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Reviews For For Love of Family by Arnel

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Thursday 21st July 2011 07:47

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 34

13: Meetings
Brilliant. It was great to see all the evidence and everything we've gathered about the case so far, laid our for us to see and go over again. It made it easier and we were, or at least, I was, able to clarify exactly what the aurors and the teams know so far!

I loved the part where Ginny says "No, but I could use a hug"; it was very sweet. It also a nice way to show that despite how strong Ginny is as a wife and a mother, she is still Ron's baby sister and he is still entitled to look after her every now and again! Very much how my big brother was, when I had a bad few months and he insisted I get a train to go and stay with him to escape for a few weeks.
Thursday 21st July 2011 10:05
13: Meetings (Author Response)
It was definitely time to find out what everyone knew and to map out the big picture of what has been discovered and what needs to be done in order to solve the case. I'm glad you approve.

As humans, we all need a little comfort from time to time and what better place to get it/give it than as a sibling? If it happens in real life, it can happen in fanfics, too! I'm glad I wrote something that touched you.

Thanks for writing to me.
Friday 1st July 2011 13:43

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 54

13: Meetings
Wonderful chapter, Arnel! This one was full of interesting information on the case! Given your attention to detail, it would be easy to think you had experience as a law officer! I am impressed how well you covered all the bases as far as what would be involved in a real criminal investigation! I also have to give kudos to Ron for being so sharp in leading the thing! What makes that amazing is that when it comes to dealing with women, especially Hermoine, if Ron were any slower he'd be passed by a turtle walking uphill! And finally you ID'd the head scumbag! I'd dearly love to see our favorite red-headed firebreather get her hands on the evil biatch! That old crone would be digging bat-bogeys out of her arse for a month! See you next Thursday!
Friday 1st July 2011 17:14
13: Meetings (Author Response)
When I was growing up, my family lived next door to the son of my city's chief of police who was also a police officer. Often we would wake up in the morning to find a dreadfully dull, but interestingly colored unmarked police car parked in front of his house after he'd been up all night protecting the city's citizens. Early in his career, our neighbor worked in the fingerprinting department and would go around to various crime scenes and collect evidence. I suppose all my memories of this neighbor come to the surface as I'm writing the Auror sections of the story. Either that, or I've watched a few too many crime dramas on TV!

As for Ron, he feels he owes Harry for some reason, so he's trying his best to lead the investigation in a professional and efficient manner. He also knows that if he does a good job with the investigation, he and his team will be given other high-priority cases to solve... at least he can hope!

I had to smile at your reaction concerning the Matron. I'm glad you're taking Ginny's side in this case. In addition, I think Mr and Mrs Nelson won't be too far behind her for what she did to Brian.

Until next Thursday...
Thursday 30th June 2011 19:28

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1157

13: Meetings
Very well lined out. You have done your usual good job of setting up the information you wanted to get accross. It is very clear that the "Matron" worked very hard at controlling her people and the people they were doing it to. A masterful crime well laid out. It is very unfortunate that Healer Stillwell didn't make more of an effort to give her credit when the articles about their research written. I look forward to more of this story. I'm glad that Harry is helping Brian to come to accepting his condition and is also helping Brian to feel useful in the investigation. Very well done. Thanks for writing. pms
Thursday 30th June 2011 19:51
13: Meetings (Author Response)
The phrase, "beware the woman scorned" kept running through my head as I was devising the Matron's plotline. She's one piece of work, let me tell you. I won't give it all away here, but suffice it to say, Healer Stilwell is as much a victim of the Matron's scheming as are Harry and Brian.

I love writing the Harry/Brian subplot. There's something about having Harry help Brian become accustomed to his new limitations while being an active participant in the Aurors' investigation that gives me a warm, happy feeling inside. It has nothing to do with how Harry interacts with his own children, although they still are a very important part of his life.

Thank you for another insightful review. I look forward to your reaction to next week's chapter. alm
Grandma Kate
Thursday 30th June 2011 17:46

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 966

13: Meetings
The plot thickens and perhaps a few red herrings are swimming upstream.

I'm glad to hear from Ginny again. Ron is just right!
Thursday 30th June 2011 18:05
13: Meetings (Author Response)
Red herrings... absolutely. The just need to be caught now!

I really enjoyed writing Ron in this responsible role. I never fully warmed up to him as a teen, but add twenty years' experience and he's now the sort of person I always thought he'd become. There's more Ginny coming in future chapters.

Thanks for the review.
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