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Reviews For For Love of Family by Arnel

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Saturday 30th July 2011 22:02

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 9

14: Reunion
Great chapter, keep on writing
Sunday 31st July 2011 01:49
14: Reunion (Author Response)
Glad you liked the chapter. There's lots more to the story, so I'll keep posting until it's told.
Wednesday 27th July 2011 20:08

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 60

14: Reunion
Aww... This chapter is so sweet!
Wednesday 27th July 2011 20:34
14: Reunion (Author Response)
I'm glad you liked the chapter. Thank you for telling me.
Thursday 21st July 2011 12:11

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 27

14: Reunion
"she decided she was going to like driving this big, awkward vehicle because it meant that Harry could be beside her." - A true potrayel of her loyalty and just how wonderful she is. That she would turn something 'big and awkward' and make it a positive thing. I admire her strength.

I had to smile at the scene with Lily and her dorm mates, how lovely in the middle of such a tense fanfiction - to see such a light hearted scene. I loved seeing rose help look after Lily, in a roundabout way, looking out for her against the girls who didn't seem incredibly nice!

It seems this chapter was one of the nicest i've ever read, because I also ADORED that station scene. Hermione and Ginny really made me giggle with their hints at their past, and Kendra and James are adorable! I am so excited to read more of their story.

Great Chapter!
Thursday 21st July 2011 14:56
14: Reunion (Author Response)
Family takes care of family when it comes to the Weasley/Potter clan and when Lily needed help retalliating against her dorm mates, Rose was more than happy to help. The scene was definitely needed and proves that pranking runs rampant through anyone with the last name of Weasley or Potter. Lily's dorm mates should have remembered that when they drove Lily to seek Rose's help!

Ginny seems to be stepping up to all the new challenges fairly well and it was a big step toward making Harry's homecoming a reality when she picked up the van. I'm also glad you adored Hermione's and Ginny's reminiscences as well as James' good-bye with Kendra.

Thanks for a review that has me smiling from ear to ear.
Friday 8th July 2011 16:44

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 54

14: Reunion
Congratulations on another great chapter!! That matron is meaner than a Hungarian Horntail with heartburn!! I'd love to see Ginny drop Harry's lift right on top of the old bag! Although, I suspect Ginny would do alot worse than that if she gets her hands on the matron(dinosaur size batbogeys anyone?)! Really like the scene with Ginny getting the van and her and Harry's first ride! Also enjoyed the catfight with the girls(never mess with a Weasley or Potter woman - you just can\t win)! I felt like I should be serving them a saucer of milk! Looking forward to more with H&G and the brood! Nice taste picking a Marriott - there are actually 9 Marriotts in England and 1 in Aberdeen, Scotland(I've stayed there)! Until next Thursday, whan I'll be waiting in line with my advanced tickets to see DH Two at midnight! Hope you have yours! Only 6 more days! WhooHoo!
Friday 8th July 2011 21:26
14: Reunion (Author Response)
Thank you so much for the great review. I had a good laugh at your dragon references and think that Charlie Weasley would happily supply the dragon if Ginny said she needed one. That said, I must tell you that I have two endings written and am considering a third where the Matron is concerned and have yet to decide which one I'm actually going to publish: I know many of my readers would absolutely love to see Ginny take on the Matron, but in all fairness to the Aurors and the Ministry, the bureaucrats also want their piece of the Matron as well. No matter what, she WILL pay!

You're the first one to mention the scene in Lily's dormitory. I'm so glad you liked it because I had a lot of fun writing it. Growing up, I was a lot like Lily, but I didn't have an older cousin or friend who would side with me against my tormentors, so I had to defend myself. I think a lot of that experience went into that section because the way it's written, it's how I wanted things to turn out when I was Lily's age.

We have family coming to stay all next week, so I won't get to see the movie until the following week. I'm rather excited about the fact that you're contemplating reading my next chapter while standing in line for the midnight showing of DH2! Thanks for telling me.
Friday 8th July 2011 12:16

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1157

14: Reunion
This is a great chapter. I'm so glad you are showing intemized details for Harry's training in the pool and the accessories he needs to be able to swim on his own. The trip in the van was good and I'm glad that Ginny is an experienced driver and was able to adjust to the van. It is understandable that Harry is powering the chair himself but it is hard work to travel that way in city traffic. I can see why he would be tired after several blocks of travel. I'm so glad that Rose is helping her cousin at school against the snotty kids in her dorm. It served the other girls right for being such pains in the butt. I'm glad that the kids all ran and hugged Harry when they saw him. They all needed that. I can understand Ginny's frustration with Harry's speed. It is hard to slow down for a handycapped person. It takes a lot of patience. I look forward to more of this story. Thanks for writing. p
Friday 8th July 2011 21:40
14: Reunion (Author Response)
I'm glad you think I did well with the chapter. The two sections I had the most fun writing were the swimming section because I've seen every one of the tools and techniques Harry uses being used by my son's swim team coaches and the Lily's dormitory scene because she gets to share things about her dad as well as get back at the snooty girls she deals with each day.

One of my pre-betas mentioned that I hadn't included much about Harry and Ginny's relationship in the last few chapters, so it seemed appropriate to show them being loving towards each other on the drive to King's Cross and how they reacted when they went out on the pavement together. This was the very first time that Harry had to contend with crowds and a whole host of obstacles without the protection of Silvia or a carer like her with him. I hope Ginny didn't come across as being too impatient; she did allow for Harry's slower speed, but as it neared the arrival time for the Express, the mother in her worried that her children would be upset if they didn't see her on the platform. Things do have a way of straightening themselves out and allowing Harry to stay on the Muggle side of the barrier allowed for that lovely element of surprise that led to the family hug.

Thanks for writing to me. I look forward to your next review, possibly written while you're standing in line for the midnight showing of DH2?
Friday 8th July 2011 10:24

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

14: Reunion
awesome chapter! I found it interesting that the matron has a timetuner... i wonder how she uses it...
I also really liked the ending
Was it mentioned why they were staying in a muggle hotel and i just missed it? Or is that someting that will be revealed later?
Update sooner then next thursday!!
Friday 8th July 2011 11:42
14: Reunion (Author Response)
The Matron and her Time Turner will appear in several more places in future chapters and each time you'll get a little more information on how she uses it.

My reason for having the Potters stay in the Muggle hotel was explained in my author's notes... at least I hope Aggiebell added that paragraph... I didn't look... Oops! if she didn't. Basically, Grimmauld Place hasn't been rennovated for a wheelchair bound person, so Harry can't easily live there, even for one night. The hotel has rooms especially for the handicapped.

Thanks for writing to me and I'll see you next Thursday...

Grandma Kate
Thursday 7th July 2011 21:29

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 966

14: Reunion
My sister uses a wheelchair (or motorized scooter) all the time, so this chapter reminded me of a trip we took all over England, Scotland, and Ireland, a few years ago. We considered writing a book for Americans about handicapped access in the British Isles. It sounds like you were very accurate.

I am looking forward to Harry being home for Christmas.
Thursday 7th July 2011 21:36
14: Reunion (Author Response)
It amazes me how many people are willing to share the parts of the story which hit home for them. One reader shared that she has a friend who went through the same things Harry is a few years ago, with positive results. Another has identified with Ginny's feelings because someone she loves was seriously hurt, and now you've shared this part of your life with me. Thank you for doing so. It proves that applying one's research to one's writing helps one's readers identify with the events in one's story. If you and your sister had written the book I probably would have asked you where I could buy it! Thanks for writing to me. See you next week...
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