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Reviews For Harry Potter and the Siege of Hogwarts by Ajarntham

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Friday 4th January 2008 06:05

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 179

ii: Fiat Memoriam
Boy I'm lost. But looking forward to the next chapter.
Wednesday 20th June 2007 17:39

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 62

ii: Fiat Memoriam
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Professor Webster
Thursday 7th June 2007 14:11

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 31

ii: Fiat Memoriam
You have a good idea BUT you have made a mistake in one area. You have made a very very large change in the character of a major character, namely one Harry Potter. You have him a weak wimpy lad who is easily manipulated by mere physical threats even with backup right at hand. If they took away his wand all he need do is hout out some window. If they don't just send up a flare. In short your lead character is no longer Harry Potter but some other much less likeable person who is most unlikely to fare well at all against someone like Voldemort. In short your story as it is here is fatally flawed. ( in my opinion of course )
Thursday 7th June 2007 16:24
ii: Fiat Memoriam (Author Response)
I know that authors' statements along the lines of "You SHOULD have read it THIS way!" are pretty much a confession of failure that the author didn't actually write it "that way" (or not well enough, at any rate). But this forum is a kind of writers' school, among other things, so maybe I can get some suggestions on how I could have done it better. I was trying to portray Harry, not as afraid or intimidated, but as feeling defiled by every extra moment he remained in the house; his willingness to throw away every Galleon he had was supposed (there's that word again) to stem partly from that feeling, partly a kind of passive-aggressive revenge on the Order for putting him in that situation (more on that in the next chapter). But of course your reaction is at least as valid as my 'explanation.'
No Idea Why I Smile
Thursday 7th June 2007 09:07

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 72

ii: Fiat Memoriam
I like it so far. It is interesting. I look forward to the next chapters. I am glad that you're finally writing this, as I was waiting. impatiently. i might add, for you to do so since I read the Interview ones

Look forwards to the next chapters, so please, update soon.

Thursday 7th June 2007 16:26
ii: Fiat Memoriam (Author Response)
Thanks for the comment, hope I can keep you interested!
Wednesday 6th June 2007 12:22

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 29

ii: Fiat Memoriam
In the muggle world, usually any agreement made under physical duress or through extortion is not considered binding. Unless there is some equivalent principle in the wizarding world, consider what could be done with an Imperius to force contracts. I can't imagine that the goblins would be too happy about losing the money and they may have something to say to the Dursleys. I suspect that goblins can be very persuasive at making offers that can't be refused.

"Persons" can take it upon themselves to act on their own initiative which wouldn't violate the 3rd clause. I think that certain twins would likely act on their own. Harry can urge, request, or incite Remus, Dobby, Gringotts goblins, and other non-persons to act without violating that clause. For example, getting back money that they feel was unlawfully acquired may not be considered retaliation. The problem with the term 'retaliation' is that it is a subjective judgement as to whether actions are retaliatory.

Why was Harry indulging in a daydream about sabotaging the money? Besides the smell, other things can be done like making the bank notes feel slimy and unpleasant to handle, or causing a rash when handled by people not covered in the 3rd clause such as bank tellers and merchants.

Would an anonymous tip to HM Revenue and Customs (formerly known as Inland Revenue) after the payment of the cash be considered retaliation? It could be argued that preventing the Dursleys from facing charges of tax evasion by properly reporting income is helping them. (Hermione would know about HM Revenue. It would be strange if she never heard her parents complain about taxes.)
Wednesday 6th June 2007 13:56
ii: Fiat Memoriam (Author Response)
I'm beginning to suspect that this chapter wasn't as well constructed as I imagined when writing it. The 'daydream' was meant to reflect what he actually HAD done (placing a dungbomb smell over all the cash); he's just anticipating what will happen when the Dursleys finally realize what has happened. (At the time I didn't want to break from Harry's point of view. which I would have to do in order to show what happened when the Dursleys tried spending the money, so I had Harry thinking about it; but now that I think of it, there are other passages in which I do break from Harry's p.o.v. later, so I certainly could have done better here.)
Wednesday 6th June 2007 06:57

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 140

ii: Fiat Memoriam
Nice little trick with the money ... but wow, what an expensive prank! Maybe Vernon and Dudley should go after Voldemort though .. they always seem to tie up old Harry. Great story, again, glad you've started~
Wednesday 6th June 2007 14:06
ii: Fiat Memoriam (Author Response)
Thanks again! I hope that very expensive prank can be accepted as something Harry might do, though it's certainly an irrational thing to do on many levels.
Showing 1 to 6 of 6
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