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Stories by Hank

Rating: Teens
Setting: AU
Status: WIP
Reviews: 212
Words: 126,113
Sixth year fic. Harry has a dark summer ahead of him and things actually get worse once he arrives at Hogwarts. There is a new prophecy from Trelawney, the International Quidditch Association reinstates his lifetime ban, Voldemort manages to possess him once again, and Harry learns something about his heritage that he did not want to know. Dumbledore's statement that life is about the choices we make will come to haunt him much more so than any of Trelawney's prophecies.

Rating: Everyone
Setting: AU
Status: Completed
Reviews: 23
Words: 10,826
Valentine's Day usually means hearts, kisses and true love. But for some, including Harry and Ginny, Valentine's Day will bring their lives painfully together, despite what Lord Voldemort wants. Sometimes love means fighting for what you truly want.