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Reviews For Meaning of One, Part One: Stone and Fire by Sovran

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Sunday 25th September 2011 07:44

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 7

2: Silence Shattered
you can bloody well right dude !

Monday 1st March 2010 14:17

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 124

2: Silence Shattered
way cool it is then a soul bond and it look like ginny got more powerful now
Waywren Truesong
Saturday 7th February 2009 04:49

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 47

2: Silence Shattered
...low awareness and low perception... I hadn't realised how sad that could be. Poor Harry! He's nothing but anger and ambition, though not particularly directed at any one. *shivers* What Tom could make of that... hopefully Ginny will be able to do something about that.

'If that were the case, then Ginny’s hair was the color of what fire endlessly strives and fails to become.'
I love your phrasing here. The image is so lovely.

*giggles* She's like a hyper little molecule of something, bouncing off everything at lightspeed and spreading happiness everywhere.

'Are you growing your hair to make yourself happy, or to make someone else happy?' --Wise child. ...still, the overabundance of emotions is in its own way as bad as Harry's lack thereof. I do hope they balance each other as they were meant.

Molly’s nine-year-old daughter turned to her and looked into her eyes with the gravity of a much older person. “It’s not the Boy Who Lived whose story needs to be remembered, Mum. The one that matters is the story of Harry Potter, a boy who lost his parents and his home, a boy who was sent to live with people who can’t possibly understand him, surrounded by people who can’t tell him who he is. There ought to be one person in the world who thinks about that boy.”

...oh my goodness gracious. Yes.

BWAHA, the twitch! The twitch! I love this story!
Tuesday 3rd July 2007 06:21

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 124

2: Silence Shattered
Well, this answered, or at least begins to answer, my question from the prologue. You do a relly good job of telling us how both Harry and Ginny function; how Harry is powerful (his anger) and strong of purpose (he's going to escape the Durleys and do something, even if he isn't sure what yet). And how Ginny is just very aware of herself (presence) and others(perception).

I haven't read a truly AU story before, but I am really looking forward to the rest of this, and am thrilled beyond measure that you intend to write all seven years. I find it as exciting as if JKR announced that she was going to redo all 7 books herself. People would be both thrilled and terrified basically a sense of God I can't wait, and I hope she doesn't ruin it.

You are off to a great start. I especially like how you changed the initial meeting. It would be very easy to see how Harry could have been leary of Molly Weasely. Nearly every adult in his life has wronged him at some point, and always looks for the worst in him, so his hesitancy is well justified when she is reprimanding her own kids for potentially causing trouble.

In my mind, based on Harry and Ginny's first encounter here, I'm already jumping ahead to Ginny's first year, wondering what changes you make and how she gets sucked into the diary. So much speculation is available. Like I said, it's just like waiting for JKR to finish the next book.

Thanks for giving me a great lunch break.
Saturday 7th April 2007 12:41

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 36

2: Silence Shattered
Tuesday 10th April 2007 10:10
2: Silence Shattered (Author Response)
Sunday 18th February 2007 16:35

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1230

2: Silence Shattered
Wow. This story seems magical. I love your descriptions. I lvoe the Ginny you portray.
Monday 19th February 2007 15:09
2: Silence Shattered (Author Response)
Thank you. As you've read, things start to change pretty quickly.
Wednesday 24th January 2007 09:52

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1396

2: Silence Shattered
'His life with the Dursleys had taught him' -- so this depiction of Harry has nothing to do with his characteristics as an aspect of the one (little perception and presence)? I sort of thought those fit his character.
he does recognize 'intellectual connections' (how did he figure out the sorcerer's/philosopher's stone? but then does fit he failure to realize Riddle was tricking him about Sirius) and 'lacked creativity' -- is that due to the low perception in his aspect of the one? or is it a result of his interacting 'as little as possible' with the world?
'he was consumed by a burning desire to someday be more than he was now' -- certainly that must be due to his aspect of the one having 'unprecedented purpose'?
'he stood quietly in a corner . . . He rode to the zoo in silence' -- did Harry do that in canon? or is that an AU difference?
He doesn't feel 'affection, frustration, or joy' though he 'fully and regularly' feels anger and knows 'fervent desire'; Poor Harry seems rather emotionally unstable (or unbalanced might be a better term).
'Ginny’s hair was the color of what fire endlessly strives and fails to become' -- very nice -- quite poetic
'provided he had not vexed her lately' -- a crucial proviso then ; but I do like your Ginny -- I like the scene with Bill; is her 'insight' a hint that Ginny is going to fulfill the lack of perception in Harry's aspect of the one to diminish the attraction to (or from) Voldemort's aspect of the one? -- isn't that famous temper a contradiction to 'spreading happiness wherever she went'?
'she had little power available for use' -- definitely AU then
'The woman’s yelling at two of the red-haired boys reminded him a bit too much of his uncle' -- that's an interesting take on Molly; rings true
How does reality 'twitch'?
This is well written; you do a good job describing your characters, their moods, and the setting
Thursday 25th January 2007 04:04
2: Silence Shattered (Author Response)
Hopefully, you'll find the answers to most of these questions in upcoming chapters. This chapter established the nature of the AU and its differences from canon. There are quite a few differences, some quite subtle.

The answer to several of your questions is simply 'yes'.
Wednesday 17th January 2007 20:18

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 25

2: Silence Shattered
I need to confess something here. When I first read this chapter many months ago and saw that you had them meet the same way that they did in Fate's Debt and knowing, of course, that it was a bond story, I was really worried that it would not be unique enough and be a glorified rehash. You and I didn't know each other well yet, so I didn't know how your mind works. Now, the idea that you would do such a thing is laughable to me. Now I like Fate's Debt quite a bit, but what you've done with MoO is so much more interesting to me. For those of you who are just finding the story and worry that this might be the same old same old, fear not. Stick with it to see where he's going, and you won't be disappointed.
Thursday 18th January 2007 02:16
2: Silence Shattered (Author Response)
Since originally posting it, I've thought a lot about that scene. There would be some value, in a couple of ways, to having an original meeting. The problem with that is that this one makes sense. It's very hard for me to justify their meeting earlier than that moment, based on the various premises of the AU. And, because of those same premises, it made compete sense for them to touch at that point, and the most logical way to do that was to get through the platform. So Intromit gets credit for figuring out the way that works best, and I'm not ashamed to follow the same good logic.

After that, of course, everything changes quite rapidly. Reposting these chapters gives me the feel of a countdown timer on a really nasty bomb. You'd better start working on those ropes tying you to the chair.
Spark Soliton
Tuesday 16th January 2007 19:33

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 98

2: Silence Shattered
Oh my - that was an interesting start. Impressed by the short (couldn't really be shorter without becoming bad in my opinion) introductions of the lives and personalities of the Ginny and Harry. Perhaps missing the third player from the prologue but not really. A bit early to introduce him and and he is supposed to be dead - which doesn't help either...

The writing is very good - you certainly know how to tell a story whilst keeping the audience spell-bound! The way you present the characters are so compelling and more in-depth than one thinks at first glance! So much is told in a very concise way and you really feel that you know the characters intimately just after one chapter.

Thanks for writing and sharing this!
Wednesday 17th January 2007 12:12
2: Silence Shattered (Author Response)
Thank you for all the kind words. The brevity of this chapter sometimes makes me think it's too 'thin', but your review reminds me that it served a purpose. It's important to know the characters intimately at this point to appreciate the rest of the story.
Tuesday 16th January 2007 16:39

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 6

2: Silence Shattered
Is it possible for reality to twitch without causing everything to shift slightly? One moment sitting here, the next on the floor trying to figure out why my chair is suddenly a trash can? Hmmm.

So you have a quiet, angry, unimaginative boy that has sufficient power to crush his opposition. Sounds rather like a riddle, in some respects...

Then you have the perfect marble, meant to be attractive to all, but only really for one. Or is that One?

Are all these ephemeral moments simply reflections of marbles in the sky, swirling in the dance of aspects, or is there a true path that is divergent from One where someone could walk alone? Has someone already been set to be One and walk alone? How lonely the only number can be.

The riddle here is the platform. Why would someone not know to help muggle-born students or muggle-raised students get into dimensional space between integers? It's not like Nine plus One makes Ten here. You can't have One, you're dealing with fractions!

Or is this just part of the sink-or-swim mentality embedded so deeply in the magical world?

Curiouser and Curiouser.
Wednesday 17th January 2007 12:04
2: Silence Shattered (Author Response)
If reality twitched, would you know it at all? Einstein might have.

Riddle me this, Riddle me that . . . who's afraid of a girl with bats?

Otherwise . . . yes. Sortof. But not really.
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