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Reviews For Residual Remains by Sassenach

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Monday 3rd October 2005 06:21

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 127

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I like the long chapters. they really allow me to get imersed in your story.
Sunday 15th May 2005 06:40

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 543

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Tuesday 5th April 2005 04:20

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 510

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Ah. That Harry is a kind, caring flatmate and gives his mate some 'time alone' was priceless. Good idea.

Ginny running an apothecary. I'm curious. Why? What was it that made you choose that for her? I hope we see her and Harry more together - and an explanation as to WHAT went wrong.

Lee Jordan's name was spelled wrong. Jordon - Jordan.

Harry seems to be brooding over something. He's distracted, thinking about the future, not seeming to be able to make choices. WHY, BLOODY WHY? You've not explained why!!! He's an Auror, that we know. Did he defeat Voldey? Is Draco around? Why is a Azkaban break messing him up so much?

Hope we see the answers to that lot of questions soon.

Ginny and Colin?
If this is a Gin/Colin fic, you're about to get some Howlers from some Harry/Gin fans on this site. Not that I'm complaining, you, but I like the variety. Some others will pounce on you for it in a heartbeat.

Liked seeing things from Gin's perspective - hope to see more from her.

Tuesday 5th April 2005 08:15
2: Back Home (Author Response)

I had to respond to your review, just because you said sooo much! If you didn't catch the first paragraph or so in the opening part of the story- Harry has defeated Voldermort. I wasn't big on going into it in this story. I let wandering minds glue that answer together for me!

Harry is distracted, mainly, because he wants to be able to live again and he hasn't been able to since Lucius and Bellatrix is on the run and they are out to get him! AHHH Draco will be arriving in the story shortly!

And to assure all those haters of the Ginny/Colin ship- NO, they will not be dating in the fic. I am a pro Harry/Ginny!

Oh, I chose Potions...because I wanted to get back at Snape! I have no idea why actually...She should be into transfiguration, actually. I needed a job for her that would station her in the Hogsmeade area. And since there isn't an apothecary around...I thought, hell, why not?! Anyone have an objection to that???!!!! ; )


Monday 4th April 2005 21:37

5th year
Num. of Reviews: 210

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Good fic!  I definitely like it.  So when will the next chapter be out?  Please update soon!
Tuesday 5th April 2005 08:16
2: Back Home (Author Response)
Soon, I assure you. Chapter Three is in the editing stage as we speak!
Monday 4th April 2005 09:41

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 466

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I gasped when Ginny's party started because I thought it was the same night that Harry had dinner with Neville and no one invited him, lol!  Harry seems very lonely and unfullfilled, which is sad really considering he'd completed the prophecy.  I hope Ginny can change that.

I agree with Hermione - sending Harry of all people to Azkaban was not a good idea.

Monday 4th April 2005 11:21
2: Back Home (Author Response)
Hahah sorry for the confusion! No, the party was a different night. Yeah, Harry is very lonely in this story and struggling to find some kind of solace. The war should be over, at least in his mind, but it isn't yet and he's having a hard time with that. Anyway, just for your info chapter three is in the works! So, stick around!
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