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Reviews For Choices and Consequences by batsnumbereleven

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Monday 16th April 2007 04:52

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1157

2: Apologies
I'm glad Dumbledore decided to talk to Harry directly. That always helps. I am sureprised that Dumbledore asked Harry about how he was treated by the durseleys' It is about time. Harry was severly abused for way too long.
The book on Occulmency will be a great help I am sure. Thanks for writing. p
Wednesday 21st March 2007 14:48

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1230

2: Apologies
That webt rather well I think. No one wrecked any thing and no emotions flared, so I think it went fine. And I wonder who Harry's tutors are going to be and in which subect things. Hmm.
Friday 23rd March 2007 07:02
2: Apologies (Author Response)
Thanks for your reviews. Harry's not going to be too angsty here, simply because he's coming to terms with his fate.

I've picked three particular subjects for Harry: Potions - because he hasn't learned anything from Snape; Occlumency - ditto, but also because of the need to protect he prophecy etc; Elemental magic - because it helps explain the way in which I see magic working. Also: all three have plot points built around them

As far as his tutors are concerned, two of them are original characters.
Thursday 1st March 2007 06:07

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 50

2: Apologies
I like the latter at the start, but Harry had nothing to be sorry about... Dumbledore should have handaled things deferentley.

But I am happy that Dumbledore is now helping Harry.
Thursday 1st March 2007 07:09
2: Apologies (Author Response)
At this stage, Harry feels guilty about his actions. He's still grieving for Sirius a little, but will get over it. He's looking to Dumbledore to try and resolve things, but is being proactive about it by making the first, conciliatory, steps.
Thursday 19th May 2005 19:59

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 196

2: Apologies
Well Dumbledore is finally wiseing up, keep up the good work.
Friday 20th May 2005 02:40
2: Apologies (Author Response)
Thanks very much.  Dumbledore is trying to do what's best, it's just that he's not as omniscient as everyone thinks, and his idea of what's best isn't always what's best for Harry.
Wednesday 18th May 2005 18:25

5th year
Num. of Reviews: 210

2: Apologies
I definitely like how Dumbledore wanted to know about the Dursley's treatment of Harry.  A lot of fics leave that out.  So YAY for you for putting that in.  Update soon please!
Thursday 19th May 2005 02:47
2: Apologies (Author Response)

Thanks very much.  There's a bit of a fine line to tread with the Dursleys' treatment of Harry: Dumbledore knows that Harry's not happy living there and that he's not treated as well as he might be (hence his comment in OotP that he arrived at Hogwarts 'less happy and well nourished than I would have liked' - thanks to Jner for pointing that out!).  However there isn't any indication in canon that Dumbledore knows exactly how badly he's treated - after all, would he really leave Harry there every summer if he realised he was being locked into his room (e.g. after Dobby's antics in CoS) and that he is verbally abused on a regular basis?

Whilst Dumbledore will continue to be a little manipulative in this story, he's still got Harry's best interests at heart - not everyone will necessarily agree with him though!

Wednesday 18th May 2005 16:46

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 44

2: Apologies
We want an update! I can't wait to see the Pensieve scene on Friday, and bah...just other scenes. Nice chapter!
Thursday 19th May 2005 02:38
2: Apologies (Author Response)
Thanks for your review.  Next chapter as soon as my beta and I are happy with it.
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