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Reviews For Ginny's Last Year of Home Schooling by Grandma Kate

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Friday 9th March 2007 00:05

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1157

1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991
This is a cute story. I like the perspective. It is good Molly is teaching Ginny household skills with a pratical app;ication toward school. Of course Molly has also made potions to help stretch their budget. Is she going to show Ginny any of those? I like the letters. They speak of the writiers very well. Thanks for writing. I look forward to more chapters. p
Grandma Kate
Friday 9th March 2007 03:28
1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991 (Author Response)
Thank you for reading and reviewing. Molly really wants Ginny to learn everything she will need for Hogwarts and beyond. I'm sure she will be able to work in some home healing potions. So many fan fics have Ginny as a Healer.
Wednesday 7th March 2007 05:41

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 22

1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991
Great chapter. I like this early tale of Ginny as much as I liked your first story. The letters remind me of the 'When Ginny met Harry' challenge of SIYE. Great job.
Grandma Kate
Wednesday 7th March 2007 08:08
1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991 (Author Response)
Thank you for reading and reviewing. I am enjoying your current story, as well.

St Margarets suggested that I try and enter the SIYE challenge because she'd read the first four chapters of Ginny's Last Year over at Live Journal but I am rather fond of trying to stick to canon (or at least plausible missing moments). This story has a lot of letters but not between Harry and Ginny. Exchanging pictures seemed especially hard since the Dursleys never took any.

As you will see as the story swings into spring, Molly sends Harry a picture that has Ginny in it and Harry does write one letter to Ginny.
Tuesday 27th February 2007 13:23

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 79

1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991
Ahhhh. I get my fix. Sorry to be so late in reviewing this.
I loved the way you used the letters to weave the story -- you caught the personalities of the characters perfectly in their words.

I especially liked the "built" "build" comment. Parents trying to dechiper their children's writing -- oi, I know that well.

Loved Arthur's last lines. So when is the update?? No pressure -- but I'm tapping my fingers on the table.

Grandma Kate
Tuesday 27th February 2007 18:30
1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991 (Author Response)
Your reviews are always such a treat to read. Reflecting and commenting on what is happening during Harry"s first year through letters seems so easy. Ginny will even get one from Harry, partially to her. (Be still my heart!)

I'm one of those people who wants the whole story to be finished before the first chapter is posted. Then I revise and revise until my Beta has the latest chapter (and sometimes beyond). Good thing I don't really write Days of Destiny.

Next month shoud be posted next weekend.
Tuesday 27th February 2007 09:38

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 577

1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991
Great first chapter. I love your writing. I love that Ginny is learning to cook and other household chores. She'll be fabulous at potions. I can't wait for an update.
Grandma Kate
Tuesday 27th February 2007 10:03
1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991 (Author Response)
Thank you for taking the time to read and review. I'm glad you like what Molly has planned for Ginny. I'm sure she had to maintain the fiction that the use of underage magic would be punished to keep the twins in line.

Chapter Two should be up next weekend.
Monday 26th February 2007 04:31

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 153

1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991
More of the Grandma Kate HPverse? Great! I snickered at your mentions of 'Days of Destiny,' then I saw St. Margarets name in your notes.

The part about buttons on the squares that Muggles use to do their laundry was cute. I hope you had fun coming up with that idea. Your exploration of the daily life in a magical household will be very interesting. That is something that is overlooked in fiction, and is not important to the plot in canon. Look forward more of Ginny's year alone.
Grandma Kate
Monday 26th February 2007 04:49
1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991 (Author Response)
Thank you for reading and reviewing. St Margarets is letting me play on the edge of her Harry and Ginny universe.

Having Days of Destiny to mention is one of my favorite little quirky things to comment on. You may remember that Molly introduced Ginny to it while she was breastfeeding her. "It's never too early to start learning what is happening on Days of Destiny" or something to that effect.
Sunday 25th February 2007 22:22

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 112

1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991
Little Ginny's so cute. Great job.
Grandma Kate
Sunday 25th February 2007 22:27
1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991 (Author Response)
Thank you for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you like my idea of what ten year old Ginny is like.
Sunday 25th February 2007 15:07

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 38

1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991

This was so nice! I'm glad you are [kind of] continuing "The Early Years"
Grandma Kate
Sunday 25th February 2007 21:30
1:Ginny Learns to Cook-September, 1991 (Author Response)
You are the first one to review Ginny's Last Year. Thank you.

In this story a lot of the plot is conveyed through letters. More was happening at Hogwarts than at the Burrow.
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