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Reviews For Sacred to the Memory by Antonia East

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Aqua Fountain*
Tuesday 20th February 2007 00:56

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 132

1: Remus
It's such a sad chapter.

It's so sad to see Remus thinking Sirius betrayed Lily and James, not that rat Wormtail .

So sad to think that Remus thought that Peter had been brave and loyal and junk like that. And that he thought Sirius was a coward and traitor and unworthy tings like that. When it was completely the oposite.

Poor Remus, having to live with the thought that one of his best friends had killed his own best friend to whom he had sworn loyalty by betraying that best friend and that another best friend had tried to stand up to the best friend who had supposedly killed the other best friend and that best friend who had been stand uped to had killed the best friend who had been standing up to him.

It wouldnt have been so bad if it hadnt been a best friend killing best friend thing. And poor Sirius. It all revolves around him having killed his other best friends, which is not true. It makes it all the more sadder.

You've portrayed all that well.
Antonia East
Tuesday 20th February 2007 01:48
1: Remus (Author Response)
Thank you. It's always struck me that pretty much all of their lives were destroyed that night. Sirius gets shipped off to Azkaban, Peter spends the next twelve years as a rat, and Remus is alone thinking that Sirius has murdered three of his best friends. That's got to be destroying.

And it was rather frustrating to write Remus's feelings for Peter like that, but it is (I hope) what he would have felt at the time.
Saturday 22nd July 2006 17:39

1: Remus
Ooo... that "howling for his pack" line choked me up. Very well-written.

Sunday 17th April 2005 20:11

1: Remus

hello there I have just read this and it is brilliant. It is 800am I am at work happydays. you must finnish your other one. I.m of to the boiler room now for a little kip


Ima Quidditch Fan
Wednesday 8th September 2004 13:43

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 195

1: Remus
Boo-hoo... this made me cry a river.

Interesting idea.
Pineapple Queen
Wednesday 1st September 2004 14:02

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 43

1: Remus
Wow. I am SO speechless right now. You've just convinced me to abandon all attempts at my own work.

This was positively amazing. Here are a few of my favorite lines:

He trailed off, unnerved by his own uncharacteristic outburst.  An image of Sirius, the liveliest person he'd ever known, shackled, contained, imprisoned, swam before his eyes.  He saw the man he'd believed to be his friend captured inside himself, being driven to insanity, as all inmates of the wizard prison eventually were, and was furious at the rush of sympathy and sadness that the picture produced.  For the millionth time since it had happened, a fundamental part of himself rejected the idea that Sirius could have committed such an atrocity.  He knew Sirius; Moony knew Padfoot. 

This was so sad. I'm very partial to the idea of Remus thinking of Sirius in Azkaban and unwillingly feeling sorry for him.

But how could they be cast onto an inanimate slab of cold marble?  They were not names and dates, but people, his friends, his only family.  Where had their life forces gone?  What had happened to the amused sparkle that shone in Lily's eyes?  Could James's exasperating habit of running his hand through his hair just vanish with him?

I think that that's the most beautiful thing I've ever read in the history of MWPP fanfiction. These are amazing and thought-provoking questions. Especially the last one--it nearly made me cry.

Had Lily realised, as Voldemort pointed his wand at her, that she would die because of Sirius?  Did James have time to work out that Sirius must have betrayed him? 

I've always wondered that, except with Peter instead of Sirius. It's certainly a depressing thought.

All in all, amazing work. Great job!

-Pineapple Queen
Wednesday 1st September 2004 06:06

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 99

1: Remus
This was... fantastic. Extremely intense and heartwrenching for all of the Marauders, except for Peter. I'm looking foward to more and I loved the connection to the "gas explosion".

Wednesday 1st September 2004 02:16

1: Remus
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