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Competition Entrants

Competition Name: Summer 2005: Short 'n Sweet
Competition End Date: Tuesday 5th July 2005

Author: Aaran St Vines
Story: Dudders and the Twins
Rating: Everyone
Some-improbable-how Harry and Dudley become friends over practical jokes. It takes little time before the Weasley Twins enter the fun. While his parents are on a long weekend holiday, Dudley joins Harry in a leisurely visit to Diagon Alley. Where IS a good can of Death Eater repellant when you need it?

Author: Arnel
Story: Harry’s Birthday Outing
Rating: Everyone
Harry finally has fun on his eighteenth birthday when he persuades his friends to accompany him to Regent’s Park in London.

Author: Cera
Story: The Tale of a Kiss
Rating: Young Teens
The story of how one girl got her third kiss.

Author: Delylah
Story: Tongue-Tied
Rating: Everyone
Harry and Ginny have something to say to each other, but somehow the right words won't come out. In fact, no words will come out. So now what? Takes place the summer before Harry's seventh year, Ginny's sixth.

Author: Expecto Patronum
Story: A Welcome Reprieve
Rating: Everyone
Harry is lost within his thoughts while attempting to deal with the sweltering heat. Ginny intervenes and gives Harry a welcome reprieve.

Author: huskers
Story: The Magic of Muggle Sweets
Rating: Young Teens
Harry has discovered the beauty of his best mate's younger sister. Can he capture her heart with the help of some muggle sweets? Or will Hermione need to provide a little push to a certain red head?

Author: juliet
Story: A Moment in Time
Rating: Everyone
It was summer which could only mean one thing. The days were long, with little reprieve from the heat.

Author: Ladybug
Story: Thrice
Rating: Everyone
Three Order members discuss some new intelligence about Voldemort.
[Written for the PS Short'n'Sweet 2005 Challenge]

Author: Majick
Story: An Absence Of Vegetables
Rating: Teens
Harry gets a chance to enjoy a summer day and Ron decides to join him. Armed with a bag of Jelly Slugs, our heroes venture into dangerous territory: girls.

Author: Nundu
Story: Black Magic
Rating: Young Teens
A box of chocolates on a table attracts attention.

Author: Pirate Ginny
Story: Mixing Temperatures
Rating: Young Teens
When Fred and George convince Ginny to perform an ugly chore for them, chaos ensues.

Author: Rose_MacShane
Story: Worth The Risk
Rating: Everyone
Harry will never look at Mrs. Weasley's apple pie in quite the same way again.

Author: Rosina Ferguson
Story: Sweet Dreams
Rating: Young Teens
After the defeat of Voldemort, a time of sharing and new beginnings.

Author: Sarcasmo
Story: Caught in the Act
Rating: Everyone
Ever wonder what it would be like to see your sibling kissing? How about your best friend? Ever throw up afterwards? Based on Greendesire's picture of the same title.

Author: Sib
Story: Rapunzel
Rating: Everyone
When Ginny gets the lead in a summer play of Rapunzel, Harry gets roped into the role of the prince. But when rehearsal begins, Harry discovers a bit more than he bargained for.

Author: snowball
Story: Little One
Rating: Teens
Harry has been missing for seven months during an Auror mission. Ginny was about to tell him of her pregnancy on the day he went missing. Now, in the delivery room, Ginny hopes for a miracle.

Author: tonks442
Story: The Swing
Rating: Everyone
A neglected swing in the yard of the Burrow is more than it seems in this fluffy R/Hr one-shot. Written for the Short 'n Sweet Competition.

Author: Trista Jade
Story: Chocolate Weakness
Rating: Everyone
When Harry's depression threatens to bring down everybody at the Burrow with him, Ginny takes things into her own hands--and takes a page from Professor Lupin's book.

Author: Zelthian
Story: Chocolate Chat
Rating: Young Teens
When Harry is left alone with Ginny for the day, he decides to tell her something over a shared chocolate frog.

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