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Reviews For Phoenix by Sovran

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Tuesday 30th January 2007 08:09

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 692

2: Ashes
In that moment, everything changed. He wore borrowed clothes in a borrowed place. They had eaten a borrowed meal, and they danced to borrowed music. Even Ginny’s affection might have been borrowed from the man he had once been. Borrowed time from a borrowed life.

That's the point I really got a little fed up with Harry's nobility complex, but you've managed to wrap it up nicely in the end.
Thursday 1st February 2007 14:19
2: Ashes (Author Response)
Yup, that's about the point where you were supposed to.
Tuesday 30th January 2007 07:25

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 114

2: Ashes
you are an awsome writer!
you made me cry!
Thursday 1st February 2007 14:20
2: Ashes (Author Response)
Gosh, thank you!
Tuesday 30th January 2007 04:30

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 153

2: Ashes
I have a note about your first two chapters. Wow! This is certainly a different universe than MoO!

You have charted out a near worst case scenario for Harry. Voldemort is destroyed, but at a high cost and Harry refuses to admit the non-physical cost to himself. You have a good read on C-Harry in this story. No one, beyond a spiteful Ministry for Magic bureaucracy, is as hard on him as he is. I look forward to seeing how you resolve Harry's horror at living with the consequences of his action.

I have my own thoughts about Scrimgeour, but they are OT for a reivew. I guess I will have to join your discussion group
Tuesday 30th January 2007 07:13
2: Ashes (Author Response)
Yeah. If this sort of thing happened in the MoOniverse, the actions taken would be, shall we say, quite different. And probably messy.

Harry is awfully hard on himself, as he has always been. He needs for that to be fixed somehow.

Everyone's welcome on the discussion group. Scrimgeour is not my favorite person, though of course that's JKR's intention.
Tuesday 30th January 2007 03:26

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1396

2: Ashes
So is this another The-Wizarding-World-Hates-Harry-Potter fic? I know JKR pokes fun at government (perhaps making a statement about British politics?), but I can't help wonder how gullible the Wizarding World is.
Nice job on the twins and their effort to get Harry and Ginny engaged.
Tuesday 30th January 2007 07:08
2: Ashes (Author Response)
Perhaps. Or perhaps Mr. Banks is more representative of the wizarding public than Harry believes. After all, what appears in the newspaper and other 'official' media outlets does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the majority, regardless of its claims. However, for this story, that's beside the point.
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