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Reviews For Justice by Wild Magelet

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Antonia East
Saturday 25th February 2006 11:32

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 139

1: Events of the Morning
The couch seems to be under the impression that it's a horse of some sort." He gazed thoughtfully at the odd assembly of furnishings. "The footstool's been trying to burrow under the cabinet for the better part of a week. I'm not sure what's going on there.

My stomach muscles hurt from laughing. That's so funny. My neighbour has a horse called Stanley.

This is a really good opening chapter and a well-done setting up of the plot. I love the comedy in here as well.
Wild Magelet
Sunday 26th February 2006 16:54
1: Events of the Morning (Author Response)
Thanks, Antonia! This is a first attempt at anything longer than a one-shot in the HP fandom and, given my great time management skills, I'm not sure how it's going to go yet!

Stanley is an excellent name for a horse, by the way!
Sunday 15th January 2006 17:00

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 375

1: Events of the Morning

Superb! Such a finely crafted chapter - it's very tight, no wobbly bits! (Oh dear, that sounds rather awful, doesn't it? I mean every word is perfectly placed and that makes getting engrossed in the story very, very easy!) I loved everything - the fluffy beginning, the very realistic breakfast scene with perfect renditions of everyone (esp. loved Hermione! and Tonks! oh, and Remus - well, ok, loved them all!!), the suspenseful mystery...

a dollop of sheer perversion - *shivers* Also, did you mean "the Lestrange's toyboy" or "the Lestranges' toyboy" - the second would be even more perverted, I think...

Certain circumstances had forced an early retirement - LOL! dare I ask?

I have one tiny little quibble: I think Seamus' name is Finnigan, not Finnegan. (I'm a bit canon-retentive, as you can see!)

BTW, I too admire those who can produce the long stuff - it's just not in me, but you have the beginnings of a suspenseful (and I hope fluffy?) story and I'm sure you'll pull it off. Just don't rush yourself, because I really enjoy reading such well-written stuff. Ok, better read the next chapter in case it's rubbish and I have to swallow my words!! (tee hee - I hope you know I'm only joking) :-)

Wild Magelet
Wednesday 18th January 2006 09:12
1: Events of the Morning (Author Response)

Thank you for taking the time to write such lovely long comments; I really appreciate it. And I'm so glad you're enjoying it so far. I'm still having nail-biting moments about this fic (and moments where I could chuck the computer at the wall, which wouldn't please my parents too much as its brand new!). Writing a multichapter fic is definitely new for me in this fandom, and its proving to be a lot harder than I'd expected!

And, ooh. I hadn't considered "the Lestranges' toyboy, but you're right. Much more perverted. Although I'm not sure Bellatrix would be the type to openly share. I'm sure she hoarded every away from Narcissa and Andromeda when they were little!

Urgh, I knew Finnegan was wrong. Lol, I seriously spent a good three minutes typing it one way and the other because I didn't have my book on me and it seemed to be spelt both ways on the net. Thanks for making the quibble! I'll fix it on the hard copy.

And I really hope you don't have to swallow your words, lol. Although I won't be the best judge; more often than not, I think what I write is rubbish.


Saturday 17th December 2005 03:18

1: Events of the Morning
Very interesting... This is the first post-Hogwarts story that I'm reading and I think it's going to be good... When, exactly, is this set, though?
I'm looking forward to more!
Wild Magelet
Saturday 31st December 2005 18:46
1: Events of the Morning (Author Response)
Thank you! :) I appreciate your reading it. It's set a few years after Book 7. Lol, it'd probably help if I worked out exactly when. Right now, I think Harry is 23 and Ginny is 22.
Sunday 11th December 2005 07:50

7th year
Num. of Reviews: 319

1: Events of the Morning

I am in love.  This story is brilliant !  It's reminding me of the stupendous Test of Time by Alchemilla (see it at SQ), which happens to be my favorite piece. ever. and you are well on your way.  At last, a story that establishes relationships, careers, and plot without the rehashing of everything in canon.  Believe me, I know what happened in the books; I'm interested in this new tale you've got unraveling before me!  The dialogue was brilliant and peffectly awkward at times. I loved the unmistakeable Weasley tone in this: "A wholly nasty creature, who should be snogging Dementors. "    Not only that, but you appease the inevitable ship-hunger in the first section (Will four o'clock ever come? )  I cannot wait to see this story unfold!



Wild Magelet
Sunday 11th December 2005 20:14
1: Events of the Morning (Author Response)

Your review massively cheered up my day today, so thank you!  It's an enormous compliment and such a relief that you're enjoying it, because I was just about chewing my nails off posting it! I just hope the rest lives up to your expectations - I don't think I'm going to be any less nervous about the next chapters, hee. I have renewed admiration for all the authors on here who write long fics.

And there'll definitely be H/G moments. I'm a fluff fan all the way.

Saturday 10th December 2005 03:54

1: Events of the Morning
I really am enjoying your story!  It is well written and easy to read.  It also has the correct spacing.  I get so upset with fics that have no space between the paragraphs!  I was wondering though if your story is posted anywhere else?  Keep up the good work!
Wild Magelet
Saturday 10th December 2005 10:35
1: Events of the Morning (Author Response)

Thank you so much! I try to space it out a lot, because I know that I find fics difficult to read sometimes - not because there's anything wrong with the writing itself, just because it alls tends to swim together on a computer screen.

I also post at SIYE, but this is a new story. Chapter Two is with my beta, though. :)

Thursday 8th December 2005 18:42

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 4

1: Events of the Morning

Excellent Chapter.

I have one English quibble though.  You wrote: "as her body struggled to orientate itself ".  The appropriate word is "orient" from which "orientating" and other words were formed.   "Orientate" is an awkward back-formation that has only recently entered the dictionary because so many people are now (mis)using it.  It is a [Mid-19th century. Back-formation < orientation]

Orient entered the language in the 14th century.


Wild Magelet
Thursday 8th December 2005 21:37
1: Events of the Morning (Author Response)

Thank you!

And thank you for the advice on that sentence - I've already changed it to "orient" in my hard copy of the chapter. It does sound better; I thought that line was a bit chunky. And I always appreciate a heads up on these things, so I (hopefully) don't do them again. :)

Thursday 8th December 2005 10:32

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 42

1: Events of the Morning
I'm loving this story.  It's well-written, intriguing, and easy to read.  I love your accurate, quirky characterization -- especially Tonks!  "Stanley" and the exploding toast had me giggling.
Wild Magelet
Thursday 8th December 2005 21:35
1: Events of the Morning (Author Response)

I apologise if you end up getting three different replies to this, but my computer keeps having annoying lazy moments and freezing on me. Thank you; I really, really appreciate your comments. I'm still so nervous about this fic - I'd forgotten how much harder it is to write a long fic than a one-shot! :)

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