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Competition Entrants

Competition Name: The Anniversary Challenge, 2006
Competition End Date: Friday 13th October 2006

Author: Bart
Story: Trouble in Store
Rating: Teens
What lies behind the door? Why is it important to them? Will it be the perfect way to celebrate their anniversary?

Author: dancinginmagic
Story: Even Now
Rating: Everyone
All these years and there's still room for improvement. How could he forget?

Author: harry_ginnyphile
Story: Broken Teapots
Rating: Young Teens
Anniversaries don’t always have to be of the big things like weddings and deaths; they can be of the little things, too, as Remus will discover during his early morning talk with Tonks. Only Tonks has a little bit more up her sleeve besides the little things...

Author: hwimsey
Story: An Anniversary to Remember
Rating: Teens
Ginny Weasley hates anniversaries. She'd much rather sleep. An exhausted fourth year student in Healer school she trudges over to the Burrow to celebrate her parents' thirty-fifth anniversary. While stuck sifting turkey curry, deflating her nephews and listening to strange aunts quote Shakespeare, she runs into Harry Potter who convinces her that certain anniversaries are well worth remembering.

Author: Ishi
Story: Rubies
Rating: Young Teens
He knew very little about jewellery, but he did know that rubies were the 15th anniversary present.

Author: jadzialove
Story: The Way The Wind Blows
Rating: Teens
An anniversary has Harry reflecting on his life and the unexpected sacrifice that changed it.

Author: Jai-kun
Story: Hope For Him Yet
Rating: Everyone
#4 Privet Drive has gone through a drastic change. A Dursley Home like you've never seen before!

Author: Lady Chi
Story: Spilled Ink: A 2006 Anniversary Challenge
Rating: Teens
On a large anniversary, a lot is at stake for both Harry Potter and a young reporter named Ashling Aquafine.

Author: Ladybug
Story: In the Name of the Father
Rating: Young Teens
Which is the greatest honour? To bestow a name upon another, to be named for another, or for another to be named for you? [Written for the PS Anniversary Challenge 2006]

Author: Ladybug
Story: Swamp Day
Rating: Everyone
Some days deserve to be remembered. [Written for the PS Anniversary Challenge 2006]

Author: Majick
Story: Plenty of George
Rating: Everyone
For some people, the Weasley twins can be quite overwhelming, but there are those who say that getting one on his own is very rewarding indeed. When George Weasley goes to the Yule Ball, he sets in motion a chain of events every bit as unpredictable as him and Fred at their chaotic best.

Author: Mira Miracle
Story: The Anniversary Conspiracy
Rating: Everyone
It's a very special day for Hermione and Ron, and of course Ron won’t forget it again. But with the twins barging in, you can never be certain about what’s going to happen.

Author: Mira Miracle
Story: Twenty White Roses
Rating: Everyone
A young man commemorates a special anniversary. He brings along roses: Twenty for twenty years of mourning and sadness; white ones for the innocent lives which have been damaged. Twenty white roses for twenty years of memories.

Author: parakletos
Story: A Greater Love
Rating: Teens
The whole of the wizarding community is celebrating the fifth anniversary of the end of the war against Voldemort. Everyone except Ginny Weasley, for whom the day holds too many painful memories. But as the day progresses, it becomes a reminder of the nature of true love. The love of her friends, her love for Harry and the love that ensured that they would never be parted.

Author: St Margarets
Story: Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes Third Anniversary Sale
Rating: Young Teens
Lee Jordan celebrates Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes third anniversay with a special announcement.

Author: Starbuck_23
Story: The Shuttered Night
Rating: Teens
Someone familiar reflects on the meaning of anniversaries, and remembers the importance of one date in particular to those he loves.

Author: Wings
Story: As Long As It Takes
Rating: Everyone
A blustery Halloween afternoon and a pair of redheads remind Harry of why he is fighting and of what really matters about life.

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Perfect Imagination: A Harry Potter Beta Reader directory.
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Image: A Family Christmas

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