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Reviews For I Call Him... by Kalarien

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Sunday 14th October 2007 11:05

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

I Call Him...
WOW!!! I love this!!! You really captured Voldemort's attitude!!! good job!
Tuesday 27th June 2006 10:13

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1230

I Call Him...
Wow. That is very inspiring. Are you sure that that is you talking and not Ginny. Becaue that sounds like a very strong opinion. But all the same, very good.
Tuesday 27th June 2006 10:29
I Call Him... (Author Response)
Aha, but it is Ginny's opinion. I think I was angry when I wrote it, so it might come off as very personal, but it's still Ginny's voice saying the words.
Wednesday 5th January 2005 07:47

6th year
Num. of Reviews: 277

I Call Him...
Ahh.  I loved her point of view on this.

Wednesday 28th July 2004 10:19

I Call Him...
Very, good what an interesting point of view.

Great Job!
Wednesday 28th July 2004 00:17

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 26

I Call Him...

I had a huge debate with myself about whether to say this or not, but here goes: This seems like just the sort of thing I'd write...

Not that I'm accusing you of copying me or anything, of course, but you've really captured the way I see Ginny's character. She's strong, she's resilient, she's come to terms - as much as anyone can - with having had Voldemort in her head for a year...

I love this story. It's short, but that means there's not a wasted word. You cover the reactions of the Weasleys in a very in-character manner, you deal with the myriad ways Ginny copes with Tom's legacy, you ackowledge that it would have a lasting effect on someone...

I'm struggling to put the right words to this. The story feels like both a scream and a sigh, as Ginny quietly and loudly deals with that which makes her different. She can't be that which she should have been, not after what Tom did to her, but she tries, and in so doing she's managed a victory over him. She sees the weak boy he once was, not the fearsome god-like wizard, but a small, scrawny boy who lashes out as much in fear as in hatred. For her, Tom no longer has the power he has over other wizards. There's the feeling that Ginny will be instrumental in Tom's downfall, perhaps.

I guess, in the end, what's most amazing is that in only a few paragraphs you've told an entire story, past, present and future. A few second sof Ginny's life reveal what has gone before, what now is, and what may well come to pass.

As I said before: Wow.
DC SugarQuill
Monday 26th July 2004 17:32

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 3

I Call Him...
Wow, that was brilliantly written. You captured Ginny perfectly, with all her anger, compassion, and everything in between.
Monday 26th July 2004 06:39

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 10

I Call Him...
I really like this! Just some solitary thoughts of Ginny's, and I think they are really appropriate. Last line was perfect.
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