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Reviews For Draco's Primer by RaeWhit

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Saturday 17th November 2007 09:41

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 2461

Draco's Primer
interesting... its a lil hard to understand what tehy are exactly talking about... like i know that this takes place just after snape kills dumbledore but, yeah, i dont really know how to explain it...
Monday 4th June 2007 01:38

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 668

Draco's Primer
I love your use of descriptive words in this story because they show so succinctly what's going on in Draco's mind. Truth be told, by the time I reached the end I was almost feeling sorry for him, but not quite. He did let the Death Eaters in, after all. Very nice story which definitely deserves !
Wednesday 6th June 2007 19:17
Draco's Primer (Author Response)
Yeah, I know what you mean...if he really did have these sorts of regret, then I could forgive him too. He has to be scared out of his wits, though, even in canon. He has to know that he's mucked up big time. I intended the Primer to be the sound of his inner agitation. Thanks for taking time to read and comment.
Sunday 3rd June 2007 21:54

6th year
Num. of Reviews: 257

Draco's Primer
Awww poor Draco. He may be a foul loathsome evil little cockroach, but I don't want the Dark Lord to kill him either. I liked the descriptive words that followed the alphabet; who were you trying to describe? At first I thought Draco, the maybe Snape, and now possibly Voldemort.
Great story!
Wednesday 6th June 2007 19:14
Draco's Primer (Author Response)
The primer part was Draco's, so those were words that I imagined he might be ascribing to himself, because at this point, I think he was drowning in self-loathing. My own personal theory, though, is that Draco is goiing to be the one sacrificed in DH; redeemed, perhaps, but gone. Thanks for taking the time to comment--it's appreciated.
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