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Reviews For Returning Were As Tedious by Rhetor

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Grandma Kate
Friday 24th August 2007 10:21

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 966

2: Extend His Passion
And a clear and wondrous style it is. Professor Snape had a terrible home life. No wonder he was such a miserable person, always seeking love but never receiving it.
Friday 24th August 2007 20:03
2: Extend His Passion (Author Response)
Thanks, Kate. That's high praise, coming from you. (As for the style, though, Moonette deserves a lot of the credit.) I wonder how much love he really sought, in the long run? It's a complicated thing. ~Ken
Neli P
Sunday 5th August 2007 19:30

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 49

2: Extend His Passion
Lots of interesting information and creativity in this chapter As for Snape Senior, I think he makes Vernon Dursley look like a harmless Bowtruckle May I ask, Ken, if you had Merope Gaunt in mind when you wrote about Eileen Prince being mistreated by her husband? And last but not least, this extra is for using the term "football" and not "soccer" ... Great job and keep the next chapters coming!
Monday 6th August 2007 10:39
2: Extend His Passion (Author Response)
Hi, Nelli. Thanks! Actually I didn't have Merope Gaunt in mind at all -- all I was remembering was the brief memory Harry tapped into during his botched Occlumency lessions. After the glimpse we get of Eileen in DH I don't think this characterisation is necessarily canon-consistent, but I think I'll be forging ahead anyway.

As for "football" -- thanks. I do the best I can, but while we're on the subject, how do you feel about doing a little britpicking?


Monday 23rd July 2007 15:03

2: Extend His Passion
hmm...... Intrigiuing I didnt notice this was updated, but Im glad to see youve updated it at last. What a good author.... . you\\\'d better write some more chapters soon or else!


good job

("lame review" filter?)
Monday 23rd July 2007 19:12
2: Extend His Passion (Author Response)
*Snort* You sound like someone who's read my satire on SIYE! "Lame review filter" indeed!

I'm talking with my beta now about what to do about updating. I don't want to give any spoilers, but let's just say that the release of DH has created some problems for what I'd intended to do with this story, and I now have to decide whether to change my plans or declare it AU. I can't say any more, but I'll promise that I'm working on it.
Thursday 19th July 2007 09:33

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 143

2: Extend His Passion
Yes. Grim but not melodramatic. I agree that at least a (long) glimpse of home life is essential. I also like that S is learning from his father as well as his mother.
Thursday 19th July 2007 20:29
2: Extend His Passion (Author Response)
Thanks! I'll tell Girlspell you thought she was right. And I'm glad you liked it that both parents educated him. I thought it added to the verisimilitude of the storytelling. ~Ken
The Pharaoh
Thursday 19th July 2007 07:33

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 45

2: Extend His Passion
Cool. I'd actually like to see where this goes a bit, except maybe for his Hogwarts years. I'd rather be on the Marauders' side for that. But before and after Hogwarts, I'm all ears.
Thursday 19th July 2007 20:27
2: Extend His Passion (Author Response)
Thanks! Will you do me a favor and check out Chapter Three before you decide to give up on the Hogwarts years? I'm not sure -- or at least I'm not entirely sure -- that it's a matter of taking sides. Or to put it the other way, in those areas where one could be clearly either on Severus's side or the Marauders', this story really isn't on either one. The goal is to show Severus exactly as he's presented in canon, but with a narrative line that makes it possible to understand how he became that way. If you delete the Hogwarts years then the rest of it won't make much sense. ~Ken
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