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Disassembly of Reason
Friday 9th December 2005 01:18

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 17


Challenge: Can the notoriously wordy Disassembly of Reason review a 10 paragraph story in fewer paragraphs than the story itself? (Very likely not, but let's give it a shot.) The entire story is from Hermione's POV, third person, though she is not identified by name until the 8th paragraph of 10.

The story starts with Hermione's own feelings toward reading, something so intrinsic to her and learned so young that she can't remember not being able to do it. Reading is a very intense experience for her, emphasized by the initial analogy with using a Pensieve - something Hermione knew how to use instinctively, because for her it was the same experience as losing herself in a book. Very nice conceit, that.

The analogy being set up is with her first kiss with Ron (who, like Hermione, is not identified by name until paragraph 8), and how to her it was like reading his skin. There's also a corresponding analogy set up for Ron, about how he might perceive her as a chessboard; very nice parallel, there, for *his* grand obsession.

[I]She watches the other girls flirt and touch, and wonders where she was when they learned. Fortunately, there are books on the topic. Both of them watch her now, only forgetting she's a girl and from a distant disturbing land when saving someone or thwarting something.[/I]

Yes, having books on the topic, provided it's something one can learn by heart out of a book, would be enough for Hermione. (And if it couldn't be learned that way, she'd still try.) The paragraph started in the context of "the other girls" - Lavender and Parvati, I presume - but "both of them" toward the end appears to refer to both Harry and Ron. There are no other suggestions in the story that Harry might have feelings for Hermione, though.

Monday 15th August 2005 09:19


This one was so sweet! All of your stories are amazing and so touching and they reach your soul. These stories are well-written and I love them all!


Monday 28th February 2005 13:57

That one gave me chills.  It's such a very accurate description of us bookish types...  I love your work.
Monday 28th February 2005 08:00

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 673

Wow...this is really something.  I love your description of how immersed in a book Hermione becomes.  You've done a wonderful job describing her and Ron's relationship and your likening them to books and chessboards at the end is very clever indeed.  I enjoyed reading this.
Wednesday 15th December 2004 19:35

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 136

"Poetic" is the word, yes, thanks Mara.  I must admit I've always had an affinity for Hermione, given our shared ignorance of the real world and dependence on books to rectify the deficiency.  Only I'm not a genius like her :-)

"Wonders where she was when they learned".  That sort of cuts to the core of Hermione's disassociation with the world, doesn't it?  Except this isn't really the *real* Hermione, from canon, is it - the Hermione from OotP knows all about girls and the teenage courting ritual - she could write a book on the subject! - and doesn't really exhibit the vulnerability that this Hermione displays.  I don't think your Hermione is the HP one, but I like this version anyway.  Thanks for the poem/story.
Tuesday 15th June 2004 07:20

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 4

One of the best R/Hr I've read yet. Great job portraying their feelings toward each other using books and chess. Poetic and beautiful. ^_^
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