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Reviews For White Wedding by Machiavelli Jr

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Sunday 11th July 2010 22:11

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 416

White Wedding
I was looking forward to reading a Narcissa fic, but she didn't appear. However, the allusions to her by Bellatrix didn't make her sound like the clever Narcissa I love, so it's just as well. You probably do see her as clever though, and just have Bellatrix look at her this way. I think the whole thing with the two child contract, the second one for the Blacks, is fascinating. I was hoping you'd keep going so I could find out what the penalty was for not producing more than one. I've always thought that Lucius had something to do with Narcissa only having one child. Other than the obvious, I mean. Where she came from a family with three, I didn't think it was her initiative. I'm guessing he ensured there would only be one Malfoy heir. But I have marvelous fun thinking up all the ways he might have made sure she was only blessed with Draco without letting Narcissa know it. Anyway, I wish I had found this long ago. There are very few of us at PS who write Malfoy/Black fic.
Thursday 25th October 2007 22:37

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

White Wedding
interesting... i personally thought that it was a little boring and mainly skimmed it
Friday 19th January 2007 06:04

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1396

White Wedding
Yeah, I figured you did know how to spell it . This take on Lucius certainly fits Lord Voldemort's pure-blood agenda (or at least seeming agenda) when he himself is Half-Blood. You're probably right that many on the dark side are trying to be something they really aren't.
Thursday 18th January 2007 07:49

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1396

White Wedding
Cornwell? -- do you mean Cromwell?
Interesting story -- Malfoy a result of a surprise win on the part of the Parlimentarians.
Machiavelli Jr
Friday 19th January 2007 01:44
White Wedding (Author Response)
I know who Cromwell was and how to spell it, but Lucius isn't too hot on Muggle history.
Don't you think it's appropriate that the purest-of-the-pure a) aren't actually that old and b) owe everything to some Muggle revolutionary? Lucius doesn't.
Monday 8th May 2006 07:27

7th year
Num. of Reviews: 340

White Wedding
I'm going to enjoy his death. The Killing Curse is so ... limited.
*shudders* Great Death Eater characterisation.
Loved the mottos, especially "Sang pur. Sans remords." Great idea!
Machiavelli Jr
Tuesday 9th May 2006 03:24
White Wedding (Author Response)
I should really credit whoever made Ginny an obsessive fan of Bayard in some long-ago H/G fic, because that's what gave me the idea for House Lestrange's slightly twisted tag. Bella's more fun to write than anyone; you can't possibly make her too insane. Lucius doesn't care about the Death Eaters, just recognises that they're going to win and wants to be in a position to clean up after the war.
Friday 5th May 2006 07:16

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 165

White Wedding
Wow! Excellent work. You really managed to capture the aura of the Malfoys and Blacks in a believeable manner. I love the way you utilized the verbal give and take between everyone. You managed to capture Lucius' and Bellatrix's personalities perfectly. His icy scheming and her manic insanity worked the story just right. That said, you've managed to create some scary characters. I hope you will continue this, if only as a series of singles or vignettes. Thanks for sharing!
Machiavelli Jr
Friday 5th May 2006 11:35
White Wedding (Author Response)
I do plan to write a Regulus and Peter [not Regulus/Peter!] fic, which will have a lot of Bellatrix in it. There probably won't be a direct sequel though; this was largely written to prove that I could write a more believable High Society than a certain very well-known author whose protrayal of the Blacks' world made me want to beat him to death with a nice large volume of British history.

Bellatrix is great fun to write, though I was afraid I'd made her a bit too nuts. If you liked Lucius' scheming, you should love my next project, 'The Diggory Papers', coming here soon. All three Malfoys appear, though not yet as much as I'd like. sr forever, or at least until Ginny kills him in Book 7. We hope.
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