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Reviews For For Love of Family by Arnel

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Monday 6th June 2011 08:49

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

7: Emotions
yay! Im glad harry's slowly starting to realize that he isnt totally helpless...
Do you plan on him having a full recovery?
Monday 6th June 2011 09:39
7: Emotions (Author Response)
Yes, Harry is making progress, but this is just the beginning of the long road to recovery. I know you want to know how I plan to end the story, at least on Harry's part. Right now I have three possible endings to choose from and at the moment, I have no idea which one I will use. Also, it depends on what you're referring to as a "full recovery". My research tells me that the victims of a catestrophic injury, such as the one Harry has sustained, never go back to the way they were before the injury; there's always some lingering side-effects that never go away. So, if you consider Harry accepting being wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life, then he's made a "full recovery". Or, if you consider him walking without help, then he hasn't "fully recovered". Therefore, at this time, I have no idea whether Harry will make a "full recovery" or not. Thanks for being concerned.
Friday 20th May 2011 02:16

Hogwarts alumni
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7: Emotions
This is a rough time for everyone. Ron is really upset about the people they lost. I can't blame him. That was terrible especially when he realizes there were things they could have done to prevent those deaths. The fact the evil person was hiding and watching the house was bad but now they have found a pattern in the evidence. They are all working really hard to get to the bottom of this mystery. At least they have made some real progress. The kids are taking it hard but they are working at trying to keep up in school and now they have made plans to see their dad over the weekend. I really liked Silvia. She is an excellent therapist. She knew just how much to push Harry and when to leae him alone to think. Being an overacheiver Harry finally challenged himself to succeed. Very well done and thought out. I look forward to more of this story. p
Friday 20th May 2011 04:16
7: Emotions (Author Response)
What I like most about writing this story is the fact that I get to see into all the characters' heads and I'm having fun answering the various questions about how Ron or Harry or the children would react to various situations and what their motivations are. Ron has matured a great deal since the end of DH, although he retains his quirky sense of humor. He is now taking responsibility quite seriously and it shows in how he approaches the investigation and how he treats the members of his team. You're right about Harry being an overachiever and when his lifestyle was taken from him, he doesn't know how to cope with the situation he finds himself in. Therefore, he needs a teacher like Silvia to help him deal with his feelings and learn to help himself. I'm glad you continue to read and like my story. Thanks for the review.
Thursday 19th May 2011 21:58

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 33

7: Emotions
I loved this chapter. Hermione and Rons love was so present at the start, and I felt touched at how fantastic and caing Hermione was. I really see that between them in the seventh book and now again, in this fic.

I'm glad we're still seeing the children, that their thoughts and concerns are still very much part of the fic. Its precious, seeing their interactions and their life back at Hogwarts.

I study as a nurse - and I find that I feel that Harry's reactions to his disability are very believable, his bitterness/upset at being wheelchair bound are very tangible, because I think thats how most of us would react if we went from being in a highly active job and lifestyle, to beocoming dependant on a chair to move us around.

I loved it, if you couldn't tell and can't wait to read more
Friday 20th May 2011 02:47
7: Emotions (Author Response)
It's been fun writing a more mature Ron and Hermione. To me, Ron has discovered the delights of responsibility at work and in taking Harry's place as the head of the investigation is showing how much he's matured in twenty-odd years. As for Hermione, I think being the mother of two children has taught her patience and mellowed her overall. Her love for Ron is evident in everything she does in this story.

The children are a very important part of this story and they'll continue to help me tell the story because as part of Harry's family, they look up to and love him very much, no matter what form his body takes.

I'm glad you approve of how I'm portraying Harry's attitude. Some of my other readers (probably much younger and less experienced in life) think he should be happy to be alive and leave it at that. That's not the way life works.

Thanks for another touching review. See you next Thursday.
Grandma Kate
Thursday 19th May 2011 21:02

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 966

7: Emotions
Another tight informative chapter with some lovely descriptions of the characters. This got to me-
They fell asleep with Ron’s head on her shoulder and his arm slung around her waist and when he woke several hours later from a nightmare she was there to comfort him and sooth him back to sleep... and she wept silently for what this case had done to her husband, their best friend, the four dead Aurors and the other victims.

I also loved the differing reactions of the children and Harry's struggle with rehab.

Thursday 19th May 2011 16:22

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 22

7: Emotions
Yep, thoroughly enjoyed this latest instalment. It's great to see Harry making progress re his recovery. Rehabilitation after an injury or accident isn't easy for anybody--the starting point is always the hard part--but once Harry gets used to things, he'll be fine. Looking forward to next week, and much thanks.
Friday 20th May 2011 02:35
7: Emotions (Author Response)
The friend whose brain I'm picking agrees whole-heartedly with you about how hard and how painful rehab/physical theropy is. Over the last couple of months I've seen her make progress towards her goals which has been helpful to me in writing this story. I'm glad you've enjoyed the chapter and are looking forward to next week's installment. Thanks for writing and see you next Thursday.
Thursday 19th May 2011 16:10

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 465

7: Emotions
"You mean Harry died AGAIN?"

OMGosh, I choked on my tea at that line. I so love Ron. I'm beyond cuirous to know what he and the other Aurors discovered in the files. I also really appreciate seeing Ron feeling guilty (not that I think he should be), but it builds on the common bond between he and Harry. Very nicely done!

This tale has so many angles and so many twists and turns, that it's really a pleasure to read and keeps me completely on my toes. I find myself really looking forward to Thursdays.
Friday 20th May 2011 02:29
7: Emotions (Author Response)
I came up with that line when I was driving home from giving a piano lesson and it was so good I had to pull into a parking lot and mail it to myself. I'm so glad you found it as funny as I did.

I also like to think that since Ron and Harry have been friends for so long, they've rubbed off on each other a little bit. Plus, I think Ron is taking the responsibility of heading the investigation very seriously and the tragedy of the dead forensics team compounds his original guilt of being unable to help that first night because of what his assignment was.

I'm glad you're looking forward to Thursdays. I am, too.
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