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Reviews For From Answers to Questions by Velvethope

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Monday 21st December 2009 15:26

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

1: Welcome Back
Interesting... So i wonder what will happen if they get together...
Thursday 17th January 2008 17:51

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

1: Welcome Back
cute chapter cant wait to read the rest!
Sunday 4th February 2007 11:47

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 36

1: Welcome Back
I like the story so far but... erm...
"realizing their hands were still linked over the knob. "
Sorry, but to my ears, that does sound just a tiny bit wrong.
Anyway, it's good so far!
passion lily
Saturday 19th November 2005 06:27

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 5

1: Welcome Back

Well done! I enjoyed this chapter. I think I will REALLY enjoy the next one.

Tuesday 3rd May 2005 14:56

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 8

1: Welcome Back
I have only read the first chapter and it is GREat

Tuesday 12th April 2005 12:06

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 510

1: Welcome Back
This is good. I'm going to read every chapter and review each one.
I'm glad Harry's teaching - what about him playing Quidditch?

As for Ginny's reaction -- that wasn't fair of her to be as abrupt. Although Harry should have thought through his feelings before being unsure verbally to her.

Gits, both of them.
Hope you throw them together in all sorts of well thought out places.

Good start to a good fic. Kudos.
Saturday 22nd January 2005 14:41

1: Welcome Back
I loved this story. update soon. the way you write keeps readers on their toes.!!!
Thursday 19th August 2004 21:42

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 7

1: Welcome Back
Saturday 10th July 2004 17:46

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 15

1: Welcome Back
I like the premise of the story very much. I also like the way you write, very straightforward and it flows easily onto the page. Well done you, keep it up!
Monday 28th June 2004 19:17

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 24

1: Welcome Back
Found this at work this afternoon while I was waiting for stuff to print and was rather disappointed when said reports finished printing and I'd only made it through a chapter and a half!

Of course, since Voldemort had been vanquished and the world was returning to semi-normalcy, Mrs Weasley was moving forward with her life the best way she knew how: mothering her youngest child.
Not surprising in the least. Mrs. Weasley is always and forever going to be a mum.

un +blocked+ amounts of time spent with
*shudder* The joys of being a Seer, no? Though I am wondering just how much studying under Trelawney is going to help Ginny, as when Trelawney tries to be a Seer it doesn't work and she doesn't seem to remember any of her "real" predictions.

Aw, Neville as a professor. I've seen this as his career quite a bit, due to his affinity for plants and herbology, and I will always grin when I come across it, because I think it's great. So, I'm glad you have it in here!

She knew it was folly - wearing the school robes was mandatory for a Head Girl and would hide any bit of color she might try to show, but she couldn't resist. Just knowing she was wearing it would make her feel more confident. She just knew it.
I like
this bit, the language of it is quite catching. Besides, it's really cute and sweet.

"Er...well, if you don't mind, not that it is any of your business, but Ginny and I are only friends. I'm just paying her a visit. That's all." His tone of voice was definite on this last thought, and the portraits looked disappointed at any lack of impropriety.
Getting into discussions with
paintings? Not so sure that's such a good idea. Where is that really going to get you. It did make me grin, though.

"Your memory is excellent, Ginny. It looks exactly like it did the day I left," Harry said, nostalgia creeping into his voice. He watched as an unreadable emotion flitted across Ginny's face.
Well, it should be, it is her home afterall. But I think it's sweet and, well, homey, that she wanted the Burrow.

Be that as it may. Dad's great as Minister, actually. But I can't believe he'd give you a hard time about teaching!"

"It wasn't him, but he was sort of powerless to do anything. It was the Wizengamot, actually, that gave me the hardest time. Didn't believe I'd proven myself in a classroom environment, even though I had ‘practical on hands experience that had manifested itself in the thwarting of Voldemort'."
Arthur as MoM? Rock on. He'd be great at it. And I think that's an interesting objection of the Wizengamot. I dunno, doesn't the DA count as classroom environment?

Ginny looked at him a moment longer and then looked away. She seemed...disappointed by his admission, and he wasn't sure what he should say. He couldn't tell her that he was finding it physically hard to be around her, that he wasn't sure what that meant. He couldn't tell her that he found himself loving the way her hair looked or the way her skin
flushed when she was excited. He couldn't tell her that the thought of ever hurting her was enough to drive him crazy...he just couldn't.
Sigh. So unrequited and bittersweet.

Nice start. It's got into some serious stuff even in the first chapter, which is nice to see. Lets the reader know kind of right off what sort of stuff is to be expected. Angst galore, I'm guessing. *grin* But lovely nonetheless. Normally I'd be telling you I'll
be looking forward to the next chapter, but
thankfully there's a handful up already, so I can get my fix early, though reviews may be slowish in coming. I'm behind on them again.

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