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Reviews For Letters From Ginny by OHGinnyfan

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Thursday 27th March 2008 08:25

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

Letters From Ginny
wow!!! I loved this story!!! It was awesome!!! I remember reading another fanfic that was sort of like this but i think that it was an actual fanfic on harry being missing and they try to convince ginny that he is really gone... lol
Friday 9th November 2007 16:01

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

Letters From Ginny
wow!!!! I love this!!!! I cant wait to read Harry's letters!

Tuesday 24th October 2006 23:52

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 18

Letters From Ginny
That was so sad and yet happy at the same time, i loved it.
Saturday 24th September 2005 21:09

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 57

Letters From Ginny
*sniff* i have read this story several times now and every time it sends a few tears down my face...congradulations on a well wrtten story
Disassembly of Reason
Sunday 17th April 2005 21:27

Letters From Ginny

meme list: letter-writing!Ginny, auror!Harry, writing-professional!Ginny, established!relationship(Harry/Ginny, marriage, 5 years), separated!relationship(fortunes of war, 7 months, mutual fidelity), revealed!pregnancy(son, named for grandfathers)

[I *have* read "Letters from Harry" and a substantial chunk of <I>The Homecoming</I> already, but the information about Harry's and Ginny's lives from those stories will go into those reviews, not this one.]

(My apologies if the meme list is a bit tiresome, but I have a tendency to make lists and classify things, and it helps feed my little hobby to try to summarize in a fairly standardized way. I like finding stories that take the same approach, and stories that take contrasting approaches (e.g. in this case that might be writing-professional!Harry and auror!Ginny). Ahem. Moving on...)

Hmm. From the date of the first letter and the text, Ginny appears to have found out about the pregnancy on or about 31 July - Harry's birthday. Would the author consider writing another one-shot about *that* birthday present?

Not surprising that a lot of inaccurate, unauthorized biographies of Harry have been written now that Voldything is gone. Since Ginny is an author, it's logical that she'd pass the time with writing about Harry while missing him. (Coining the term "Voldything" is just about the only thing Vernon Dursley's ever done that I approved of.)

Ginny's work on the book may explain why the letters are relatively infrequent. The first letter was written on the day of Harry's departure, the second two weeks later (but to the child, not Harry himself). The second letter to Harry himself is dated nearly two months after the first. Altogether, there are 5 letters apiece to Harry and to Jamie over seven months. (Realistically, it's difficult to make up that much material, I daresay, given that Ginny is at home and heavily pregnant for most of it - she's under emotional strain, but not a lot of activity otherwise, unless the author cared to use the work on the biography as a reason to discuss Harry's past in more detail, or Ginny's feelings for him past and present.)

What is Ginny's normal genre as an author? History? (We don't know her feelings about History of Magic in canon, so that's wide open). Textbooks? Children's books? Fiction for adults, or for children?

It makes sense that Ginny would write letters immediately after Harry's departure, on Christmas Day, and on Valentine's Day, but I'd also expect a letter on Hallowe'en. As the anniversary of his parents' deaths, something Harry as a grown man would be aware of, I wouldn't be surprised if he had a bit of seasonal depression about that particular day. (He doesn't show this in canon, but in canon we have no evidence that he's ever been told the exact date of his parents' deaths.)

I rather like the fanon idea that Harry's first son and daughter would be named after their grandparents as shown here. I'd expect Sirius' and Remus' names also to get consideration, for later children if not the firstborn.

The scene with the Ministry breaking the news to Ginny appears in <I>The Homecoming</I>, of course. Considering the Ministry's extremely poor track record on interacting with Harry in canon, I have no trouble believing that they'd mess up as shown here, upsetting Ginny to the point of sending her into premature labour.

Good call, that the Weasleys would take lots of photographs of the new baby (even if Harry were able to enjoy him in person).

"Serves Percy right..."

This strikes me as perfectly in character for Percy, even as 'a father twice over', that he'd be so full of himself that he'd make a silly error in judgement with a baby who'd just been fed.

I'd be leery of the twins' Easter egg too, but I'm not surprised that they are sappy over their nephew. (When he's older, though, they'll be leading him astray, I have no doubt whatsoever.)

Saturday 2nd October 2004 08:06

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 23

Letters From Ginny
I enjoyed reading these letters very much I am looking forward to reading Letters from Harry.
Saturday 2nd October 2004 08:06
Letters From Ginny (Author Response)

Thank you so much for taking the time to review my story. I appreciate hearing such nice words from readers.

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