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Author: Zahri Seb Melitor

Timeslip (Teens) WIP
Word count:12,220
Itís well known that trains donít run on ordinary time: any commuter can tell you that. Mixing magic with this temporal instability, however, can lead to disaster. For Harry and his friends the year is now 1976, Voldemort is gaining power and thereís a society struggling to define its future. A society that has a place for the Hextet; a place society wants them to fill, even if they arenít ready for it.

The story of a journey back home: a journey of learning, struggle and loss, as the six return to their own time period the only way possible Ė one day at a time.
Last updated: Friday 17th December 2004

A Fabric of Marvels (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:4,869
A woman can be many things in a person's life, including a mother. As the shadow of war darkens the lives of these six adolescents, a woman stands out for each, one who has had a profound affect on their life.
Last updated: Tuesday 18th May 2004

Footsteps Leading Away (Everyone) Completed
Word count:1,578
It's Valentine's Day, but Ron doesn't seem to have noticed. Of course, he's pretty oblivious to everything other than Quidditch. Plus, he's been disappearing again. It's no wonder that Hermione's reaching the end of her tether....
Last updated: Monday 24th May 2004

Footsteps Towards Me (Everyone) Completed
Word count:6,917
On Valentine's Day, Ginny looks back to the holidays: a time of Christmas spirit and improvements in her life. A story of fireworks, hot chocolate, blockheaded boys and the girls who love them. A companion piece to "Footsteps Leading Away".
Last updated: Tuesday 18th May 2004

Reflected Dust (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:1,987
When Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny want some privacy and tranquility after exams, they get a little more than they expected. Featuring history books, Galleons, sibling arguments, musty classrooms and a touch of happiness.
Last updated: Tuesday 18th May 2004

Author: Zelthian

Match Maker (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:28,830
When a Ministry official decides to invoke an old tradition, Ron finds himself the target of a match maker. Can Harry help steer Ron in the right direction? Can Hermione put aside her doubts? Will Ginny take advantage of the situation?

Last updated: Monday 27th February 2006

First Date (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:1,527
Harry and Ginny have just kissed for the first time, and now they need to... talk.
Last updated: Monday 15th August 2005

Caught in the Act (Everyone) Completed
Word count:1,480
Fred and George walk in on Harry... sleeping in Ginny's bed! Originally written for the Summer 2005 Challenge on SIYE.
Last updated: Tuesday 11th October 2005

Understanding Love (Teens) Completed
Word count:10,999
As Harry helps the Weasleys prepare for Bill and Fleur's wedding, he finally understands what Dumbledore has been telling him for years.
Last updated: Sunday 14th August 2005

Chocolate Chat (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,998
When Harry is left alone with Ginny for the day, he decides to tell her something over a shared chocolate frog.
Last updated: Thursday 30th June 2005

Lady's Choice (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:13,374
Harry's having a good year until a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance is announced. Suddenly things get complicated, and Harry finds himself under pressure he doesn't want. Will Ron and Hermione's pairing help, or will someone find a way into Harry's heart on her own?
Last updated: Sunday 12th June 2005

The Games Wizards Play (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:9,377
It's all fun and games when Ron, Ginny and Harry visit Hermione to attend a traveling muggle carnival and circus and the end up leaving with more than they expected. Written for the Summer-Fun Challenge (2004) at SIYE.
Last updated: Wednesday 19th January 2005

The Lover's Bond (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:29,415
Sequel to "The Gryffindor Four". Harry learns the path to his destiny, and one of his worst fears comes true. Will he be able to face his fear at the same time he faces Voldemort?
Last updated: Thursday 26th May 2005

Convergence (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:4,141
An American wizard runs into a mysterious (and famous) visitor at the end of a day filled with odd events. Little did he know he was in for the experience of a lifetime.
Last updated: Saturday 27th November 2004

Consequences (Teens) Completed
Word count:3,786
Hermione and Malfoy have one final confrontation, which leads to an unexpected event. Can Hermione learn to deal with a power she never knew she had? Can Ron?
Last updated: Wednesday 24th November 2004

The Gryffindor Four (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:31,336
The Gryffindor Four get honest about their feelings for each other. Excitement, fun, and laughs mixed in with a little bit of angst, and a surprising new development as the whole story finishes. Summer before Harry's 7th year.
Last updated: Monday 22nd November 2004

Dreaming With You (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:8,277
Harry returns to Hogwarts in his sixth year and starts having dreams about Ginny. He resigns himself to the fact that he has a crush on her until his dreams seem to start affecting the world around him. Is he going mad, or are his dreams bleeding out into reality? Short and fluffy!
Last updated: Tuesday 18th May 2004

Heat Wave (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:4,887
Harry's friends bring him to the Burrow to cheer him up. Harry seems determined to brood, but someone's had enough.
Last updated: Thursday 1st July 2004

The Courage To Love (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:2,411
When a Valentine's Day Ball is announced at Hogwarts, Harry falls into a bit of a depression, and Ginny gets a bit standoffish. Will Ginny get past her fears of rejection? Will Harry be able to open his heart, even though it might put others in danger? Written for the Valentine's Fiction Contest 2004 at
Last updated: Tuesday 18th May 2004

Author: Zia Montrose

Precipice (Everyone) Completed
Word count:25,223
James Potter well remembers the telling off he received from Lily Evans during OWLs. A year later, a different incident casts him and his friends in a nobler light.
Last updated: Monday 10th January 2011

Author: zoltan42

Dinner with the Weasleys (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:4,994
Arthur Weasley has come to Privet Drive to take Harry to the Burrow for the wedding, but first he wants to have a little chat with Harry!
Last updated: Wednesday 14th September 2005

Going Home (Young Teens) Completed
Word count:3,541
Harry is leaving Privet Drive for the last time, but when Ron, Hermione and Ginny come to accompany him to the Burrow, Aunt Petunia has an interesting reaction.
Last updated: Friday 28th October 2005

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