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Reviews For The Early Years by Grandma Kate

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Thursday 21st June 2007 10:27

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 368

2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981
I love the reference to Aunt Martha! I just love her. Great chapter.
Grandma Kate
Thursday 21st June 2007 13:33
2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981 (Author Response)
Thanks for reviewing. My Harry Potter universe overlaps a bit with St Margarets. She has been so encouraging and even let me use Days of Destiny. In the sequels, it acts as a bond between Molly and Ginny.
Sunday 21st January 2007 08:55

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 51

2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981
I've come over here on a rec from Gerry. I always ask her if there's anything new she's betaing that I would like and she said I should def check this out.

Its very sweet and full fluff, which always makes such a nice change to all the agnst around. It's such a unique idea, which I really like. And I will be interested to see where you go next with it.
Grandma Kate
Sunday 21st January 2007 09:08
2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981 (Author Response)
Thank you for reading and writing a review.

I wanted to write a story that my tween and teen grandkids could read. It is intended to fill in the "missing 24 hours".

My legal name is spelled like yours but everyone calls me Kate.
Thursday 18th January 2007 12:45

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 4

2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981
Kate is a very good author. Thanks for the story.
Grandma Kate
Thursday 18th January 2007 13:02
2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981 (Author Response)
Thank you. I hope that your granddaughter enjoys it, too.
Thursday 18th January 2007 01:08

5th year
Num. of Reviews: 225

2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981
Young Molly and Arthur are such a nice couple, and the kids are so well behaved but their personalities still shine through. Good job!
Grandma Kate
Thursday 18th January 2007 08:14
2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981 (Author Response)
Molly are Arthur are sweethearts, first and foremost. The older boys are not in the story much for reasons you will understand later. I love the twins so would like to write more about them, perhaps in another story.

Thank you for taking time to write a review. You understand what fun it is to get one.
Tuesday 16th January 2007 20:26

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 79

2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981
I just found this story and I love it. You have the most amazing way with words. The tone was so comfortable and easy. I felt as though I was admidst them all. And all the more poignant because we know what is to come.

I loved the idea of Ron and Harry "being" together at the very beginning of their lives.

"Be safe going home," made me shiver actually. You captured this attempt at normalcy with everything soon to go downhill. I want to read the next chapter but I'm afraid of what it will hold. Sobs here!!

Thank you for such a gripping story.

Grandma Kate
Tuesday 16th January 2007 20:33
2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981 (Author Response)
I've admired your writing so am honored that you took the time to write a review of the story of Molly and Lily's friendship. The times they spent together are all the sweeter because they were so few.

Friends teased me about the first chapter sounding like a nursing manual but one daughter is a former midwife turned lactation consultant and my other daughter has a baby and toddler family day care. "Write what you know"
Tuesday 16th January 2007 19:03

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 577

2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981
How sweet, I love the Potters and Weasleys as friends. I've always thought that if Lily could have chosen a serrogate (not sure I spelled that right) mother for Harry it would have been Molly. Your first fanfic is wonderful. Great Job!
Grandma Kate
Tuesday 16th January 2007 19:34
2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981 (Author Response)
This story grew from a feeling that Harry would be well cared for and loved by the Weasleys. I'd have taken him there.
Felix Felicis
Tuesday 16th January 2007 18:45

5th year
Num. of Reviews: 209

2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981
I'm enjoying this so much! It's a wonderfully original plot, to have the Potters and the Weasleys be friends when their children are still young. I hope we get to see them together at least once or twice more before...

Your writing style is nice, both clean and creative. It's a bit difficult starting out with characters we don't really know well and trying to write them but you've done a fine job. I think you've shown them just as we know them through Harry and allowed for some expansion that remains perfectly within their characters. Good job.

I'm looking forward to more and adding you to my author update list!
Grandma Kate
Tuesday 16th January 2007 19:37
2: Ronnie Meets Harry –January 1, 1981 (Author Response)
Thank you for writing such a positive review. The Wizarding World is very connected. Everyone either knows one other or is related in some way, so the Weasleys and Potters must have at least run into each other.
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