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Reviews For For Love of Family by Arnel

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Tuesday 25th October 2011 19:32

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 460

12: Breakthrough
I squealed in delight when I realized we'd have a scene between Harry and Malfoy. I'll admit, I was shocked at the friendliness of it all as my interpretation is that they\'re civil but not friendly. Regardless, I enjoyed the scene very much, and was thrilled with the way you pulled Malfoy\'s work into the mystery. All the ends are connecting in this marvelous web you\'re spinning. Kids are home now, so I'll have to return later for more!
Wednesday 26th October 2011 12:17
12: Breakthrough (Author Response)
I'm really glad you're happy about my including the scene between Harry and Malfoy. When I first decided to add Draco to this story, I gave his relationship with Harry a lot of thought. I also read the Epilogue paragraphs many times trying to decide whether the cool, dismissive look Draco gives Harry and Ron could be directed more at Ron because of the catty remarks he makes. The more I thought about it, the more I realized there wouldn't be any love lost between Draco and Ron, but there *could* be more of a backstory to Harry and Draco's associations. There will be more about their friendship in later chapters. I'm very interested in what you think of the results of my musings.

I'm glad you had a bit of time to do some catching up on my story. Thanks for the review.
Saturday 30th July 2011 14:15

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 9

12: Breakthrough
This matron is truly sick, keep on writing
Saturday 30th July 2011 14:27
12: Breakthrough (Author Response)
You have no idea how truly deranged this character is. I will keep on writing because I want everyone to know how the story ends. Thanks.
Wednesday 20th July 2011 19:23

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 27

12: Breakthrough
I was so happy to hear I was your 100th review - go me, and go YOU for having so many people lovin' the fic as much as I am! I was so moved to see Draco Malfoy in this chapter, he's really come a long way and I think the support he gives Harry is brilliant - in all honestly, I prefer the idea of Draco and Harry finally becoming quite friendly, to JK's own version of them being simply 'civil'. I also think that the history you've put there, between them, is outstanding, the hint at Draco's life after the war.. brilliant. I do hope we see Ron overcoming his grudge towards Draco, further into the fic.
Wednesday 20th July 2011 21:02
12: Breakthrough (Author Response)
It's really interesting how Draco Malfoy has grown on me since DH came out in 2007, first through his character's fate in the book and subsequently through other people's fanfics and how he's portrayed in the two DH movies. As I've told other reviewers, I've spent a lot of time thinking about how the Malfoy family, especially Draco, would have been treated (shunned, ignored, reviled) after the war and have come to the conclusion that Harry probably started visiting Draco out of a sense of duty which eventually developed into their friendship. I'm glad you like the backstory I've invented for Draco because there will be a lot more in future chapters. Unfortunately, Ron isn't quite as forgiving as Harry has been, but you never know what will happen to make him change his mind... and that's all I'm saying.

Thanks for reviewing this chapter. The next one goes up tomorrow.
Friday 24th June 2011 16:28

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 13

12: Breakthrough
Thank you for another wonderful chapter. Looks like the plot thickens!!!
Friday 24th June 2011 11:01

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

12: Breakthrough
I like how you put Draco into this story. I can see him and Harry becomingi friends after the war.
WOW!it looks like they finally have a break in the case! Hopefully they can catch the matron now
Thursday 23rd June 2011 23:03

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1157

12: Breakthrough
This is really excellent. I am so glad that Harry made friends with Draco and thet Draco is doing so well and is happily married. I can understand Draco being uncomfortable in a muggle hospital. This is both though so he was put at ease fairly quickly. I'm glad that Harry has recovered so much ans that he greeted Draco warmly. That was good and helped relive Draco apprehension. The frank conversation they had helped a lot to make them both feel better. The fact that Draco is probably giving Harry more information on the case is great. I 'm glad Draco was able to help Harry with the spell. That made delivering the letter a lot easier. I'm so glad that Susan was able to get so much information from the prisoner, Mark. The poor man was forced into helping the "Matron". She is truly evil and bent. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. p
Thursday 23rd June 2011 15:08

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 54

12: Breakthrough
Splendid chapter! Breakthought indeed! Wow! I really liked your Draco........hard to believe he'd turn out so nice and end up providing a major lead in this case but it's a nice slant! And Huntley was sure a goldmine of information on this "matron" person( I'm too nice to use the "b" word to describe her tho it sure fits)! He was more talkative than a room full of dummies at a ventriloquists convention! Hope they think to get pictures of all the employees at St. Mungos and show the poor kid a lineup to ID her! An avada kedavra would be too easy for her! Looking forward to the next installment! Brilliant job!
Thursday 23rd June 2011 22:38
12: Breakthrough (Author Response)
I'm sitting here giggling as I type my response because your review has me smiling from ear to ear, especially your comment about the convention. Ron and his team of Aurors needed a suspect to "sing" and to find someone like Mark Huntley is exactly what Merlin ordered. I like your idea about photographing the employees to help identify the Matron. However, they'd have to do it on the sly so not to alert her that the Aurors know more than she thinks they do.

As for Draco, I kept thinking about how Harry changed as a child when he went from being shunned in the Muggle world to having friends and a good example of a loving, caring family and transferred those thoughts to Harry's rival. The first years after the war must have been horrible for the Malfoy family and one doesn't go through that sort of experience without being changed in some way. Draco could have continued to be hostle towards Harry, but I think the rest of Wizarding society was shunning the Malfoys so much that any positive attention would have gone a long way towards changing Draco for the good. Anyway, he doesn't know for certain whether the information he is giving Harry is of any value or not. I think it's what the Aurors do with the information that's important. You'll see what the results are in the next few chapters.

Thanks for taking the time to review my chapter. Until next Thursday...
Grandma Kate
Thursday 23rd June 2011 08:00

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 966

12: Breakthrough
Well done!

I do have a question about how often Draco promised to visit when he saw Harry on Tuesday, 8 December 2020, 1445 hours.
Now itís my turn to promise you Iíll visit once a week.Ē

Iíll be back again in January.

Susan's interview was revealing.
Thursday 23rd June 2011 22:20
12: Breakthrough (Author Response)
When Draco promised to visit Harry on a weekly basis, it was understood that those visits would begin after the holidays. I suppose I didn't make that as clear as I could have, but since I can clarify things like this in the reviews, I'm doing so now.

I'm glad you think the interview was revealing. The Aurors now have a wealth of information to help with their investigation and you know that Ron is going to use every little bit to close the case in a timely manner.

Thanks for reviewing. Until next Thursday...
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