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Reviews For For Love of Family by Arnel

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Sunday 22nd January 2012 11:43

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 54

36: Homecoming
Great to see you back with a new chapter, Arnel! Hope the holidays were pleasant for you! As a member of the "it's been a long time since I was a teenager" club , I can attest not only from personal experience with my own daughter (who will be 29 in April), but with my eldest granddaugter who will be 12 in May, that girls that age do talk like Lily's friends do! Boy do they! (Side note: my 3 grandaugters, 11, 10 and 6 are visting me & watching a movie on my big screen while I write this)! Life is good! I really enjoyed this chapter! I think you did a marvelous job with it and I really enjoyed the interaction between Lily and Brian and Scorpius with his friends, especially Rose! It's obvious that Lily's experience with her Dad gives her an advantage on being able to handle Brian on a more mature level than others did! When you go thru ordeals like Brian & Scorpius have you need not only family but your friends to understand and help you recover! Nice to see Scorpius and Rose getting together - bet their Dads won't see that coming! I also continue to be impressed with Ron's maturity level, this time convincing Mione to particpate in the trial! This is a far different Ron than the one that was about as thick as a hockey puck in his younger years! I am really looking forward to the trial! I had an idea! If St. Mungo's won't take the evil old hag on for liftime bedpan duty, maybe Charlie Weasley can get her a lifetime gig as the dung removal technician at the Dragon preserve in Romania!
Sunday 22nd January 2012 22:53
36: Homecoming (Author Response)
Just to let you know, I spent the holidays very pleasantly spent with family and friends. I didn't push myself to write, although I did complete this chapter and parts of the next two or three, and I think the break was good for me.

I've said all along that when I decided to write our favorite characters as forty-somethings I decided to make them act their age due to added responsibilities and life experience in general. I think that after the war, Ron matured rapidly because he took on the responsibility of helping George, and he married Hermione and became a father. I also think he realized that his accomplishments with Hermione and Harry made him a unique person amongst his brothers and that he wasn't living in the shadow of their successes any more because he'd done something none of them had done. That's how I see him and how I chose to write the adult Ron rather than the teenaged Ron. I'm glad you like him.

Thank you so much for sharing your personal experiences with twelve-year-old girls. My son is ten and will be 11 in May, so I have a rather good example of boys that age, but not girls. It's nice to hear that I've written my dialogue believably, even though my expert assured me that I had!

And yes, life is becoming good again for all the characters in this story (who deserve it). There will be more about the various budding relationships in upcoming chapters as well as the parents' reactions, so you'll definitely get Ron's and Draco's reaction to their children's budding romance!

As for the Matron, I guarantee that dear Shirley will get her just desserts in the next chapter. Unfortunately, she won't be assigned bedpan duty at St Mungo's or get that lifetime gig at the Dragon Preserve.

Thanks for writing to me. I always enjoy reading your reviews.
Grandma Kate
Friday 20th January 2012 10:54

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 966

36: Homecoming
Arnel, this was a very satisfying chapter. I loved all the details. I always get sorted into Ravenclaw so was happy to experience that common room again.

The final segment with wise Ron and scrupulous Hermione foreshadows the serious chapter yet to come.
Friday 20th January 2012 22:48
36: Homecoming (Author Response)
I'm so glad I was able to please you! I too like the Ravenclaw common room—although I always get Sorted into Hufflepuff—so it was fun to go back into DH and reread that scene so that I'd get everything right.

You're right about how serious the next chapter is. It's quite angst-ridden, so Hermione and her scruples are justified. I should have that chapter ready to post in two to three weeks.

Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me.
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