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Reviews For Serenity by Darker_Rage

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Monday 3rd September 2007 09:07

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 1

hey. i am a MASSIVE firefly fan and love reading firefly fanfic as well. so coming from someone who knows both genres very well, gold star for you! (well golden snitch in this case... hehe) keep up the good work!

I am a leaf on the wind! - nice tie in
Wednesday 27th September 2006 09:47

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 11

I can't seem to find the words to explain how I feel. This is simply amazing. I'm honestly sitting here in awe, speechless, and with a feeling I can't quite describe. Thank you for writing.
Wednesday 15th March 2006 14:14

I really liked this story. It was the first I read on this web page, and a great beginning and introduction to many finely written stories. I hope to see more from you, with such a wonderful start.
I very much enjoyed the Firefly series, the movie wasn't bad either. I liked how you worked the song, and even the last line into your story.
The story was sad, but nice and in some ways believable. That Harry would die to protect the ones he loves. I was also happy to see the idea that Harry and Ginny stay together. (In HBP, I understand why Harry did what he did, to protect Ginny. But to me, it seems that he draws strength from the relationship.)
Thanks from a great full reader.
Monday 13th March 2006 06:36

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 416

Okay, this was well-written, poignant, and beautiful--BUT HARRY WILL NOT DIE! Jo couldn't do that to her bazillions of fans. Love you anyway.
Monday 13th March 2006 00:44

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 114

i didnt understand? was the girl ginny
Monday 13th March 2006 01:33
Serenity (Author Response)
Yes, it was Ginny. I didn't use her name as I was trying to keep it annonymous until right at the end, when she says Harry's name.
Sunday 12th March 2006 19:49

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 159

Awesome job! I do so find the song endearing to my heart whenever I watch the episodes from the first and only season of Firefly. I think its mostly because I have enjoyed flying and always feel comfortable there. You did a fantastic job with associating Harry's prowess in the air with the details and added hearfelt emotion from a loved one's perspective. Not all great stories have happy endings; it's the plot, how it's conveyed to the audience and the mark it leaves with the reader.

Monday 13th March 2006 01:34
Serenity (Author Response)
Thanks for an awsome review . Loving the sneaky Firefly reference in there...
Sunday 12th March 2006 06:05

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 685

Don't hate it at all. It's sad, but beautifully written. I particularly support the idea that DD wanted to be killed for some reason, and you offer a good explanation. - Well done!
Monday 13th March 2006 01:36
Serenity (Author Response)
Aaah, you were thinking the way I was! I refuse to believe DD woud have let himself be killed when he could blatently have taken on Snape 10 rounds even in his weakened state
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