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Reviews For Meddle by melkior

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Sunday 30th March 2008 05:57

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 6

01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons
Hmmm, a new version of soul bonding. Pretty good too. It'll be interesting where you'll take this.
Sunday 30th March 2008 05:59
01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons (Author Response)
Yes, it's a new spin on the old mechanism. With additional twists if I may say so. Thanks for the review.
Saturday 29th March 2008 14:52

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 134

01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons
interesting, but fast. their not taking time to smell the roses. I can see your caracters , but I am not seeing them move. It's like I can see them sitting, but the next moment I see them standing in another room , they moved so fast I don't know how they got there. can you understand what I'm trying to say?
otherwise you did a great job at getting your point acrossed and I look foward to your next chapter
Saturday 29th March 2008 23:08
01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons (Author Response)
Yes I can, and your argument is completely right. However, I had to do several things much faster than it really suited me. I'm still setting the stage.
In my mind, if I actually took the time to describe the road between A and B, we would reach Hogwarts somewhere in chapter 45. While it would have certainly been an interesting journey, it's not what I wanted to show.
Thanks for reviewing!
Saturday 29th March 2008 14:42

7th year
Num. of Reviews: 302

01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons
Good so far. I would however recomend just giving a summary of some years untill hogwarts, because when the story features Harry+Gin, somtimes authors can *cough* use all possible/plausible problems and have H/G solve them and then the story kinda falls apart beause then they'll be a bigger voldie plot, but the author wont have woven that in right so then the auother will suddenly throw in a voldie twist but then it will just fall apart and get really, really, conufing and boring. Actually, there arent any of the the above stories at, but I've read some at other HPFF Websites, of course I have complete faith that you prbably have some kind of plot else you wouldnt be writing this, but anyway, its good so far and this is the_critic overeacting to no voldie plot in the first chapter! lol. Update soon!
Sunday 30th March 2008 00:18
01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons (Author Response)
I won't stay much on the pre-Hogwarts years. If I did, Meddle would even be a larger project, and I'd really like to finish it in the next decade or so.
In fact, the next chapter will bring us to... Well, you'll see.
Oh, and who needs LV when we have the Adults?
Thanks for the review!
Saturday 29th March 2008 11:03

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 39

01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons
Intresting and adorably fluffy! I luv'd it all, it will make a veri gd story, can't wait 4 them 2 meet at Kings Cross and when Hagrid comes to tell him he's a wizard! It will certainly be different. I luv all H/G love and this has it- and they're onli children. Love how he love sher before he truly meets her. Keep Writing!
Sunday 30th March 2008 00:14
01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons (Author Response)
Fluffy? Well, it is. For now... Thanks for the review.
Saturday 29th March 2008 10:39

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 11

01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons
Aha! I was right! Death did make a cameo appearance, and Harry and Ginny can talk to each other! This will make the meeting at Kings Cross very different!
I can't believe English is not your first language, Melkior. Again, this chapter is beautifully written. The dialogue is free-flowing and easy. You're doing really well, adn I look forward to the next chapter.
Sunday 30th March 2008 00:03
01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons (Author Response)
I think we haven't seen the last of Death. Then again, I can't really be sure. And indeed, the meeting is different, maybe even more than you expect.
My language is as far from English as it is possible -- I'm from Croatia, and Slavic languages have almost nothing in common with English. However, I've been speaking English all my life, so that probably counts for something.
I've been told that the next chapter is just around the corner, so you shouldn't be kept waiting for too long. Thank you for the kind words and reviewing.
Saturday 29th March 2008 04:34

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 577

01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons
another great chapter. Life for Harry would have been a lot easier if he really had had a friend to share it with. Great job!
Saturday 29th March 2008 04:42
01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons (Author Response)
Now he even has more. Let's see to what degree he actually understands that. Thank you!
Saturday 29th March 2008 02:03

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 28

01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons
I can't wait for the next chapter, this is really unique! Great Job! Thanks!
Saturday 29th March 2008 02:07
01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons (Author Response)
You'll see it soon enough. Thank you for reviewing.
Friday 28th March 2008 18:02

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 17

01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons
this is a great story. keep up the good work
Friday 28th March 2008 18:04
01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons (Author Response)
Thank you. I'll give it my best.
Wolf's Scream
Friday 28th March 2008 14:58

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 372

01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons
Good. I look forward to seeing the reactions of the (other) Weasleys once they start getting a clue that Something Is Happening between Harry & Ginny. (Yes, that probably won't be an issue for a while yet, but it will likely have a profound effect on the development of the story. Ref., e.g., Sovran's "Meaning of One" series.)

Bearing in mind that this is assuredly your story, one of the things I tend to appreciate about the stories I enjoy is a certain ... richness of detail -- especially in the interactions of the characters. While I wouldn't want any author to emulate another slavishly (diversity is a wonderful thing!), I observe that making a choice is a great deal easier (at least in theory) once one is aware of at least a pair of alternatives for approaching an issue. :-)
Saturday 29th March 2008 04:45
01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons (Author Response)
The Weasley Reaction (Molly included) to the "bond" in Sovran's MoO is the best I've seen. Actually, I never hide the fact that MoO was the story that inspired me to actually write Meddle. They go in different directions, but they will share similarities, and you'll notice them especially in the early chapters of Meddle.

The reaction I have planned is hopefully original, and yet believable at the same time. It will take some time before it's actually seen but I'll hardly have something like this:

Once the twins left the kitchen laughing at Ron's predicament and rather hasty retreat from the family dinner, Ginny looked at her mother, who was busy charming the dishes clean.

"Mum, Harry and I have something to tell you."

"That's nice dear. Why don't you set some cookies for us and I'll join you as soon as I'm finished."

Ginny just nodded at her mother's back and went to the cupboard to get out the cookies.

At the same time Harry was having trouble at the table, trying to explain some finer points of Muggle electronics to Mr Weasley. "No sir, it's called a blender. Not a bender."

"Are you sure?" Mr Weasley furrowed his brow. "This part seems rather bent."

"Yes sir. It's a kitchen appliance."

"Oh, is it? Good thing we're in the kitchen! Now..."

Harry was saved by a tray of cookies followed closely by Ginny and her mother.

"Now Arthur, the children have something they want to tell us."

Mr Weasley let go of the device, although rather reluctantly. "What is it?"

Ginny sat next to Harry and took his hand under the table. He squeezed it gently. Taking a deep breath she looked at her mother.

"Harry and I... We seem to have a connection."

"A connection dear? What sort of a connection?"

"We can share thoughts," offered Harry quietly. He lowered his gaze at his lap.

"Well, that's wonderful! Now, do you want some milk before bed?"

"Mum?" Ginny's mouth did not seem to want to close.

"I said, it's wonderful? Now, do you want it warm or cold?"


"That's great pumpkin! Harry, what else do you know about the glender?"

Harry looked at Ginny, his facial expression mirroring hers.

"I could add some cinnamon too," came the voice of Mrs Weasley behind them.

"And what about fellytones?"

But it would have been fun.

It certainly is easier to make something work in another way once different options have been investigated, but sometimes, you find that the options which are already well explored actually work far better than anything you came up yourself with. In those situations, I tend to follow them. With a twist.

Thanks for the review!
Friday 28th March 2008 13:08

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 123

01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons
This is a really interesting supposition - I love the idea of Harry and Ginny having this kind of relationship early on. I can't wait to see where you take this.
Friday 28th March 2008 15:30
01: Emotions, Souls and Reasons (Author Response)
It's a result of asking myself "what if" after reading many fics in which H&G experience some kind of a connection. I won't dwell much on it, but it will have a great impact on the story.
Thanks for reviewing.
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