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Reviews For Out of the Darkness by guruvee

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The Boss
Monday 9th November 2009 15:33

5th year
Num. of Reviews: 214

2: Holy, My Head, Ginny, You’re A Harpy
Yay another great chapter indeed! Congrats to Ginny at HH. And it is good to see George getting cheered up
Another great piece - cant wait to read the newest chapter now!

The Boss
Grandma Kate
Monday 9th November 2009 13:07

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 966

2: Holy, My Head, Ginny, You’re A Harpy
I am enjoying your story. I got a kick out of George and Molly's reactions to Ginny's news.
The red-eyed George let out a huge whoop! and picked up his sister. Molly hugged them both together. "It's about time this family had something to cheer about."
Leave it to businessman George to notice the salary of a reserve.

This certainly sounds like the Molly we know and love-
Molly looked up at the clock and realized that Ron was traveling. "Oh dear. They're on their way. Let's get this place cleaned up. Can't have a party without a tidy place and some tasty treats now, can we?"
Saturday 7th November 2009 09:34

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 110

2: Holy, My Head, Ginny, You’re A Harpy
Go Ginny! I don't know why she thought Harry would be upset at her trying out, good for her for taking the initiative.
Interesting dynamic in Ron's and Hermione's relationship--wondering what you're going to have happen to them.
Wednesday 28th October 2009 10:52

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 644

2: Holy, My Head, Ginny, You’re A Harpy
I'm so glad there's more to this story than just that first chapter! I'm not sure who was grinning broadest at the beginning; me about a happy chapter or Ginny because of her envelope and Harry's full support for her new job.

I'm really happy, too, for Ron and Hermione, even though she's feeling a little out of synch. Being away from each other like they have naturally puts a strain on any relationship, magical or Muggle. It might take Hermione a while to get back to feeling "normal" again just because her life is changing rapidly at the moment and Ron's has found a groove already. Her mood at the party is completely understandable.

Great chapter that gets ! I look forward to the next one.
Friday 30th October 2009 06:31
2: Holy, My Head, Ginny, You’re A Harpy (Author Response)
Thanks for the review, Arnel! I think there will be a bit of discord for Ron and Hermione but it will all come together in the end.
Tuesday 27th October 2009 19:53

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 96

2: Holy, My Head, Ginny, You’re A Harpy
I like it so far. I haven't read anything yet, besides this, thT I feel has givien Molly and George's grief proper respect.
Friday 30th October 2009 06:31
2: Holy, My Head, Ginny, You’re A Harpy (Author Response)
Thanks for your review! I'm glad you're enjoying it.
Tuesday 27th October 2009 18:18

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 199

2: Holy, My Head, Ginny, You’re A Harpy
Yay! What an uplifting update!
Friday 30th October 2009 06:30
2: Holy, My Head, Ginny, You’re A Harpy (Author Response)
Glad you're enjoying it. There's more to come! Thanks for the review!
Ocean Dream
Tuesday 27th October 2009 16:28

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 133

2: Holy, My Head, Ginny, You’re A Harpy
I am curious as to what aspects of Ginny's character give in to the idea that she would go back.

Well, let me see if I can word it in a way which would make sense...
1) Molly Weasley I think she would make it a point for Ginny to go back and finish her education. She always insists on Ginny doing things the proper way. Of course, Ginny often does the exact opposite but considering the circumstances of Molly´s state after Fred´s death, I think Ginny wouldn´t be too keen to add a worry here.
2) In Chamber of Secrets Ginny says she´d been looking forward to coming to Hogwarts since she was like two. I think she liked going to school. Well, Fred & George quit school to start their business and Ron... well, after a year´s of practical outdoor education, what could a school offer him? And he had George to help and the Auror job to take. There was nothing "real-world" waiting for Ginny yet.
3) Quidditch. She wasn´t allowed to play during the Carrows era. I believe it would make sense to go back to school, maybe as a captain, get more practice, play a couple of games and get the attention of the quidditch scouts...
Anyway, as I said your guess is as good as mine... and in no way I´m taking it argumentatively, just a discussion of a kind.

As for this chapter, I can´t wait to learn what the Ron-Hermione problem is
Tuesday 27th October 2009 17:59
2: Holy, My Head, Ginny, You’re A Harpy (Author Response)
All good points! Discussion is good. Sometimes reviewers leave only the fluff and not enough discussion!!!

To explain all of that away...I will simply go with the idea that because of the way everything went down, that Molly was not as keen to MAKE Ginny finish in the usual way. I agree that Ginny probably would not have put up much of a fight due to the loss of Fred and what it did to Molly, but Hogwarts is where they lost Fred. I would imagine that the loss was hard enough on all of them, that Molly would not have pressed the issue at that point.
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