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Reviews For Stars by Thorny Rose

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Friday 20th March 2009 20:12

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 1

Wow. Again I will say… wow. The reason for naming the children after stars makes more sense now. No one, in any story I've read, has explained it that way. This was truly brilliant. I applaud you.
Tuesday 19th August 2008 21:17

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 109

A very interesting fic. My favourite bit was easily Black Senior's speech about the stars and their significance - what a fascinating insight into a reason for the naming convention of the Black family. Congratulations!
Thursday 7th August 2008 12:35

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 616

I really like the symbolism in this story, especially about how the lofty stars only look down on the common world. Sirius' last comment made me chuckle.

Also, your characterizations of Sirius and his cousins seems right on the money. I had to smile when seven-year-old Sirius took the "birthday boy" excuse to get out of being Bella's punching bag during wand practice. That Andromeda was given the perfect "out" to become herself when placed in Ravenclaw must have infuriated her family; no wonder she reverted to her old ways once she was home for the holidays.

I certainly enjoyed this story.
Grace has Victory
Monday 4th August 2008 16:36

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 2

This was brilliant! The atmosphere was so chilling, and the self-vaunting Black family was so perfectly realised. Were the "distant cousins" the Malfoys?

And hooray for Sirius declaring "White!"
Friday 18th January 2008 13:14

5th year
Num. of Reviews: 210

this was really, really good. loved the whole star theme and how you went off on a few tangents... but always came back to it. if i go off on a tangent, i never coime back! also, the bit about not being able to see the stars in londone - v singif. but my fav part was this:
'My greatest ambition as a child was to be blasted off the family tree, and I was fiercely proud of every step I took to achieve this.'
haha! love that concept!
Saturday 12th January 2008 15:17

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

interesting storyy
Thorny Rose
Saturday 19th January 2008 00:23
Stars (Author Response)
Tuesday 22nd May 2007 00:46

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 173

Wow ... I love Sirius. He's fantastic, just cos there's so much scope for imagination in him.

Great job!
Thorny Rose
Wednesday 23rd May 2007 00:05
Stars (Author Response)
Exactly, it is so much fun to extrapolate backwards and work out what he was like as a boy.
Monday 14th May 2007 01:19

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1157

A really good story about a very young Sirius. Thank you for writing. It gives a different perspective to his life. Thank you for writing. p
Thorny Rose
Wednesday 23rd May 2007 00:06
Stars (Author Response)
Anytime, writing is what I am here for after all.
Sunday 13th May 2007 16:37

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 166

I liked the way you shaped the characters in this. Well done.
Thorny Rose
Wednesday 23rd May 2007 00:04
Stars (Author Response)
Thanks very much!
Saturday 12th May 2007 22:28

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 26

very intense, I really liked it, honestly. I generally lean more towards romance and fluff, but this one caught my eye because of the title. I also liked the fact that you thought this plot through, or at least it seems you did, maybe you just have that genius that everyone's jealous. regardless, it's a great story.

Another good thing about this story was that there was no was all just Sirius' thoughts, yet it didn't get boring. And I think you depicted his life before hogwarts really well, especially the young personalities of Bellatrix, Narcissa, and Andromeda.

I really enjoyed this so please keep writing!
Thorny Rose
Wednesday 23rd May 2007 00:12
Stars (Author Response)
Ah see I tend to lean away from fluff, the candyfloss gets trapped in my teeth! Although I do have a fondness for Andromeda/Ted and Lily/James, and on occasion write abit about them, generally I'm a general writer.

And look all your compliments have made me blush

I'm glad you liked the Black sisters, they are my current obsesion, so hopefully they are fairly accurate.
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