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Reviews For Per Asperissima Ad Astra by critmo

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Saturday 12th August 2006 13:12

1: The Party
omg......that is great i hope you best luck
Thursday 4th August 2005 07:53

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 99

1: The Party

Nice start...these Harry/Ginny FFs sure run from one extreme to the other (love/hate) without much in between.  I have to go re-read your second chapter now.  Keep up the good work.

Friday 5th August 2005 00:04
1: The Party (Author Response)
Thanks. Both characters can be quite temperamental, therefore extremes, especially considering the strain they're under, seems quite likely.
Shadow Hider
Friday 29th July 2005 13:33

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 123

1: The Party

*wince* ouch.  this should be interesting...

Sunday 31st July 2005 08:12
1: The Party (Author Response)
Definitely hope so. Thanks for the "ouch", that's what I was hoping for.
Thursday 28th July 2005 19:12

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 6

1: The Party
excellent - I really can't wait for the next chapter!!! More please!!!
Sunday 31st July 2005 08:04
1: The Party (Author Response)
Thanks, coming soon.
Thursday 28th July 2005 17:20

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 9

1: The Party

Per Aspera Ad Astra:
Ginny felt the change as a great relief.  Although they were still fighting, the Burrow gave them more space to breathe and the atmosphere was less oppressive than at Headquarters.  They could go outside now and enjoy the summer sun.  In contrast to the male Weasleys, Harry even seemed to like doing chores for Mrs Weasley in the garden, although she presumed that it was just for the sake of keeping himself from brooding.  All in all, Ginny and Harry relaxed considerably.

Per Asperissima Ad Astra:
Ginny felt the change as a great relief at first, but found out soon that Harry would not relax as easily.  The Burrow gave them more space to breathe and the whole atmosphere was much less oppressive than Headquarters'; they could go outside, but Harry took the opportunity to shut himself off as much as he could, which infuriated Ginny.  The ungrateful git should be glad to have some company!

So the big difference is that, in one version, Harry overcame and/or bottled up the feelings threatening to overwhelm him; in the other version, he did not.  In the case where he ignored his pain, Ginny responded warmly.  When he was overwhelmed by his pain, she responded by lashing out.  But why?

I guess that's what we're waiting to see.

Friday 29th July 2005 06:40
1: The Party (Author Response)
I don't think that Harry ignored his pain in "Per Aspera", he simply found a way out.
Thursday 28th July 2005 16:51

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 9

1: The Party

Wow.  Your Ginny really knows how to hit the mark.

"'You've lost all your family. You practically killed Sirius with your arrogance. Ron and Hermione went away rather than to spend their summer here with you, because they were afraid to be with you.'"

Even Snape, pensieve trick and all, never did such a good job tearing the last scraps of Harry's self-esteem to pieces.  Are you going to follow through, though?

What's up with Ginny?  Is she really so emotionally shallow to believe Harry should have paid her attention at the party when she couldn't be bothered to even acknowledge him on the way there?

"The little voice in Ginny's head giggled, while Harry stiffened, and the voice said, 'Oh, dear. Here we go again with Mr The-World's-so-Unfair-to-Me.' Ginny squealed with ostentatious delight."  Little voice inside, eh?  So is she being controlled by Voldie or Imperio'd?  I honestly have a hard time understanding why she'd be so vicious with him otherwise.

Whether she's Imperio'd, controlled, channelling Narcissa, or just emotionally/chemically unbalanced, I cannot see Harry being able to trust her again for a loooooong time, if ever.  Ginny employed the same sort of emotional abuse Harry's been subject to for most of his life by the Dursleys.  She enjoyed it too.  Is he supposed to just forget about that, to logically put aside the hurt if he finds out she didn't really mean it?  Is a person really able to change their emotions, especially those at their deepest core, so easily?  _No_ - simply not believable.

I have immensely enjoyed the skill you have shown in writing.  I have seen you handle these two characters well.  I look forward to seeing where you head with this.

Friday 29th July 2005 06:37
1: The Party (Author Response)
When you wrote "not believable", I was afraid you'd stop reading, but I'm glad to see that you have not! - Very thoughtful review, thanks a lot, but let me warn you that the fight goes both ways. Harry isn't just the victim here.
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