyed it. To be honest it had occured to me that you might kill the Durselys but I didn't think you would! Wow.. thats all I can really say right now. This is just another example of how talented with writing you really are.
Monday 10th July 2006 20:07

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 173

5: End of an Era
Aww I had a very bried "vision" of sorts of Dudley hanging out at Grimmauld Place and learning more about Quidditch and all. At least he and Harry were kind of friends when he died... I would have never felt that way if I hadn't read this story -or at least the parts with Dudley hanging out with him and talking about girls and all. Well done with all of it!

Saturday 17th June 2006 17:22

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1230

5: End of an Era
Well this is bad. Very bad. I wonder what Dumbledore is going to do to protect Harry now. I love your story so far. I like how you make up cool things. I could have never thought of them, well except the killings of the Dursleys, but I probibly would have never done it.
Friday 6th January 2006 11:52

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 97

5: End of an Era
This scene nearly made me great, i just can't believe it is possible to write something as well written as that... guess that when i finish this, i'll just have to read both your fan  fitions again...
XXXmister-E werepony unit
Friday 30th September 2005 20:14

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 112

5: End of an Era
grrrrrrrrr!you killed off the durslys!vernon,and petunia,fine.but...dudley?!and when he was a friend,are you mad!!!!!!!!!!??????????iif you wernt an exellint writer,i wpuld stop reading.
Saturday 6th August 2005 14:57

5: End of an Era

Ah, I wanted something to happen to the Dursleys-- at least Vernon, preferably for Bill to hex the out of him. I thought Bill, Fred or George would see the bruises on his neck and Bill to take action. Your method was good too, though.

Tuesday 12th July 2005 17:52

5: End of an Era

Bellatrix was in this chapy!!! YAY! not that i like her for killing Sirius .:cries:. because i cried when he died, but i've always liked bella. anywayz its kinda sad that the dursleys dies but the Order shouldn't have relied on them and the wards so much. Nonetheless, thier dead all the same. Kinda sad, but i never did like them much. Anywayz moving on to the next chapy!


Friday 8th April 2005 09:25

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 124

5: End of an Era

I really have to say that I think Dumbledore is a fool to this point in your story.  To think that an attack wouldn't be planned on Privit Drive, or that Voldemort would not figure out a way around the wards.  Because he sent the death eaters there before the wards fell, is just plain dumb.

Like I said in my review from the last chapter there should have been order members there all the time.  Where was Dobby to stop his unlce from beating him up or throwing him out.  The people protecting him are really doing a poor job.

Regardless of those opinions, this is really fun to read, ther is lots of exicitment and action in your story.  I just wouldn't want to follow Dumbledore into any battle, he makes to many mistakes.


Friday 14th January 2005 11:30

6th year
Num. of Reviews: 277

5: End of an Era
Yay!  They are dead!!!!!  Can you tell I'm happy?

Only thing is, Harry's going to go into another downward spiral, all his fault. Sigh.

Tuesday 21st December 2004 23:29

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 75

5: End of an Era
Hmmm - a little more angsty than your last story, I think.  You have me feeling very, very sorry for Harry... and surprisingly I will miss Dudley!  I actually had to reach for a tissue.  I'm very curious to see where you take Harry when he wakes up.  (I mean how can the poor kid pull his socks up and move on after this chapter?)    I do finally - after billions of perfect chapters - get to put my two lousy cents in on a few items.  First, I wondered why Harry didn't protect himself from Vernon's wrath with a few of the physical defense moves Jonathan taught him?  Also the section where Tonks used "Petrificus Totalus" confused me just a bit.  I couldn't quite picture the scene fluidly.  My brain kept inserting a "scourgify" that Tonks never mumured.  (She wouldn't be letting vomit dribble down his chin, would she?)  The phrase "turned him over" may have been further distilled to "turned him onto his back"  just for clarification of Harry's body position.  And finally I couldn't quite picture how Tonks moved Harry under the light... did she drag him?  Levitate him?   Despite my nit-picking, I loved this chapter.  I just thought I would mention these very small things while I could, since I so rarely get to crticise anything you write.   Ron's and Ginny's reactions were PERFECTLY written.  I could so easily picture Ginny making Harry's bed whilst wiping away tears.  And Ron's face upon hearing about how Petunia blamed Harry before she was killed...  It was very touching.  As always, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful story!
Wednesday 22nd December 2004 07:11
5: End of an Era (Author Response)

Yes, definitely more angst-y, but it kind of had to be after what I did to Ron and Harry at the end of PoE.

As to Harry protecting himself from Vernon, that's kind of an underriding theme.  Remember that quote a few chapters back about those who spend time protecting others needing protection themselves? From everything I've read on abused children, unless they go off the deep end and react violently, they often never strike back at their abusers, even when they become adults and are physically bigger.  Something about the situation keeps them feeling the part of a defenseless child.  Harry may fight DEs and Voldemort himself, but he's always needed protection from his Muggle relatives.

As for Tonks, well, I've always admitted that I don't think action/adventure is my strong suit.  It was a battle, things were happening quickly, Tonks physically pulled him away in a gut reaction to the horror of the situation.  She was using magic to move him under the light.

Glad you liked Ginny, I was sympathizing with her here, as well.

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