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Reviews For Correspondence by Lady Chi

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Friday 1st January 2010 08:02

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 524

2: Winter
I probably read this too fast but I thought Harry was playing for the Cannons, then he dissapears and is next hunting death eaters. In the last letter he is "back on active service". What did I miss?
Sunday 28th September 2008 15:21

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

2: Winter
interesting... i thought that harry was gonna propose to ginny...
Monday 7th April 2008 17:46

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 31

2: Winter
So at first I was. like, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! but then-

Sources tell The Quibbler that Harry Potter was spotted on a street in the American city of Chicago last Tuesday, dressed as a woman and singing "Respect" at the top of his voice…

LOL!! literally
and 1 more thing before i read the last section of this -

Dear Harry,

I find myself missing you at odd moments. It's one of those odd moments right now, and though I know that you don't have the luxury of writing to me while you're on this Holy Quest of yours, I thought you might enjoy hearing from me, if I ever get the courage to send this letter.

Do you know when I first knew I loved you? Beyond, of course, the crush that I thought I had to live with. It was the beginning of sixth year, when you caught the Snitch before Charlie did. Coming out of that rosebush, there was this look of pure ecstasy on your face, and I thought to myself, "I want to be the one to put that look there." Little did I know that you would love me, as well. Oh, my heart nearly bursts at that memory.

How about our first kiss? You asked me if I ever thought of you kissing me… and I did! I still do. By my count it's been one month, twenty- three days and six hours since you've touched your lips to mine. That's a long while for a girl to go.

Christmas seems so much longer away than it ever has, even when I was a small child. This sounds so corny, but the only way I'll be happy this holiday is if you're there.

Love from your,



+ 4 ever!!!!

Although the press has been calling Ms. Ginny Weasley Harry Potter's fiancée for some time now, Mr. Potter recently made a statement to The Quibbler that tells a different story. "We're not engaged," he told reporters. When asked who he was really going to marry, he sighed and said, "Pansy Parkinson"

Monday 27th November 2006 06:49

6th year
Num. of Reviews: 251

2: Winter
I love the Quibbler excerpts, especially this one:
Sources tell The Quibbler that Harry Potter was spotted on a street in the American city of Chicago last Tuesday, dressed as a woman and singing "Respect" at the top of his voice…
Wednesday 31st May 2006 17:03

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 525

2: Winter
This chapter was very different...thrilling, but with the AMAZING humor thrown in. The random Quibbler articles were AWESOME...(though my absolute favorite part was when the Daily Prophet and the Quibbler reported the same thing...)
Tuesday 1st November 2005 03:18

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 179

2: Winter

Not your best, but good.

Cherry xxx

Showing 1 to 6 of 6
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