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Story of the Week: You Know Who's On First By Iniga  Image of the Week: Quidditch victory By AgiVega  

Art Submission Guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: To comply with the United States Federal Trade Commission's Children's Online Privacy Act, does not accept artwork from children under age 13. This is for our protection as well as for yours; please see the document at for more information. does limit the ships we accept.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR ARTWORK CONFORMS TO THESE SHIP REQUIREMENTS. 

Accepted ships are: 

      • Harry/Ginny
      • Ron/Hermione
      • Remus/Tonks (Missing Moment and AU artwork accepted)
      • James/Lily
      • Molly/Arthur
      • Bill/Fleur
      • Teddy/Victoire
      • Andromeda/Ted
      • Lucius/Narcissa
      • Vernon/Petunia
      • Luna/Rolf Scamander (ultimately end up together, but she can have romances with others until later on see chat with JKR dated 7/30/07)
      • Neville/Luna (see interview with JKR)
      • Dean/Luna
      • Percy/Penelope – there has been no mention of Penelope since PoA.  While it was canon up through PoA, it's now considered ambiguous since it hasn't been confirmed by DH or JKR.

      • Snape/Lily – PLEASE NOTE: all artists submitting artwork with this pairing must be VERY clear of the limitations set forth within the Harry Potter series, and especially Deathly Hallows' Chapter 33 – The Prince's Tale, regarding the nature of this relationship. 
      • Any other pairing – canon and/or original characters – that does not contradict the above and is in keeping with canon characterizations.
    • Non-romantic artwork, as well as artwork from the Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, & Prongs era (the four of them and/or Lily prior to Lily & James' deaths) as well as the primary characters (Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione, Weasleys, etc.).
    • Images if magical creatures are also very welcome!

IN ADDITION, as we are a HP site, we will not accept any crossovers for artwork, either. No Buffy, no Legolas, no Herald Talia. HP canon characters and original characters only.

CANON REQUIREMENTS:While we will accept Alternative Universe (A/U) materials, we are a canon-oriented site and require all submissions to exhibit a firm understanding of canon and its characters. Reading the two "schoolbooks" -- Fantastic Beasts and Quidditch Through the Ages -- and doing online research from reference sites such as the Harry Potter Lexicon is also strongly recommended to all contributors.  Yes, even for artwork.

Check your artwork for rating. Before you submit to, we require that you read the descriptions of ratings as listed.

Everyone: roughly equivalent to a G/US or U/UK rating

Young Teen: roughly equivalent to a PG/US or PG/UK rating

Teen: roughly equivalent to a PG13/US or 12-12A/UK rating

Any art whose author-applied rating is incorrect will be rated appropriately by the admins. Artists will receive an email in such cases. If you have questions about archiving MATURE or ADULT ONLY works, please feel free to email us at

Now for the important technical stuff


All images should be saved in jpg or gif format.  Resolution should be 72dpi (web resolution) and please compress (jpg) or reduce the number of colors in the palette (gif) as much as is reasonable without significant loss of image quality.  Resize the image so that it is no taller than 400 pixels and no wider than 600 pixels (be sure that you have "maintain aspect ratio" selected when you resize!!!).  Crop your image so that it is not wasting visual space.  File size should be no larger than 100kb!  If you are unfamiliar how to accomplish these tasks, contact us at the address above and we will assist you.


Also, artwork must be created by the person submitting it.  Do not send in stills from the HP movies, scans of magazine articles with the stars, or images from other sources (such as Anime or comic books) that you have not made a significant alteration to (examples of acceptable works are collages, combining images, sampling from original sources).  If using material from an existing source, it should be very clear, when comparing the two, what kind of alterations you have made - taking a movie still and adding a frame is not making your own artwork, even if some of the rest of us would like it for desktop wallpaper!  Feel free to share information about such creations in locations we provide, such as the Perch or our Yahoo!Group. If you have borrowed heavily from another source (such as a re-coloring, collage, digital manipulation, etc), please include information about the source that inspired your work, complete with links to the original if possible. 

Submissions that are clearly not the work of the contributor will not be posted on

Submit your Artwork!
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