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Reviews For If Molly Were A Maiden by Grandma Kate

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Friday 5th November 2010 18:16

7th year
Num. of Reviews: 336

If Molly Were A Maiden
This is so lovely! I especially like the changing POV. Good work!
Tuesday 14th September 2010 13:19

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

If Molly Were A Maiden
Grandma Kate
Tuesday 14th September 2010 13:54
If Molly Were A Maiden (Author Response)

JavaScript:smiley(''); Thank you.
Monday 6th September 2010 08:15

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 497

If Molly Were A Maiden
Up to your usual high original standards. Thanks for a gentle read.
Grandma Kate
Monday 6th September 2010 10:07
If Molly Were A Maiden (Author Response)
Dear Dad,

Your are correct. I think I specialize in providing a
gentle read

It's nice to be writing again.
Monday 6th September 2010 01:47

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 51

If Molly Were A Maiden
It's great to see you writing again and iit a lovely oneshot.

Hope all is well your side of the pond.

Grandma Kate
Monday 6th September 2010 03:18
If Molly Were A Maiden (Author Response)
Hey Mate! You and my grandson Trevor have birthdays next Sunday. So have a great birthday and a productive year.

This is the first story exchange that I entered that was not among my own flist. I got to experiment writing from another perspective besides Molly's so it was fun writing Luna and Ron. Bill's segment was mostly to let everyone else have their chance to talk, so it doesn't count as POV, really.

Good luck with your original story.
Sunday 5th September 2010 22:12

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 106

If Molly Were A Maiden
Charlie called out, "Not to worry, little sister, the twins went commando as soon as they figured out how to pull them off." Ginny blushed when Harry commented, "So that's where James got it from. I knew it wasn't from my side of the family."

Among the many terrific scenes and quotes in this story, this bit has to be my favorite by far. Another fantastic look at Molly and her expanded family. Well done, Kate!
Grandma Kate
Sunday 5th September 2010 23:16
If Molly Were A Maiden (Author Response)
Thank you. The commando crack seemed what the Charlie I imagine would make. I can picture James doing the same thing.
Sunday 5th September 2010 20:55

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 643

If Molly Were A Maiden
This is truly a sweet story. You've captured the nuances of each of the main characters perfectly so that it was easy to picture the action. I loved Ron's grumbling and comical eating habitats and Harry's words brought a lump to my throat. As for the boat outing on the lake I had to smile at how it ended, showing just how an almost-disaster can turn into an opportunity to share a truly special memory.

I hope your recipient enjoyed this story as much as I did.
Grandma Kate
Sunday 5th September 2010 23:19
If Molly Were A Maiden (Author Response)
The prompt was quite specific and I tried my best to write all the elements of it. But as you know, sometimes the characters have wills of their own.

I think Arthur and Molly managed to make a beautiful memory that afternoon.
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