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Reviews For Walking in the Rain by Mira Miracle

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Monday 29th October 2007 16:27

Hogwarts alumni
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Walking in the Rain
awww!!! I loved this!!! so sweet!!!

Monday 21st August 2006 09:32

7th year
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Walking in the Rain
Oh, sweet. With very sad, very funny and very tender moments.

I was wondering all the time if I knew that poem, and then when I read your note at the end, it came back to me. Nice choice.

I'm hoping to read more of your work soon... (I just suppose I will, because usually the more time you spend on writing essays for your studies, the more you'll want to escape into the HP world. That's my hope, anyway. So please, dear professors, pour some more work load over this poor student. )
Sunday 23rd July 2006 16:38

4th year
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Walking in the Rain
Well done!

You picked and extremely interesting method of conveying the love story in this effort. I am at a bit of a loss, as I have never had a tumultuous break-up with the love of my life and then reconciled when I felt all hope was lost. However, I never back away from a chance to give credit and praise where it is due.

You brought tightness to the chest, with the feeling of loneliness, loss and moving on. To leave the one you love, who is comatose, because you feel yourself slipping away to nothingness has got to tear at your heart. But there is a reprieve from that fate with a surprise recovery. Then we are propelled into feelings of turmoil.

You picked up on Ronís personality from canon well; still slow in expressing himself to the one he loves. The comical, romantic picnic at the Burrow where we get an indication of how close-to-the-surface Hermioneís feelings are and you reveal a key element to any relationship; forthright honesty. She has invested more of herself into this than others are aware of and donít take seriously. Thankfully, Harry wakes up and saves the moment by taking Ginny and leaving them alone.

The SNAFUíd proposal was another humorous interjection and also provided great background for Ronís continued lack of assertiveness and confidence. He is incredibly romantic and inspirational in this effort though and that should always be measured with other qualities. The joy is short lived with their continued difference in opinion on their future(s). You touched on one of the key issues marriages/relationships face that arenít given enough consideration before taking that big step. Not to mention the meddling family member. Hermioneís explosion is justified, to a point, yet very exaggerated for the moment. For the typically rational-minded maul to the Boy-who-lived, she lost her level-headedness and ripped into the person who just hasnít taken to time to understand what is important in her life.

This again is a great example of expectations on the part of both involved where they donít give enough consideration to the motivation behind each otherís actions. Itís not until later, when we take the time to empathize with the other, where they may have been coming from and we realize how we acted like complete idiots. Not to take away from those relationships where it is completely justified however, I believe that you are telling the traditional stupid couple tale.

The unexpected reunion at a sentimental location, under less-than ideal conditions was a great way of expressing how some things that are meant to be, find a way of working out through unforeseen forces.

~Excellent work!
Thursday 13th July 2006 16:58

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 157

Walking in the Rain
Such a sweet story
it almost made me cry
Wednesday 12th July 2006 11:58

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 44

Walking in the Rain
What a great fic! While I love *all* canon ships, I've never really gravitated towards R/Hr ... H/G is my main love (as if you couldn't tell by the name LOL) ... but this fic really caught my attention from the first time I read it. I like how it jumps back and forth between POVs and the flashbacks ... and the happy ending through all the angst is just perfect! Not too sappy, not too sweet, but absolutely perfect. Great!
Wednesday 12th July 2006 03:49

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 187

Walking in the Rain
What a lovely piece of work. I'm glad Ron was able to get his feelings across at the end. I was a bit worried by the way he first told Hermione that he fancied her, but it worked out in the end. I like those kind of stories. Way to go!
Tuesday 11th July 2006 19:48

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 157

Walking in the Rain
soo sweeet
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