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Reviews For Cry Havoc by Faelaern

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Saturday 29th July 2006 15:52

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1230

2: Tension
Wow. Nice punch Ginny. But did she have to be so brutal? And I liked a lot of those gifts. Nice.
Thursday 15th July 2004 20:08

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 27

2: Tension
Oh, goodness. Very good. Hmm..such a cliffie ending. I love the interaction between Harry and Ginny here- I love the way you've written her. Way to go, knocking Harry on his + +blocked+ + . That's my girl. I could say more, but chapter 3 is
Wednesday 7th July 2004 04:17

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 25

2: Tension
Joe, lovely chapter (as usual). I love how you mix tension with humor, very much in the style of Rowling, so that nothing is ever overwhelming when reading. It's very nicely done! Lot's of invisible devices in this chapter - I'm oddly looking forward to Harry having to use them all. This line was great:
"A killer? Perhaps. As in 'one who has killed'. Or 'one who kills when necessary'. Not a murderer."

I hope someone tells canon Harry that, as well (and heck, I hope it's Ginny who does so).

Great job!
Tuesday 29th June 2004 16:25

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 24

2: Tension
Late, as usual, in replying, but I'm here nonetheless.

Harry was awakened by the feeling of someone crawling into bed with him.
Well that's certainly quite the way to be woken up...and quite a good way, I might add. It's quite attention grabbing, so it works well as the start to the story.

Actaully, it's a nice beginning passage all around, with some nice Harry/Ginny interaction, which is always welcome. And Karl's gift? Trust you to bring in throwing stars. Ah well, it's a part of who Karl is, no? So it works.

Harry's tirade/Ginny's reaction to it: Honestly, my first reaction when reading this that Ginny was overreacting. But after a second read through of the chapter, I'm finding I appreciate it more. Harry tends to take things and blow them out of proportion. He most certainly has some anger/control issues, and even if they're aren't completely his fault, he has to deal with them in some way. He has yet to realize just how to do this, and thus the anger gets out. An it sucks for the people around him, so I can see Ginny nipping it in the bud, so to speak, taking care of it before it gets too out of hand and letting him know that she won't have any of it from him. So now I like it.

I really liked how you had Ginny show Harry the difference between killing and being a murderer. I agree, there is a difference, and Harry needs to hear that now.

Harry let off a string of curses more colourful then anything he'd heard Ginny use to date, earning him a disapproving "Harry!" from Hermione.
Hee. This made me giggle.

The conversation with Mr. Wealsey was interesting and informing. I like how you write his character, and it was a good way to work in the Prewetts. Poor Mrs. Weasley, though. I feel bad for her.

Harry reckoned Kingsley must have worked out some kind of deal where Ron and Ginny got the Wand Concealer for less then its actual price, unbeknownst to them. Taking Kingsley's hint, Harry closed his mouth and pulled Ginny and Ron into a quick hug. "It's brill! Thanks, both of you!"
Kingley is my new hero.

"You don't have to worry about losing your buttocks now," said Tonks with a wink.
And Tonks just rocks.

Harry tore the paper off and opened the small box to find a golden ring with an intricately carved phoenix head on the front.
Interesting. ANd Molly's reaction even more so. Order? Are we going to find out more about how it all works? You've got me intrigued here.

"Well, it just so happens that I need a Junior Minister. Since you're free, I was wondering if you'd be up to the task, in the event that I win?"
Ok, well, maybe now Emmeline is my new hero. Arthur as a Junior Minister? That's great. He deserves it!

And what a way to leave us. But, hey, at least you know you've peaked my interest for the next chapter. Though you would have had it anyway. Lovely, as always, Joe.
Tuesday 29th June 2004 04:35

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 466

2: Tension
Great chapter Joe! Although I missed the Hermione/Harry talk after the argument about Kreacher. Did this happen the day after that?

Evil cliffy of an ending! Oh oh. I liked how you worked in about Mrs. Weasleys maiden name. I'm glad some of the Weasleys know the Prophecy as well, some support for Harry. Did Ron and Hermione hear that whole thing?

Looking forward to Chapter 3!
Monday 28th June 2004 04:59

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 11

2: Tension
Oh Joe, the cliffhangers again! You'd think I'd be used to this by now, eh? As always, great writing! I get the feeling that your next chapter will be very informative, to say the least Arthur as Junior Minister! A nice birthday for our hero! That Wand Concealer will come in handy. You left me with many questions, I hope you know! I'm sure you'll answer them all in due time.

Sunday 27th June 2004 16:24

2: Tension
Is this story a continuation of another?
Sunday 27th June 2004 16:24
2: Tension (Author Response)
Yes, this is the sequal to my story 'In Memoriam'. It may be found here on PhoenixSong, at Checkmated, and at SIYE.
Saturday 26th June 2004 21:33

7th year
Num. of Reviews: 337

2: Tension
Interesting chapter. Let's see where things are going.

On the writing front, looked like you had a couple of paragraphs of quick dialogues without much description. Just thought I'd let you know that
Ima Quidditch Fan
Saturday 26th June 2004 19:16

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 195

2: Tension
I love your stories! This is thrilling. (Will there be more Harry and Ginny wrestling?)
Lady Chi
Saturday 26th June 2004 16:26

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 64

2: Tension
Of course you would have throwing stars in your stories, Joe. You just can't get around having martial arts related material in your HP series. But that's okay, it makes the world more unique and real.

I'm enjoying "Cry Havoc", it's probably one of the best you've written so far, honestly. It's less concerned with flowy language and brilliant description and more concerned with telling a storyline. Things do get better with age.

Keep it up, because I'm on the look-out for updates.

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