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Reviews For Hunter and Maiden by Tarkas

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Friday 16th March 2007 09:24

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1396

1: Lammas
Always knew Dudley was an oaf -- nice way Harry handled him -- but by the way he spoke it sounds like he's possessed.
Monday 20th November 2006 05:36

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 444

1: Lammas
Ah, I so love this... Hunter meets Dursleys - lovely!

Thanks for sharing...
Monday 14th August 2006 19:22

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1230

1: Lammas
Okay. Was that guy really Harry? Or did that other guy in the light take over his body for sometime or something? But I like how Harry left. Very good chapter.
Saturday 24th September 2005 21:04

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 159

1: Lammas
Sunday 18th September 2005 13:29

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 444

1: Lammas
Whohoo...  if I thought the prologue was good, what should I say now?  This is awsome.  Interesting entry of the Helmet - and it's carrier.  Was the carrier the maker, or the last user?  I like the way he treated the Dursleys.  Something needed to be done, but he didn't sink to their level.

Wonderful!  Absolutely love it.  And I think I'll have to go to bed late today...  One more chapter is indeed in order.  Thanks!
Lady Ginny Potter
Tuesday 29th March 2005 11:21

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 53

1: Lammas
Very nice.  A bit confused, but nice altogether.  
Wednesday 30th March 2005 10:44
1: Lammas (Author Response)
Confused in what way?  Or do you mean confusing? If the latter, read on and things should (eventually ) make sense.
Thursday 24th March 2005 07:53

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 510

1: Lammas
You know? I've dreamed up thousands of apt reprisals at the Dursleys over the years, read quite a few, bu this was one of the best. Making them own up to what they've done, I like it. I don't like fanfics that make the Dursleys into nice people - they'll always be evil in my eyes. Kudos to you for having Harry rise over that and not descend to their level.

I'm also impressed with how Harry got the helm. No extra, extemporaneous explanation, just his acceptance of something new. Maturity, that's what he's finally got.

This is a good start. Looking forward to more.
Monday 13th September 2004 22:20

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 77

1: Lammas

Dear Tarkas,

Another unique, intriguing chapter.   I feel you capture Harry’s ‘voice quite nicely.   The thoughts going through his head sound all too realistic of the young man he is becoming.   Reflecting on his birthday, and what that will mean in the war to come against Voldemort.   Harry seems resigned to his fate here.   I can almost picture this scene in cannon.

Which makes the next transition all the more effective.   The ‘helm’ and I guess the spiritual embodiment of the past creators or wearers arrive.   Harry takes this remarkably well.   The calm you have him display is interesting.   I like that Harry trusts his instincts about it not being dark magic, but is still wary.   This went a long way towards making the scene believable.   I wish we could have heard the silent exchange though.  

Yet another scene shift- this time we get to see both Dudley’s disgusting pack and Harry’s new alter ego in action.   Dudley deserves every last moment of pain and more.   I appreciated that Harry did not strike out in revenge, (well, maybe a little) but to protect an innocent woman.   He wouldn’t be human if he didn’t feel some satisfaction for the punishment he gave Dudley.   I love that the woman’s fear abates when Harry talks to her.   It’s a good sign that the helm won’t make Harry into just a warrior.    I love gentle, soothing Harry, and it’s not something we get in the HP books.   And we get a name- Hunter.   Interesting.  

This Harry is a new man.   He even dresses better. Grin.   The Dursleys now know just how awful their son is, and the neighbors are about to find out as well.   Is it terrible that I took a kind of dark fun from this scene?   Harry manages to make them both pass out- and not from magic!   I would have gone the next step, or at least tried a few of the twins’ products.  

What a great ending to this installment- Harry really is free.   Now onto his new life.  

This is a wonderful story and you’re holding my attention.   Thank you for taking the time to write and share with the rest of us.   Your grammar and spelling are both very solid (as if I’m one to talk.)   And interesting chapter title- referring to Harry’s birthday?    I can’t wait to read the next section. Thanks to your betas if you have them, ellie

Friday 2nd July 2004 23:22

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 46

1: Lammas
OK, I'm going to read this whole fic tonight, but I HAD to mention how wonderful this scene was. Perfect. Canon, even; I can see this being the first chapter or so of book 7. Absolutely marvellous, Tarkas.
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