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Monday 31st July 2006 06:39

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 184

23 May, 2000: A troubling transfer
this is very good i like it its fun seeing what ron had said
Monday 14th March 2005 20:06

23 May, 2000: A troubling transfer

I think this is a very interesting way to write your fic.  The entire thing done newpaper style.  It's very creative and very cool.  I haven't seen anything like this before.

The only problem I've had two chapters into the story is the 100,000 galleons that Chudley gave Harry up for.  I think you need to add at least another zero.  This is Harry Potter and the Canons who need all the help they can get are going to give up his rights for under half a million dollars?  It just doesn't make financial sense.  Now at 1,000,000 galleons, the exchange is just under five million dollars and more reasonable for professional sports.  100,000 galleons just isn't enough in my opinion.

Other than that little quibble, the story so far is cool. 

Wednesday 16th March 2005 19:28
23 May, 2000: A troubling transfer (Author Response)
I stand by my monetary terms. Why? Population. As best I can figure it based on the enrollment at Hogwarts, there can't be much more than 25,000 wizards in all of the U.K. (though for the sake of this story, I'm treating it as if it were more -- 50,000-100,000). Still, with that small a market, where is the kind of money you're talking about going to come from? It's not going to be from gate receipts because with that small a fan base the stadiums would have to be small. The other possible source of revenue for teams is advertising, and with that small a target audience, again, the return would necessarily be small as companies have such a limited market to whom to sell. So, financially (but not talent-wise), I see the quidditch league as being about on par with League 2 in English football or low-level minor-league baseball in the U.S.

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