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Iím a 30-ish guy with too many odd ideas bouncing around in my head. Iím fairly sure that thereís supposed to be something else in there, but at least this way thereís plenty of bouncing room.

Harry Potter and the Meaning of One is my vehicle for exploring some of those ideas. It combines some thoughts Iíve always had about HP canon, some ideas Iíve always wanted to play with, and some questions Iíve always had. I have lots of fun writing it, regardless of what itís covering at any given point.

The Prologue of Part One establishes some very broad, abstract ideas that form the basis of the Meaning of One AU. If you donít like the prologue, or the first couple of paragraphs turn you off, just skip it. You can hop right into the narrative in Chapter 2 without losing much. Then, later, you can read the prologue if you care to.

I also occasionally write shorter stories, or even one-shots, for various reasons. They're a welcome change in many ways.

Massive thanks go to Moshpit, Jonathan Avery, regdc, Chreechree, and Sherry. In various ways, they help me take whatís in my head and make it sensible to the rest of the world.

I welcome questions, comments, and snide remarks via email or reviews. You can discuss my stories and a few others here.

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Latest Art
Tuesday 20th January 2009
Artist: tripperfunster
Image: Lost Prophecy
Artist: tripperfunster
Image: Kitchen Argument
Artist: Hito
Image: Harry and Ginny
Saturday 10th January 2009
Artist: AgiVega
Image: Potter Cast Conquer Olympus I
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: HP Art Project-Ch.23, OotP
Artist: mary-dreams
Image: Remus and Tonks - More Than Meets the Eyes
Wednesday 15th October 2008
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Wiinter Ginny and Hermione
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Bellatrix Lestrange
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: The Silver Doe
Saturday 11th October 2008
Artist: Sanna
Image: Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: HP Art Project
Wednesday 6th August 2008
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: Holyhead Ginny
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Ginny Sneaks Into the Broomshed
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Trio-Hats
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Notorious Mass Murderer
Friday 13th June 2008
Artist: AgiVega
Image: Lily For Ever
Artist: roby_boh
Image: 1st Year Luna and Ginny
Friday 6th June 2008
Artist: Rae F
Image: A Family Christmas

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