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Reviews For Roger and Lisa, A Romance by St Margarets

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Friday 11th December 2009 07:56

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 20

2: The Pub
Lady Du Sult is hilarious. I hope she fitted Lisa out with all sorts of new clothes!

Why is Padma being such a to Lisa? I know she doesnt like Roger but perhaps she could support the fact that Lisa is attempting a social life? 10 points to George for being positive.
St Margarets
Friday 11th December 2009 10:53
2: The Pub (Author Response)
I named Lady DuSult after the lj name of a good friend on my flist. Her character was fun to write.

If you make it to the end of the story you'll see why I had Padma be the skeptical voice. And George is just a practical Weasley who keeps the high-strung Ravenclaws grounded.
Wednesday 5th September 2007 15:47

5th year
Num. of Reviews: 237

2: The Pub
This is a brilliant story Mary. Okay, I've read the first two chapters and I'm slowly becoming a fan of Roger Davies. But that's because of your writing I am sure.

George and Padma are cute in this. They've been married for a while which is neat. Is there a story of their beginning as well?

I think I'll read one more chapter before I go to bed. Again, great job.

St Margarets
Wednesday 5th September 2007 23:11
2: The Pub (Author Response)
My friend Amy, Gabriella DuSult, wrote about five chapters of how they got together. But she never posted them. Padma was finishing her Curse-breaking training at Gringotts and was going to be transfered to South America - so her decision was to follow her head or follow her heart and marry George.

Grandma Kate
Saturday 19th August 2006 10:13

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 966

2: The Pub
I do love the Lisa-Padma interactions. I can picture them at Hogwarts doing the same. I love George.
St Margarets
Saturday 19th August 2006 12:04
2: The Pub (Author Response)
I really enjoyed writing Padma! She was a fun character. And thank you for re-reading and letting me know - it motivates me to keep writing my current WIP.
Sunday 19th March 2006 17:46

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 63

2: The Pub
LOL, St. Margarets, I just wanted to mention that I love your little moments in this humble little move-the-plot-along chapter. Padma/George is not something I'd ever considered even possible, but it's fun the way you construct the two. I love Padma's glaring, George's mischievous and cheeky demeanor, and the humor and warmth in their interactions. They're such a happy married couple! And only now, on the third time through, do I actually appreciate the humor of two twins marrying - and having twins! LOLOL. Just more evidence to illustrate your point - that Ravenclaws (and, bookish as I am, I probably would count myself as one of them had I graduated from Hogwarts) are "a bit dim to begin with, but they eventually come around."
St Margarets
Monday 20th March 2006 11:23
2: The Pub (Author Response)
I had a great time with the Padma/George scenes. My friend, Amy (yes - I had to name the bossy twin after her) came up with this pairing. If I sent her a scene she would write an outtake from Padma and George's point of view. So funny - and fun. Having her as a writing buddy made this such a fun experience.
Thursday 9th February 2006 03:38

6th year
Num. of Reviews: 277

2: The Pub
Loved that last line of George's: “Ravenclaws are a bit dim to begin with, but they eventually come around.”

Very nice.

St Margarets
Thursday 9th February 2006 22:18
2: The Pub (Author Response)
That's a reference to Gabriella DuSult's twin story. I hope she will post it soon. Thanks for reading!
Aberforth's Avatar
Thursday 2nd February 2006 09:55

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 139

2: The Pub