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Reviews For Behind the Staffroom Door Part II by Astarte

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Saturday 7th October 2006 19:03

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1230

Seated Woman with Parasol
That was sad. I feel somewhat bad for Snape. But, that was very good.
Tuesday 19th August 2008 18:36
Seated Woman with Parasol (Author Response)
Glad you liked it even if it made you sad. Sorry for the delay in response!
Saturday 12th November 2005 11:08

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 17

Seated Woman with Parasol
Thanks for this. I like seeing fanfics that speculate about the real story, and Snape is certainly one of the biggest puzzles set before us.
Tuesday 19th August 2008 18:36
Seated Woman with Parasol (Author Response)
less of a puzzle now that we have Deathly Hallows (I was personally rather disappointed by Snily becoming canon, too neat for my tastes). I'm considering revising this somewhat but I may just let it stand as a relic between HBP and DH. I'm still of the opinion that Dumbledore just never got round to telling JKR how Life Debts actually work (she's still under the impression that there's no magic involved, and I am still convinced there is, even after the whole Wormtail death scene).

Speculating on the real background is my favorite thing to do. I'm always fascinated by the triggers that spark our unique personality quirks to the point that they color our interactions with third-parties (I'm a social sciences geek).
Sunday 24th July 2005 19:25

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 169

Seated Woman with Parasol

Hmmm, Very Interesting.  Yes, that would explain a lot.

Poor Snape and Esmerelda, to lose someone that way would be heart wrenching. 


Sunday 24th July 2005 19:28
Seated Woman with Parasol (Author Response)
;) was sending an email when I got the email notice that there was a new review, I'm not stalking you or sitting here on tenderhooks wondering if you're going to review - honest! LOL

Yeah, this is basically a fictionalization of my Snape and life-debt theories, but it wanted to be written before that - it'd been on a back burner since sometime in Februrary or March. 
Sunday 24th July 2005 09:51

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 36

Seated Woman with Parasol
Oh... this is a WONDERFUL fic... Very well done, and the explanation makes perfect sense.  My hat is off to you -- I look forward to reading more in this series...
Sunday 24th July 2005 12:35
Seated Woman with Parasol (Author Response)
*blush* thanks again, at least I know one person will be reading them without my threatening them with brussel sprouts for dinner or something (Capra comes over for dinner frequently)    
Friday 22nd July 2005 14:26

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 3

Seated Woman with Parasol

Very well thought out. I like how you tied in the ideas of your essay on life-debts; the story and the essay kind of reinforce each other.

It's not easy writing so sympathetically about a widely hated character, especially one that's under so much fire at the moment. It's very brave. And I hope you're right!

Friday 22nd July 2005 14:32
Seated Woman with Parasol (Author Response)
thanks :) hopefully the story gets SOME notice so I feel more compelled to actually work on the other stories in the series... I feel Dumbledore tapping his foot impatiently.

I misread your comment the first time as that I wrote SNAPE as brave, instead of as being brave for writing ABOUT him.  From my mis-read, my reaction was: well, I don't see how he's at all brave in here, in fact I'd venture that the man has never done a brave thing in his entire life and now no bravery he ever shows in this war can really be attributed to his own goodness, he's beyond redemption BECAUSE he can't act of his own will; redemption is only possible with free will, yes?

As for my bravery... well.. this story demanded to be written... would have been braver to try to tell it "no" maybe, as insistant as the stabbit was becoming!  
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