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Reviews For Three Trips on the Knight Bus by St Margarets

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Friday 13th April 2012 11:00

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 77

Three Trips on the Knight Bus
Monday 2nd January 2012 21:57

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 1

Three Trips on the Knight Bus
I somehow stumbled upon this fanfic and loved it! I love Harry-Ginny, and this one does good justice to their relationship. I believe JKR left a lot unsaid in the books, but she did give a lot of fodder for H/G relationship material. Quite often, I've seen writers treat their relationship poorly - making Ginny look needy or haughty. I think this fanfic really nails her character and makes it abundantly clear why Harry & Ginny work as a couple.

Also, when I started reading it, it started as a smut but ended as a nice warm, fuzzy tale. Good job!
St Margarets
Tuesday 3rd January 2012 21:16
Three Trips on the Knight Bus (Author Response)
I'm glad you enjoyed it! H/G certainly have passion, but it's not the only thing they have going for them. Thanks for reading!
Tuesday 11th October 2011 11:59

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 28

Three Trips on the Knight Bus
I LOLed at Ginny's binding the wallpaper into a book. Hee. And her interaction with Kreacher is priceless.

My heart broke for Harry's not being able to save the little girl, but his drunk Patronus was hilarious.

Every parent's worst nightmare . . .

LOVE this story!
St Margarets
Wednesday 12th October 2011 06:45
Three Trips on the Knight Bus (Author Response)
LOL - I tend to *say* ridiculous things when I'm mad, so I thought trying to remember a spell would be just as bad.

Thanks for reading this ooooold story. *hugs*
Saturday 4th October 2008 07:40

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 172

Three Trips on the Knight Bus
“But a daughter is going to kill me.” - As a father that's so true!!!

3 nice tales which were well written and nice to read!
Saturday 26th April 2008 06:13

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

Three Trips on the Knight Bus
haha very cute!! I love how this had three parts to it
and at least lily knew what to do
haha i love the ending! thats when we let her out of detention!
St Margarets
Tuesday 29th April 2008 08:24
Three Trips on the Knight Bus (Author Response)
The three parts seemed like a good way to cover a lot of time. Thanks for reading!
Tuesday 22nd April 2008 14:52

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 122

Three Trips on the Knight Bus
I've read this before, but I decided to re-read it (since your work is always worth re-reading several times ). However, it doesn't appear that I left a review after I read it the first time, so I will now.

I really liked this story. I liked how fiery Ginny was during the first part, with all of her interesting hexes that she was firing at Harry. I also liked how Harry took care of her and took anything she had to dish out to him, even though he wasn't really the one with whom she was angry. Another thing I really liked was Kreacher's role in that part of the story. I've often wondered what role JKR felt that Kreacher played in Harry's life, post-DH: if he served Harry happily and devotedly, or if he was still served him in a somewhat grudgin way, or if Harry freed him, etc. Since I love happy stories (at least, happy endings), I always hoped that Kreacher would end up being as he is in this story: wanting the best for Harry (and Ginny, by extension) while still having some of his own unique personality (e.g., what he said to Ginny that caused her to call him a brat). That would be my first choice. If that wasn't possible, I would prefer for Kreacher to be a free elf, or to have died when he led the house-elves' charge in the Final Battle (since he would be proud to have died doing his part to avenge his beloved Master Regulus). So, my point is that I love how you have portrayed him here: funny and a bit sarcastic, yet devoted to Harry and Ginny.

I loved the drunken Patronus image that you wrote so descriptively. It makes sense that the Patronus itself would appear quite tipsy also, if the one casting was drunk. I loved how Ginny pulled the information out of Harry (since he's always had