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Reviews For Am I Going Crazy? (Ron's Dream Diary) by Mira Miracle

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Tuesday 30th October 2007 01:55

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

Chapter 2
wow! I loved the bits with umbrige! your very creative!
The song was about hating Harry Potter. Malfoy had a solo

ahaha I loved that part!!!!!
Friday 25th August 2006 23:22

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 19

Chapter 2
Ron dreams that he is a cat. He eats mice, scratches Snape, steals some ingredient and finally ends up flirting in the common room with Hermione’s cat, Crookshanks. Suddenly, Hermione disappears.

I have an interpretation. I have thought about it long and hard, and have finally come up with an explanation of the dream. This is after the mice, stealing the Potion ingredient, and also after Mrs. Norris.

Okay, Ron being a cat has nothing to with this. It's a metaphor. Crookshanks is the third party, which causes him to do things he will regret later.

Ron goes up to Gryffindor Common room, and seeing Hermione, seeks her attention. This is a rather obvious one, isn't it? He likes her, so he wants her attention.

Then Crookshanks comes into the picture. Let's say he's a girl. Ron sees "her" and is attracted to her, be it the hair or whatnot.

He scratches Hermione badly. This is obvious too. He hurts her. Rejects her. Like in first year, calls her names. Here, he does the same thing. Now that a pretty girl with nice hair is in the picture, he rejects her for the girl.

Ron hangs around this "girl" image for a bit, then goes back to seek Hermione after realizing that the "girl" is rather boring. This is referring to dating the girl, and finding out that she's boring so he dumps her.

He goes back to find Hermione because he liked how she "pet" him (treated him) and she isn't there. Obvious, again. She moved on. She realized that her love wasn't really being reciprocated, it was something to keep Ron busy until something better came around. She left also because Ron hurt and rejected her. Ron feels terrible, and regrets what he's done.

He tries to find her, but she's disappeared. This bit means she's exited his life. She will never enter the door to his heart again. She's gone. He doesn't have another chance with her.

The numerology comes out to be the number 8, which means success, fairness, and ambition, so it is easy to conclude that to have success in a relationship with Hermione, you must be fair and determined. She shouldn't be used as a toy, loved a bit until something Ron thinks is better comes around.

Hope this helped those who wanted an interpretation. Funny story, btw! Laugh a minute!
Mira Miracle
Sunday 27th August 2006 09:46
Chapter 2 (Author Response)
Thanks for this great interpretation! Maybe you could substitute Trelawney? Or at least give Harry some extra lessons?
When I read your review, you really made me shiver: Have you looked into my mind? You've found the dream's core very well, it's the bitabout Crookshanks. While I was writing this, I knew what I wanted the reader to understand, but you made it so much more that I'm really amazed. Most of your interpretation is exactly what I wanted my readers to think.
However, at the end I've a slightly different opinion. It's a maze, and Hermione is in the middle. Ron dreams only about finding dead ends, but there must be a way. And perhaps he'll find it. At least I hope so.
Sunday 13th August 2006 14:35

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1230

Chapter 2
That was really good. I really liked the Umbridge dreams. Harry's comments were cool too.
Mira Miracle
Monday 14th August 2006 02:23
Chapter 2 (Author Response)
Thanks for this review!
Sunday 13th August 2006 05:11

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 525

Chapter 2
That last dream was pure genius. Umbridge starting singing lessons and giving Draco an "I hate Harry Potter" solo??? That's amazingly funny! Now I can't wait to see these dreams interpreted....I imagine Harry won't be too happy with Ron for writing Sirius' name down on paper along with 12 Grimmauld Place...(though how can he do that with the Fidelius Charm?) Update soon!
Mira Miracle
Monday 14th August 2006 02:22
Chapter 2 (Author Response)
though how can he do that with the Fidelius Charm?

Thanks for pointing this out! Neither me nor my betas realised... Unfortunately the next chapter is already written, otherwise I would insert a very unlucky Harry - luckily he chooses other dreams for hie interpretation. Thanks a lot for your review!
Sunday 13th August 2006 04:46

7th year
Num. of Reviews: 340

Chapter 2
More, more! This is absolutely wonderful: so hilarious and clever. I love that mad mix of totally randomness (rice pudding?) and foreshadowing.

It's really fun to read, because I'm always guessing and wondering what some details could be about. And Ron's comments are just too funny.

Can't wait for the next chapter.
Mira Miracle
Monday 14th August 2006 02:20
Chapter 2 (Author Response)
It's really fun to read, because I'm always guessing and wondering what some details could be about.

You're doing what I wanted my readers to do. Now I'm really proud of myself Thanks for the nice review! I hope you'll enjoy the next chapter, too!
Saturday 12th August 2006 19:41

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 375

Chapter 2
That's awesome! I LOVE Dobby - Dobby squeaked quite evilly and told her in his high pitched voice: “This is for putting Harry Potter in detention!” Fantastic! I wish I'd thought of that. But it got even better when Ron dreamt: Afterwards, they had a party for Harry. We were invited, too, and got loads of food! It was great!

Ron and his food! Every time he eats, "it was great!" Rice pudding!?! *shakes head* I love Ron's 'voice' as you've written it. This line just cracked me up: Harry went bonkers and hexed Umbridge into oblivion. The teachers returned and gave him an award for special services to the school. Unfortunately they restarted the lessons…

The whole things is very cleverly done and funny and chilling in parts and just ... GOOD. I love Harry's little bits at the start and then at the end when Ron says Harry's dreams are boring and ordinary - it's another shiver moment for me.

Great stuff, keep it up.
Mira Miracle
Monday 14th August 2006 02:19
Chapter 2 (Author Response)
Thanks again! You really made me blush
Saturday 12th August 2006 03:49

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 44

Chapter 2
Another great chapter. I really love how Ron and Harry's thoughts are interspersed throughout the story. It makes for some pretty funny stuff! And all that numerology stuff ... sounds just like the thing Trelawney would cling to, doesn't it? I loved betaing this for you ... think you did an excellent job ... you are more than welcome!
Mira Miracle
Monday 14th August 2006 02:17
Chapter 2 (Author Response)
Thanks again for your great review and for betaing this! The inspiration for the numerology comes from OotP, when Ron has to add the numbers of the subject to the date the dream was dreamt and to Harry's age.
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